5 Reasons Why Email Marketing Is More Powerful Than Social Networks

  • By Megan Max
  • 06-02-2019
  • Digital Marketing
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In an increasingly digitalized era where real-time information prevails over waiting times, many wonder if the e-mail is numbered or on the contrary is an eternal tool that has the support of the majority.
Based on real data, in this post we will clarify some of these ghosts answering the following questions:
* Email or Social Networks What is the means of communication most used by users?
* And when it comes to selling, is it better to launch advertising campaigns in RRSS or use an email marketing strategy?
Email VS Social Networks
When you write an email to a personal contact or to a potential client/subscriber one thing is clear, you will have to wait for it to read and respond.
This is the main reason why some say that given the times, the email is becoming obsolete, but as we will see later with data and pictures, nothing is further from reality.
Social Networks a passing fad or a channel of infinite communication?
The view is that social networks have come to our lives to stay and of course every day there are more businesses that add to using them as a means of dissemination and support for their marketing campaigns.
Let's start with the data...
"83% of marketing professionals say that social networks are important for their business"

However, it is also true that social networks are very unstable. Let's remember some of them like Four Square, My Space, Yahoo 360, etc., all of them excellent promises of channels that ended up disappearing.
This is where the main weak point of these media is.
Who remembers Google +?
No one doubts that Google is the search engine par excellence and when it occurred to launch Google + as a social network, circulated certain hoaxes, such as that if you had no presence in this network, Google would penalize your positioning.
As we all know, this has not been the case and today almost nobody remembers it.
Should social networks then replace email marketing as a preferred channel of communication?
This is the question that some marketing experts asked themselves in view of the technological evolution.
In order to know his answer, a series of studies, surveys, statistics and also future forecasts were carried out that we will show next.
The results were amazing.

The number of email accounts is double that of Facebook & Twitter
Nothing less than a whopping 2.6 billion accounts versus 1.7 billion on Facebook and 313 million on Twitter.
Are the numbers always right?
This is what you may be asking. A high number of email accounts does not mean that there is more traffic with respect to social media and even if there were, the important thing is not so much the traffic but the conversion.
Good reflection the answer given by the study data leaves no room for doubt:
"Email far surpasses social networks in terms of quality and quantity of traffic"

Email is the most used medium for personal communications
Contrary to what may seem, the email wins the battle to Facebook as a preferred channel for personal communications.
And how is this possible if Facebook is the social network par excellence?
Well, because there are still many people who do not have an account on Facebook, however they do have and use their email account.
In addition, in older users, the more similar the communication to a written letter, the more comfortable they will feel.
This is quantity.
On the other hand, what means of communication do most managers and businessmen prefer to deal with issues related to their business?
Without a doubt, the email.
How many times have you contacted or contacted you through a social network but end up saying "ok, send me an email with your proposal" or "pass me your email address that will send you an email with the conditions"
Probably a few.
This is quality.
"The user pays more attention to the messages he receives by email than by social networks"

At the level of marketing and sales, of course this phrase says it all.
Think that all the subscribers you have on your website or blog have provided their data freely, so if they are willing to follow you will also be listening to you through the emails that you send them.
If instead you send your message through Twitter, Facebook or Instagram will see it or not, as it will be part of a timeline that will vanish after other tweets or publications.
An email does not disappear, it will remain in the inbox until the recipient opens it.
It is true that you also have the possibility to delete it before reading it, but if it is a potential client that you are going to solve some of its main problems with your product or service, it is rare that this happens. If it is already on your list and what you have to tell is interesting, you will probably have two minutes of your time to dedicate to your email.
Email is an excellent marketing tool
Mail users are already used to receiving promotions and offers through their email and most do not see it as something negative since most of those that arrive are not spam but come from brands that they themselves have subscribed
This means that you have probably already had a shopping experience with you and continue to trust you, so your tolerance to receive offers via email is very high.
Email marketing is more powerful than ever
Email marketing is a powerful marketing action that uses email in a very persuasive way to carry out its strategy in several communication phases.
People who buy products marketed trades email spend 138% more than those who do not receive offers by unique.

If you have not yet tried email marketing as part of your sales strategy, you are missing important business opportunities.
Let's recap:
> Email is used by more than twice as many users as Facebook and Twitter.
> Marketing and sales launches receive more attention from the user by email than by social networks.
> E-mail achieves a connection with its final customer more personal than what is achieved in social media.
> The email is not based on algorithms, so the control will always be yours.
Email is the tool that has the largest number of users regardless of the age range they have and also, according to the latest forecasts, it is expected that the number of email accounts for 2019 will rise to 2.9 billion.
Sending emails to your subscriber list on a regular basis will be the best way to create close relationships with them.
Each email you send has to have valuable and useful information for the user and of course it follows the praetor rule of 80/20. 80% non-commercial value content, 20% marketing content with sales objective.
But watch out!

Not with this we mean that you should forget social networks as powerful allies of your marketing strategy.
The strength is in the joining.
What do you think about these figures?
Are you a faithful defender of the email or do you still think that social networks will conquer all the terrain?
Do you include both tools in your marketing strategies?

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