How to Earn Cash, Bitcoin, or Either, Just For Watching TV!

  • By Emmanuel Darko
  • 05-12-2018
  • Cryptocurrency
watch tv and earn cryptocurrency
Watching TV is one of the best ways to unwind. After a hard day of work, nothing beats kicking off your shoes and tuning in to your favorite show. It’s a fun hobby. But what if you could it for a living? 
That may sound too good to be true, but earning money by watching television is a real thing! There are people worldwide who get paid for watching videos. All you need is the right platform and you could be turning a relaxing activity into something that can make money.
The best part is that you can now start earning cryptocurrencies with this same platform. One of the best ways to do this is with TV-TWO. This is a specialized platform that helps viewers like you turn a profit by viewing content. But what makes it so engaging and effective?
What is TV-TWO?
TV-TWO is a content viewing platform that’s designed to blend broadcast television and personalized streaming. Think of it as a guide, wherein you show others the content you enjoy.
The team behind it is composed of mostly specialists on financial technology, and they also have blockchain advisers from high-profile companies including Microsoft,, and Lydian. The company also released a token for television (TTV), their own cryptocurrency, for crowdsale just this year. 
When you use the platform, you will notice that you’ll be asked to send anonymous data and watch sponsored messages at times. In turn, you’ll receive special prizes for your efforts.
Here’s an outline of how the system works ...
Signing Up
Signing up for the platform is easy. All you have to do is download the app on your SMART TV. Note that it is a television experience, so mobile devices won’t cut it. However, you can opt to use your phone or tablet as a digital wallet. 
If you want to know more about the company or get a general idea of how it works before you sign up, check the link here: TV-TWO ICO.
Once you begin your work, so to speak, you’ll have to access to the TV-TWO channel. What makes this different from other channels is that the content is free, regardless of what the show or content might be. All the premium content is free and provided by the company themselves, owing to TV-TWO being partnered with a company such as the 20th Century Fox of Germany. This allowed the platform to test stream Deadpool 2 for different German users early on, with more exciting options to come in the future. 
That’s not to say you get everything for free. First off, what you watch will be monitored by the company. They will use this data to target specific advertisements to your stream.
Interaction within the system
You now know that people will be analyzing your TV habits. These people are divided into two key parties: content providers and advertisers.
Content providers are the guys that provide TV-TWO with the shows they stream. They can use this platform to show off their product and to captivate an audience. Every video they make will be funded by the people watching. That means you are indirectly supporting the work of a show that you like.
Meanwhile, advertisers get to show off their products with each TV campaign. With every ad viewed, they get a wealth of data on viewership and market intelligence. They can then use this data to modify their future ads to suit a wider audience with tastes similar to TV-TWO viewers. 
Remember that TTV we mentioned earlier? That’s the way you make money off the platform. Every advertisement you see earns you a certain amount of tokens. Currently, they’re rated at $0.0035 per TTV, so it’s not a very big amount. 
With enough time and viewing, however, you can gather enough tokens to get a decent amount of cash. Tokens can be converted and transferred to your wallet address or bank account. This payment can be in the form of bitcoin, ether, or a fiat currency like USD.
With TV-TWO, being a couch potato has never been more profitable. What used to be a hobby can now become a great way of earning passive income. And the cherry on top? You get to watch all the stuff you want. What could be better than that?

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