5 Proven Lead Generation Strategies For Tech Business

  • By Srushti Shah
  • 16-03-2020
  • Digital Marketing
strategies for tech busines
With the advancement in technology, entrepreneurs in the tech field have unlimited opportunities for growth. However, increased opportunities mean more competition, making it necessary for tech firms to develop a reliable lead generation and acquisition strategy to ensure a steady stream of customers.

In the world of B2B, communication is not only the key to success, but it is also a significant hurdle faced by technology companies. Owing to the dense industry jargon and complicated terms, communication by tech companies is often unclear and hard to understand, which is a turn-off for many potential customers.

To overcome this, tech companies may leverage simple ideas, such as making use of visual content, offering free trials, and enabling on-demand support to engage and convert visitors into profitable leads, while also creating a customer-centric organization. If you are a tech entrepreneur, here are some proven lead generation strategies to grow your customer base:

1. Create Simple and Useful Content
create simple
Content is king, and rightly so! But are you creating the right type of content to hook your prospective clients?

For B2B companies, it is a good idea to create lead magnets, which can be described as pieces of valuable content (an e-book, whitepaper, etc.) that can be viewed or downloaded in exchange for email Ids or other contact information. With lead magnets, you can offer personalized content to your target audience while also positioning yourself as an expert and building your email list. 

Another way in which tech companies can use content is by answering questions on Quora, which has a readership of over 100 million per month. However, it would be best if you refrained from blatantly advertising on Quora. Instead, engage people who are looking for help on topics related to your domain, so they start seeing your company as an expert. Talking about content, it would be wise if you leveraged the power of visual content, especially videos, which are very useful in converting leads. According to a Google study, 70 percent of B2B buyers watch videos during their purchase journey.

2. Pre-qualify Your Leads with a Chatbot
Visitors on your site or social media pages are likely to have doubts. They may want to know more about a product or service or how it will benefit them. By offering live chat on your site, you can engage your visitors in real-time by answering their questions as they arise. Another idea is to incorporate an intelligent bot to enable 24/7 communication while also pre-qualifying the leads before they are sent to the next stage.

For example, you can use a chatbot to initiate conversations with visitors on your site and ask a set of pre-determined questions to understand their intent. Here's an example of some pre-qualifying questions to optimize your lead generation process.
- Are you a CEO/CFO/Business Owner? - This will help you identify your visitors instantly.
- Are you looking for something specific? - An open-ended question that will tell you whether a visitor is just browsing or intends to purchase something. Once you have identified the intent of a visitor, you can go to the next qualifying question that will tell you the awareness level of an interested buyer.
- Would you like to know more about [Product X]? / Do you want some help with [Product X]? - Once the visitor says ‘Yes,’ the lead is qualified and can be moved to a human (salesperson). In case the visitor says ‘No,’ you may note down their information and leave them alone for the time being, without wasting the precious time of your sales team.

As you can see, a chatbot can help your sales and marketing team in several ways. Besides ensuring 24/7 customer service without any extra hiring cost, it can also initiate conversations to create a more personalized environment for your site visitors. Customers can save time if they are readily offered help while your leads are streamlined, so they are directly routed to the right department for maximum utilization of time.
3. Collaborate with Influencers 
Influencers can engage their fans better, forging strong bonds with them, leading to 3 times as many views, double the number of actions, and 12 times more comments compared to videos from established celebrities. No wonder, most companies are increasing their influencer marketing budgets, and so should you.

For example, you can send out a new product to key influencers in your industry before it is launched. If they like it, they will review it and share their valuable opinion, which will create instant demand for your product and boost your lead generation process.
4. Provide Free Trials  
Nobody wants to buy a product without knowing how it will benefit them. That’s why clothing stores offer fitting rooms, and why you too should offer free trial periods or demos to your clients. You can always use a free trial option as the main offer on your landing page to build user trust and allow your prospects to understand your product before they commit to purchasing it. Free trials also offer you an opportunity to collect feedback from users, which can be valuable for refining your product further. Even those users who don’t shell out the bucks after their free trial is over may share some useful insights to improve your product or service. 
provide free
5. Hold Webinars
hold webinars
As a tech entrepreneur, it is natural that you are solving some problem for your target audience and possess a deep understanding of it. So why not share this knowledge with people through a webinar to genuinely help them out, educate potential leads, and position your firm as a thought leader?

You can use the basic equipment on your computer to record an engaging webinar with relevant information to pique the interest of the viewers. Of course, you will have collected the emails of the attendees of the webinar and can get in touch with them for feedback and queries after the webinar while also informing them about your products in the process. You can also keep your webinars on your site for future viewing to ensure ongoing registrations.

Customers are vital for any company to grow, which makes it essential to have a lead generation strategy in place to grow your business successfully. These simple ideas have been tried and tested by experts and will boost your lead generation process considerably, ensuring a steady stream of customers for your technology firm.

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