6 Amazing Hashtag Aggregator And Tracking Tools For Marketers

  • By Anne Griffin
  • 08-05-2019
  • Digital Marketing
hashtag aggregator and tracking tools
Hashtags are the lifeline of any social media marketing strategy. They let you categorize social content from multiple social media platforms and concerned discussions around the topic into categories. Hashtags also help you to expand the reach of your marketing campaign beyond your target audience.
Given the above benefits and many more, it becomes really important for marketers to have knowledge of the best hashtag aggregator and tracking tools that are out there in the digital market which can simplify your marketing tasks for you, thus saving you time and money.
This article discusses 6 such amazing hashtag aggregators and tracking tools for marketers which will relieve them of their workload nearly by half.
1. Taggbox
Taggbox is an incredible hashtag aggregator and display tool. It fetches social media feeds from multiple social media platforms via hashtags and displays them in a customizable way.
It works in real-time and aggregates hashtag feeds from all the major social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, and many more.
It allows you to display the aggregated social media feeds either as website embeds or display them on a digital screen through a social wall in events or as digital signage.
It has a robust Analytics feature that lets you track hashtags and the performance of the hashtag feeds across multiple social media platforms. It gives you information like top hashtags, top contributors, etc. to get a deeper insight into the hashtag feeds and the response they get from the audience.
Not only that, it comes with a powerful moderation panel that allows you to filter the hashtag feeds on the criteria of their relevancy to your marketing campaign. You can curate them and prevent the unwanted feeds from being displayed to the audience.
It also brings along amazing customization options, beautiful themes, and responsive layout options to make your hashtag feeds appear more engaging and attractive.
2. Twubs
Twubs is like a hashtag directory that lets you see and analyze what a hashtag is being used for.
It comes with a variety of features to discover, research, and finally select the best hashtag for your marketing campaign.
You can have your own hashtag and lead a hashtag campaign where people can participate by joining in the conversation by using the same hashtags.
These tactics work best for Twitter Walls at any event or conference or even embedded on your website.
3. TalkWalker
Talkwalker is a hashtag analytics tool that allows you to analyze and create reports regarding your brand hashtags.
It works in real-time and lets you have deep insights into the conversations linked with your brand hashtags across multiple social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, etc.
It comes with features like trends and hashtag tracking that allows you to stay on the top of the game and beat away the competitors.
4. Social Searcher
Social Searcher is another hashtag tracking tool that works across multiple social media platforms.
You don’t need to create an account to use this tool. It aggregates with social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google Plus, and many more.
It allows you to search for the hashtag using keywords. You can sort your results on the basis of date or popularity.
5. All Hashtag
All Hashtag is not just a hashtag tracking tool rather it helps you find, generate, analyze, and search for the top hashtags.
all hashtags
You can search for hashtags on the basis of keywords. All you need to do after that is just generate the hashtag and copy it.
It gives you three options to generate hashtags- Top hashtag, Random hashtag, and Live hashtag. You can choose to generate from any of these as per your marketing needs.
6. TweetChat
TweetChat is a Twitter-based tool that makes it really easy to participate in Twitter chats and discussions.
Apart from that, it comes with hashtag tracking features. It allows you to sort your tweets by hashtags.
It monitors chats around particular hashtags that concern your marketing strategy.
It allows it’s users to participate in real-time hashtag conversations and publish stories around those hashtags.
Over And Out
Hashtags are really dynamic in nature and can do wonders for your social media marketing strategy if put to use in the right way.
Various hashtag tools work around hashtags in their unique ways. Above explained are just some of the best hashtag aggregating and tracking tools that can help you a long way in the success of your marketing strategy.
It’s you who has to choose the most suited hashtag tool for your marketing strategy.

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