Factors Explaining Role Of Chatbots In Remodeling Customer Experience

  • By Tom Hardy
  • 13-12-2018
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role of chatbots
Earlier, there was a phase when customers were unable to get quick answers for their queries. They had to wait for hours or even for days to get the response on their requested quotes. Today, with the introduction of AI-powered Chatbots, several industries are experiencing an exceptional edge for their venture. Now, they have got a robot to answer customers questions anytime and anywhere.
Many of us are apprised of the fact that the success of a business greatly lies in its better customer management. It would be great if a business possesses the potential to serve customers and their queries 24*7. This has become possible with the advent of cognitive technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Natural Language Processing (NLP), Chatbot and Intelligent Customer Care Automation. Most of the businesses have adopted the technologies and making the customer experience better than before.
The technologies are rapidly getting integrated with all the platforms and do you know what is evolving faster i.e. AI-powered Chatbots. Yes! Chatbots are completely transforming customer service and experience. 
Let’s have a discussion on the role of Chatbots in improving customer service:

Nowadays, ventures are integrating chatbots to provide a personalized and exceptional service to customers without interruption. Discover, how it is making it possible.
Accumulated Chatbot Stats:

- There are large enterprises that are predicted to register a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 24% over the past period due to Chatbot.
- You must be amazed to know that Chatbots have found excellent applications in a  variety of industries eCommerce, BFSI and Healthcare sectors. The industries are experiencing a great phase of machine learning and are now able to apprehend consumer behavior far better.
- Businesses started considering bots the best marketing segments that allow customers to come and connect with the service providers directly to resolve queries.
- As the chatbots have spread all over the industries, the entire Asia Pacific market is expected to observe a substantial technological growth in the next decade.
- There are various key participants in the chatbot industry including Kik, Baidu, Poncho, Varo Money Inc., WeChat, Reply Yes, Babylon and SRI International.
Undeniable History Of Chatbots:
Chatbots have been in the industry for so long. The platforms and techniques may vary but, it is a truth which can’t get neglected.
Consider the below image to have in-depth insights for chatbot evolution:
history of chatbots

Customer service benefits ventures are attaining with Chatbots:
- Improved leads & revenue
- Resource management/saving
- Uninterrupted customer support
- Enhanced user experience
- Exceptional and user engaging way
Moving ahead towards the factors that enforce businesses to integrate Chatbots:

- Deep focus on UX
Better user experience can be considered as the prime strategy to focus on. Especially, when it comes to facilitating customers with better experience, it’s mandatory that everything should be user-friendly in your website. Introducing chatbots resolved big issues by allowing people to ask and get answers on the spot. It increases customer interest and let them stay longer.
- Regular advancements in AI
Since AI has been introduced as a fantastic alternative to understanding user behavior, businesses are getting enhanced customer interaction. Moreover, the integration of AI with chatbots has made it again an exotic combination where customers behavior is analyzed much better than before.
Ending Note:
AI is a well-known term today. Whether it is a common man or a business entrepreneur, everyone is somewhere using AI to solve their day to day purposes. The fact is that Artificial Intelligence is becoming a reality in the next few years and ventures that are still deprived of its benefits may face the breakdown in getting faster & improved customer interaction. It’s better that every business owner starts adopting AI-powered chatbots to let users explore your business with a joy and uniqueness.

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