Top Dapps and Cryptocurrency Networks in 2019

  • By Michael Kelley
  • 19-02-2019
  • Cryptocurrency
cryptocurrency networks
Decentralized applications, or dapps are built on blockchain technology. Dapp developers build dapps on popular blockchain networks like Ethereum and Bitcoin, others are build on its own blockchain. Dapps are probably the most popular thing in the cryptocurrency ecosystem and blockchain currently. They are transforming the way we interact with services and products. Many are hosted on the Ethereum network, but NEO is making the dapp market a bit more competitive of late. Today there are about several interesting cryptocurrency dapps.
Nearly everyone uses Blockfolio, it is the latest go-to checker for portfolios. Users have to manually access cryptocurrency holdings, so day traders who leap from one coin to another may not benefit so much. But for everyone else, Blockfolio allows you to easily set it all up and then literally go about your business.
Bitcoin Checker
If you prefer Android, Bitcoin Checker is handy as it can display cryptocurrencies from any exchange. It’s great for those who like to check out arbitrage opportunities by keeping track of bitcoin in various niches or keeping track of altcoin bags on lesser known exchanges.
If you are looking for a clean interface, lawnmower may be the perfect dapp. It allows users to see historical graphs, news, market data and to invest regularly weekly or monthly. It is available on both iOS and Android. Wallet
The very user-friendly iOS and Android wallet could easily be the best repository for bitcoin cash and bitcoin. This is just one of the many highly rated mobile wallets available like Bread.
Are you ready to use a Dapp to earn cryptocurrency? does just that. Users earn crypto for completing jobs or replying to messages on this app. It’s legit, and users really do get paid in bitcoin for things like answering emails. The only drawback is that you need to already be an influencer who is sought out in the crypto community.
Ztrader is an excellent option for those whose cryptocurrency swap option doesn’t include a mobile trading program like Poloniex or Bittrex. Ztrader is for Android owners and allows them to connect via API so they can implement transactions. Some exchanges such as Coinbase, Binance, and Bitfinex already have exceptional mobile applications, but Ztrader is for those platforms which are not as accommodating.
Coin Tracking
If you pay your taxes, and of course, you do, then Coin Tracking is for you. It’s available to both iOS and Android users and provides nice pie graphs demonstrating our own portfolio. This is useful for calculating metrics for both realized and unrealized profits for reporting and tax declaration.
Neo Dapps
The NEO brand may be giving Ethereum a run for its money. NEO is similar to Ethereum but it’s still in early stages. Slowly, dapp developers are working on projects that are focused on digital content, and others are working on decentralized trading solutions as well as blockchain authentication services. The dapps on NEO are bringing a little healthy competition to the blockchain ecosystem and bright days may be ahead for developers, users and investors.

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