Importance of CRM With Regards To Automated And Efficient Small Business Process

  • By Alma Causey
  • 03-09-2018
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Customer satisfaction should be the top priority for any business since they are the most valuable asset for an organization. They are responsible for generating revenues for long-term business sustainability. In addition, your consumer base also provides you with invaluable feedback that helps you refine your product or service.
The current technological era has given birth to a plethora of communication channels between the clients and companies. It has also given rise to innovative ways to market your products and attract the customers to the sales process.
To maintain effectual customer relationship and keep track of all the interactions on various platforms, it is imperative to implement a competent customer relationship management (CRM) system. CRM is a powerful tool that can improve sales, streamline marketing campaigns, and enhance customer service efforts. Consequently, 65% of businesses adopt a CRM system within first five years of establishing themselves.
Here is how CRM software can be especially beneficial for your small business:

Improved customer service
CRM provides you with a comprehensive view of all your customers, along with their position in the sales funnel. The smart software can also pick up communications across every touch point to represent a coherent picture of all the connections with the client. 
Subsequently, you can interact with every consumer with an individualized approach based on his or her history with your business. Moreover, you can cater to the demands of the clients according to their past purchases, preferences, previous interactions and so on. Armed with a plethora of knowledge, the service providers can locate a solution immediately, meeting customer’s expectation and demand. 
Furthermore, statistics claim that businesses that provide better customer experience enjoy revenues that are 4% to 8% higher than their market.   
As a small business, you need a loyal consumer base for long-term viability. The innovative small business sales software can help you acquire a league of dedicated followers because of your exceptional customer services. 
Efficient business growth 
The growth and prosperity of the business is directly proportional to its number of customers. Therefore, you need to discover new prospects, consistently, as well as promote repeat business with existing customers.
CRM can expedite your acquisition and retention efforts through a number of ways:
- Advanced CRM models can automate your sales lead management. It can evaluate the leads for profitability and assign them to the sales reps for conversion 
- You can improve lead generation using segmented lists, and send personalized messages to different segments that are bound to resonate more  
- You can utilize the buying history to increase cross-selling and up-selling activities
- CRM also allows you to gain insights about the market trends and viable opportunities to influence clients with better proposals
- The software also prompts when a customer has not been contacted in a while so that all your contacts are appropriately engaged 
- Latest CRM software comes with built-in calling systems for mobility and flexibility to contact your clients   
Organization and automation
As a small business owner, you naturally do not have an extensive task force at your disposal to manage the various aspects of running an organization.
CRM software helps you micro-manage your affairs, by organizing them in a single, user-friendly interface that can be customized according to the user’s requirements. It accumulates all the information about a customer in an easy-to-access document that can be retrieved immediately for future reference. The files are accessible to everyone in the team, through cloud, ensuring that actionable data is available instantly.   
CRM system also offers enhanced automation. It allows you to replace various manual, menial tasks that are time-consuming but essential for the prosperity of the business with automated workflow.
For example, CRM can send automated welcomes emails to new customers or personalized birthday wishes to loyal contacts. This has a two-fold advantage: it leverages your relationships with your customer while reducing the workload on the employees. 
Automation of everyday tasks allows your team to direct their focus towards closing sales, resolving customer issues, and nurturing leads.  
Risk management and business protection
When there is a staff turnover, there is an increased probability of dropped deals, missed targets and unsatisfied leads. CRM incorporates all the relevant information that goes into completing a sales transaction. Therefore, even if a new sales rep joins the task force, CRM allows for a seamless transfer of responsibilities that does not affect the customers. 
Moreover, high profile security and advanced hierarchy ensures that users are unable to export valuable data to Excel. Hence, the individuals leaving the organization cannot take sensitive contact details with them. The management can also wipe the CRM data from mobile devices if necessary.  
The security control allows you to safeguard your business with restricted access to valuable files and by withholding delete permissions.        
Flexibility of the cloud
CRM technology empowers you to manage your business at any time from anywhere. You are no longer confined to a physical space to respond to clients, manage sales, or design marketing campaigns. Mobile CRM access not only increases the use of the technology but also Improves the productivity of the workforce by around 15%.  
For examples, CRM software for real state allows the agents to direct potential buyers to the respective properties even if they are not in their office. This ensures that you never miss an opportunity to conduct a sale, thus improving your revenue generation.
Previously, CRM software was considered a hefty investment, which was only affordable to large enterprises. Today, cloud or hosted software allows even small businesses to utilize the numerous productivity tools CRM has to offer78. It also cuts down the cost of hiring an intensive IT team. 
Advanced CRM solutions lead to a prosperous business model. It streamlines tasks, engages customers, and increases the productivity of the workforce. It is an integral tool for small businesses, looking to establish strong footholds into the competitive market since it offers high-quality automation and seamless organization of minute customer information. Finally, mobile accessibility paves the way for round-the-clock transactions, increasing sales efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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