6 Tips to Boost Your App Discoverability and Downloads

  • By Anna Shipman
  • 14-11-2022
  • Digital Marketing
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Today, the app development market has been growing competitive with each passing day. The global app revenue from apps is expected to reach $613 billion by 2025.

However, it has increasingly become tough for app publishers to get their applications noticed and discovered by potential users. Since they are not getting noticed by prospects, it’s affecting their download rate and revenue capabilities. So, the question is how can you take a piece of the pie from this ever-expanding market?

What if we tell you there’s a way to make your app discoverable and boost app download rate? In this article, we will present you with several application marketing tips to increase discoverability and downloads.  So, let’s get started:

How to Boost the App Discoverability and Downloads
The first thing you want to do to boost software downloads is to start letting people know your app exists. This will also require mastering the app store optimization and other marketing strategies that generate more demand for your app. Here are a few tactics to help you do so:

1. Do Thorough Keyword Research
Keywords are the search terms that your target audiences use to search apps in your category. Effective keywords should provide the necessary information about what are the needs of your users. Here are some essential types of keywords you must utilize:

Problem Keywords
Feature Keywords
User Keywords
Location Keywords
Action Keywords

Optimizing your apps for such keywords will help users and app stores understand what your app is all about. Here are a few things to keep in mind for optimizing your app with keywords:

Find keywords with high search volume and low-ranking difficulty.
Optimize the app title and description with important keywords and avoid repeating terms multiple times.
Get creative and see how users describe your apps.
Analyze your competitors and find elements that help them rank well.

2. Optimize App Page on App Store
Now that you are adorned with the right keywords, it’s time to A/B test different elements of your app page on the app store. Doing so will help you identify what elements improve the discoverability and drive more downloads.

You can run A/B tests on app titles, descriptions, screenshots, videos, icons, branded store pages, and others to measure what brings more visitors and conversions. This will help you identify the elements with the greatest odds of being successful before making permanent changes.

3. Install Code Signing Certificate
An essential element of increasing app downloads is ensuring your application is safe for users and their systems. Users often don’t trust the source of an app and abandon the download or install. However, with a code signing certificate, users can have peace of mind that the software is coming from a legitimate source.

Installing a code signing certificate is one way to boost app downloads. You can purchase the same from renowned certificate authorities or from their trusted code signing certificate distributors and providers.

4. Explore The Paid Channels
Paid channels help you drive and acquire new users through promotional activities. For instance, Facebook and Instagram are great places to start your paid promotions and improve the discoverability of your app. These channels consist of vast audiences and offer a seamless experience for their users to download your app.

Thus, they are the most effective paid channels mobile app publishers can leverage to boost software downloads. When advertising on Instagram or Facebook, be sure to experiment with different calls to action such as Download Now, Play Now, Install Now, etc. Also, experiment with your ad to include videos, static ad carousels, and interactive polls as well.

5. Leverage App Store Ads
Another way to boost app downloads is to invest in the app store ads to show up in the search tab or for the specific search result. Considering app stores for running ads is one of the best application marketing tips on this list to enhance the discoverability of your app.

The biggest advantage of this tactic is users searching for apps in your category have the intent to download the app. So, if your app appears above the organic app store results, the likelihood of users choosing your app increases. Moreover, you can target only people who are actively searching for new apps to download.

6. Invest in the Referral Marketing
Referral marketing has turned out to be a boon for many app publishers and brands to acquire new users and boost software downloads. It’s an important channel for driving incredibly high downloads only through word-of-mouth marketing.

Here, you can incentivize the existing users when they refer your app to someone who downloads and uses it. Companies like Uber, Airbnb, and others have made their fortune using referral marketing tactics. You can also do so and replicate the same application marketing tips and create your fortune.

So these were some of the best tips to help you boost your app’s discoverability and downloads. Another best practice is to pay attention to what your consumers demand and how they discover apps in general.
Getting to know such information will help you optimize those components of your apps that improve your likelihood of getting noticed. Moreover, the above tips are there to drive more conversions and boost app downloads.

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