Top 10+ AI Development Companies in Minsk | AI Developers Minsk 2020

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top ai development companies minsk

The List of Top 10+ AI Development Companies in Minsk | Top AI Developers Minsk 2020

hyperlink infosystem

Hyperlink InfoSystem gives productive solutions to clients around the world from startups to enterprise apps to business apps by giving mobile app development services that get noticed and are significant. Their mission is to make beautiful mobile apps with all the latest features for startup companies to stand out of the crowd and also enterprise companies. Really, they are more than just an app development company. They will give you all access to their development stages to keep it obvious. Most of the time they will keep you posted about the process. They thought technology should be handled with heart & mind. It is globally located and has been producing excellent solutions for clients around the world. They can proudly pretend themselves to be one of the best mobile app development companies.

Services Line:

Mobile App Development Web Development VR App Development AR App Development Unity 3D Game Development Wearable App Development UI-UX Design Web Design Internet of Things AI Development Digital Strategy


It is an expert in custom software development with a strong focus on providing full cycle software development services. They can hire a high-quality standard for each task & fully comply with all the demands in the most exhaustive way. They have a strong focus on producing high-quality software solutions to companies all over the world. They put all their thoroughness and enthusiasm in what they do and they make each effort a success.

Services Line:

Mobile App Development Web Development AR App Development Custom Software Development


Andersen provides talented and highly qualified software developers to clients over the globe and transforms businesses throughout Big Data technologies. They believe that every big team is a total of different individuals who are not just highly-skilled professionals but also love to talk, discuss and always search for better ways to build products.

Services Line:

Mobile App Development UI-UX Design Custom Software Development Big Data

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ElateSoftware is an outsourcing software development company, based in Belarus and specialized in building native apps for iOS and Android, web apps, testing and UI/UX design. More than 3 years experience, 40 projects and 37 clients from all over the world: Italy, Israel, Russia, France, USA, etc.

Services Line:

Mobile App Development UI-UX Design Android App Development iOS App Development Web App Development


Orangesoft is a leading mobile app development company that always passionate about what they do. They listen, learn and then perform. They have masters in every field where they work on. They use cutting-edge technologies & have an enthusiasm for innovating. The team provides best mobile app development solutions ensuring affordability & excellence in a results-driven manner.

Services Line:

Mobile App Development UI-UX Design

sky incom

An extensive experience of successful work with world-class companies, independent ratings, recommendations and reviews of reputable companies confirm their high level of professionalism. For applications assessment, we use only detailed costing system, which provides a fair price of the product and determines the fair timeliness of project delivery.

Services Line:

Mobile App Development Web Development UI-UX Design Custom Software Development Web Design SEO Logo Designing

itrex group

They are a group of an expert software development company with more than 9 years of expertise in producing excellent apps and custom solutions. They have an extremely skilled team of app designers, developers, and marketers who work to provide you with a top class solution that meets your demand. The company allows web products with best productivity, scalability, and functionality.

Services Line:

Mobile App Development Web Development UI-UX Design Custom Software Development


SoftTeco gives a wide range of companies global with custom software development services. They apply their customer-oriented way by allowing bending service models exclusively tailored to each project & client. It leverages its first-hand IT expertise & experience from working within various industries to bring actual business value to every project.

Services Line:

Mobile App Development Web Development UI-UX Design Custom Software Development

code inspiration

Code Inspiration is a full-service software partner capable of developing and maintaining both web and mobile software. We offer world-class services through agile or traditional methodologies. They provide everything you need in the digital world with a young and powerful team of people. Anytime and everywhere, everything you need is at your fingertips. Bring the world to your pocket with the advantages of being mobile.

Services Line:

Mobile App Development Web Development UI-UX Design Web Design


Dynevo is a full-cycle web development company based in Grodno, Belarus. With a focus on driving smart solutions, we help customers worldwide grow, achieve their enterprise goals and make business more efficient, secure and productive.

At DYNEVO, we provide innovative solutions from concept to product launch and offer proven expertise for Fintech, Banking and Trading Sector, Business and Management.

Services Line:

Mobile App Development Web Development UI-UX Design Custom Software Development

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