10 Reasons Your Business Should Invest In Digital Transformation

  • By Gaurav Gupta
  • 09-09-2019
  • Digital Marketing
digital transformation
A business today doesn’t require the need to go from one house to another to sell its products. Digital marketing has made both B2B and B2C a lot easier than it ever was — from creating a fuss about your new product to relaunching your brand. There is no way one could be directionless and make a budget and marketing strategy today when there are multiple methods through technology to do the same and make a bigger impact.
Every business needs to generate revenue and attract customers, which today can preferably be done online. Digital marketing lets any company make its way into the business world, help it evolve/compete in a healthy way and make use of the users who visit your website and quickly switch tabs/never come back.
Let’s look at the 10 basic reasons why your business is in dire need of a digital transformation:

1. This is a smartphone generation: Not one human being from this generation could deny the fact that the world couldn’t run without smartphones. From just chatting on WhatsApp, social media has come a long way. Today, big businesses cannot run without such digital platforms.
2. Customer Engagement- From B2B to B2C, engaging customers online is way more convenient. Just one meme on social media can turn an infinite number of heads and there you go, your brand has become one of the most talked-about brands.
3. Video-based marketing: If a photograph could be worth 1000 words, how valuable do you think a video could be? From Gifs to funny videos, all of us loves videos. A video could fulfill multiple things - engaging customers, making a brand name, selling a service/product, etc. It would not only tell you who your target audience is but also understand what the best way to tell your story is.
4. Lagging behind: Your brand could be around 200-years-old to 2-years-old — every business is moving ahead, becoming dynamic and making amends as the world asks. Amidst that, you would not want to be a brand that still practices traditional marketing. Not to mention that digital marketing gives even small companies the opportunity to compete with the bigger ones and make their own space in the market.
5. Boosts your revenue- If your brand has a website, then there’s no better way to market your products/services/brand than making it SEO-optimised quality Website Development plays an important role in boosting revenue. Digital marketing lets you choose campaign tracking tools and create various strategies to increase sales. Google is widely used to advertise products.
6. Flexibility- You can always change your strategy and find another strategy that suits you better. It gives you options and lets you target your ideal audience perfectly. Digital marketing makes your brand reach greater heights, create tighter bonds and be more flexible.
7. Cost-effective- One of the reasons why companies prefer online marketing is because ads on TV and paper cost more. Email marketing, content marketing would only cost you time and creativity. Just a little work on the content and SEO and your company is good to go. Not to mention that social media is free to join — which makes it 100% cost-effective and whenever required, it is up to you if you want to boost any creative.
8. Digital marketing delivers conversion- The traffic on your website determines how many customers you have converted online. There are ways to do that- Optimize your page load speed, Optimize social validation and testimonials and sign up forms, Optimize your location tracking, SEO Optimization, Optimize CTA buttons, Optimize customer reviews. The more your business generates traffic online, the faster one can realize their ROI.
9. Building Brand Reputation- For a business to flourish, it needs to listen to the needs of its customers and deliver as and when asked. Digital marketing has made this easier and also helps in catering to varied customers - thus converting them into loyal customers.
10. Makes a way for online survival- Almost every company has a website, whether it is big or small- but only the digital strategies can help you survive the online business competition and convert more customers.
We don’t have to wait longer to see Artificial Intelligence taking over the world. 2019 is the age of digital transformation — companies are taking a stand on social issues, trying to create its name, more entrepreneurs are coming up every day — all of this would only survive with digital marketing.

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Gaurav Gupta

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