5 of The Best Apps For Successful Digital Marketing

  • By Hayley Simons
  • 30-11-2021
  • Digital Marketing
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The most successful digital marketing apps give you the right set of tools that are needed to bring awareness and market brands at your agency. From advertising to tracking sales, to building a solid relationship with online users, and organizing and managing your website, these apps will help you the most. They will cut down on your workload and aid with efficiency, leaving you time to complete other important tasks.

1. Instapage

Instapage is beneficial in advertising applications for your website's landing page. They draw visitors to your marketing site with the following four features:

- Personalization. This feature creates valuable keywords that are relevant to page content, thus pairing your website visitors to the clicks that you have on your landing page. Each ad targets the audience for a unique visitor experience.

- Experimenting and Analytics. This feature uses heat maps to make the website sensitive to user behaviors. It also offers analytics so you can track data, and then compiles it into an organized list for your use.

- Page Speed. Instapage offers various speed tools to improve how fast your pages load. Quick loading pages help your quality grades improve, as well as conversion rates.

- Collaboration. As an editing tool, feedback is better organized so you no longer have to do it yourself. This feature saves you time and money, allowing more time for employees to complete other time-consuming tasks.

2. Constant Contact

Email campaigns take up a lot of time if you do the work yourself. However, with Constant Contact, you can create and manage ad campaigns, send personalized responses, and embed ads on website pages-all while building a list of email addresses at the same time. Constant Contact offers the following features:

- Email Lists. Growth rates increase by installing a code on your websites. It creates forms for customers who are interested in signing up for more information, and it sends emails to welcome them.\

- Email Marketing. This important feature welcomes, contacts, and keeps in touch with visitors by sending additional emails to visitors. It is a handy e-commerce tool that every business needs. It automatically contacts customers after tracking their interest when they click on your advertisement.

- Social Marketing. Advertising on social media websites increases brand awareness. Constant Contact develops a social marketing ad campaign for you quickly and easily. With a single click on an ad, visitors are directed to your website.

3. Google Analytics 4

From tracking visitors to tracking earnings, Google Analytics digital marketing apps help you stay on top of what's going on in your website or blog. Google Analytics has updated its app to Google Analytics 4, which allows you to have a clearer picture of who your visitors are. Here are 3 new features of their improved version:

- Global Site's Tag. With this code embedded on your website pages and your YouTube videos, visitors are directed to your advertisement. You don't have to do a thing, as it automatically gives them the opportunity to visit your website and your videos.

-Google Signals. Google signals recognize your visitors without the use of cookies. This feature is updated with Google Analytics 4, and sends you a signal when users are clicking on a website.

- Fire Base Analytics. Events are tracked which changes the conversion rate of Google Ads. This, in turn, increases ad views by using this digital app. It analyzes user behavior better than before by targeting the traffic you receive on your website.

4. Grammarly

Grammarly eliminates the need to proofread your own work. It corrects errors in spelling and grammar. Here is a list of its features:

- Writing Assist. An article is scanned and Writing Assist offers suggestions on ways to improve sentence structure.

- Spelling, Punctuation, and Grammar. With spell check's detection of mistakes in spelling, grammar and punctuation, even the amateur author no longer has to worry about correcting painstaking errors that will turn a visitor away.

- Check for Plagiarism. Authors who write based on research do not have to worry about plagiarism. This handy tool scans articles, giving authors a choice of different words or sentences that they could use in their articles.

- Editing and Writing Style. Digital marketing apps such as Grammarly offer suggestions on ways an author can improve their writing skills, after taking into consideration the tone and style of the piece.

5. Zen Desk

Live chat sessions and instant messaging are available with the Zen Desk customer support digital marketing app, but this isn't all Zen Desk can do. Here are the features that can help your sales increase:

- Zen Desk Manager. Visitors click on digital marketing apps such as Zen Desk Manager for assistance in tracking, organizing, and managing any sales that are made.

- Zen Desk Sell. It assists you in tracking deliveries and analyzing sales you receive at your online business. This tool helps you create sales reports with a customized dashboard and easy to navigate interface.

- Customer Service Software. Customers ask questions when they are visiting websites, whether they are shopping or not. With Zen Desk Customer Support services, a help desk representative is available by messenger, voice, or a live chat session. Customer service representatives build respectable customer relationships, and complete orders efficiently and effectively.

Key Takeaways

You can achieve any goals you have set for your business better than ever before with the apps that are listed above. Organizing, analyzing, and managing sales are no longer a chore because they are done for you. From building solid relationships with visitors to creating more authentic articles, and drawing users to more creative advertisements, it presents the opportunity for business to increase as the workload decreases.

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