Four Innovative Content Marketing Tactics (And Tools) to Embrace in 2020

  • By Hermit Chawla
  • 11-02-2020
  • Content Marketing
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There are billion and million of content marketer and marketing companies around the world. And believe us none of them is here for a show. Content marketing is one of the basic essential needs of online business to function easily. Without content marketing, your business can neither effectively reach and communicate with your users, but even if you do, you also won’t be able to build trust and relationship with them. 
But you don’t have to worry as there are various Content Marketing Company India that can provide you with effective solutions for your content marketing issues. They can take care of most of the tiny details for you. However, it is necessary for you to come up with new and innovative content marketing strategies to make your business stand out in the market. 
Innovate Social Media 
Social Media is one of the largest platforms for attracting and interactive with your audience. Thousands of people use the internet for the sole purpose of using various social media. Although there are many social media platforms with various interfaces and purpose, the common goal that all these platforms serve in content marketing is of the announcements. 
For any form of marketing is important to first create good content on a regular basis than making sure that this content update reaches most of your readers in the most effective and efficient way. So one of the most innovative things you can do in content marketing in 2020 is to use social media platforms to announce updates with the help of live videos, pictures, stories or any other way your audience might prefer. 
So make sure to use social media to boost your engagement, increase your post awareness and most importantly to connect with new people and increase your reader base at an astounding speed. 
Advanced Personalisation 
We all surf the internet all day long and come across thousands of web pages. However, nowadays, a lot of users prefers to have more personalized content provided to them, making things a lot interesting and easy for them. These simple changes can be in the suggestion list of youtube, product suggestions on any eCommerce sites, and suggestions from google. They are all prepared by the previous data that is fed to an Artificial intelligence system, which can predict and find out the information useful for the users. As interesting as it might sound, nowadays AI-driven personalization is fueling the content marketing industry. 
Well, this is obvious as today no one wants to surf across a large database of information to look for a piece of specific information. Its a lot easier to go through the content that is related to what you are looking for, making your search faster and easier. Well, in a way it makes a great marketing strategy as you can very easily manipulate the user’s decision. 
Its a Mobile World
You need to keep in mind that things are changing fast, and it would be better for you to be updated with the latest trends and requirements that your users demand. And as of now, you need to have a mobile compatible website as most of the people today surf on their smartphones.  
Optimize Content 
Google has changed the way it ranks the website. Now they no longer use the keyword matching approach. It has been replaced by the semantic search algorithm. This is something you must be aware of for a better SERP.

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