7 Digital Marketing Trends To Keep An Eye In the Year 2019

  • By Katey Martin
  • 17-12-2018
  • Digital Marketing
digital marketing trends 2019
In 2018, the digital marketing revolutionized the businesses and society in general. In fact, today, no business can do without all those digital tools and strategies that have brought tremendous results for them. Still, many experts are currently looking at the 2019 trends.
The year 2019 will run on the tracks of 2018 and cater, with greater emphasis, on customer experiences. The question that many specialists and especially companies ask themselves is whether we are starting from the same trends or new for 2019.
From Content marketing to artificial intelligence and voice search, web 3.0 has a lot to offer for internet marketers for the year 2019. As you might have already witnessed, the technology is about to explode and everyone is going to be affected.
So what are those digital marketing trends that you should be in your New Year plan as a digital marketer? Here they are:
1. Search Engine Optimization
Google is going to dominate as a market leader in the “search world” and they are doing their very best to remain in that position. However, Search engine optimizers have to focus on mobile first indexing (MBI). MBI simply means that now Google uses your mobile optimized webpage to index it in Google.
Also, Google is deploying all its resources, like Chabot, to evaluate and rate your web page’s UI/UX. This means digital marketers have to sit down with the design team to evaluate and upgrade the design thinking strategy.
2. Written Content
Content is already the king on the digital landscape. Whether it is a product description, e-book, landing pages content, email copy, sales copies, blogs, social media updates or website copy, content is everywhere and it is here to stay. 
Brands still need a well-crafted story written to capture and maintain their audience attention. Thanks to stronger encouragement on well written and original content by Google, poorly written content is going to struggle in 2019.
3. AI Enabled Marketing
Artificial intelligence has affected almost every industry of the world. Digital Marketing is no different. Soon, talking to chatbots for product information and general customer service will be a norm. These chatbots will be able to modify their products and services by judging the tone of your greetings over the phone.
Siri and Alexa are starting to become a household name for doing almost everything. This should ring bells for digital marketers as they can devise strategies to increase customer experience and loyalty while reducing customer service cost.
4. Video Content
Video content is developing strongly in 2019, not only because it seems to be the current format of the new generations but also because social networks strongly encourage the use of video format, live or recorded.
5. Big Data
Data is everywhere. Your customer purchases, likes, dislikes, views, travel experience, digital content production anything and everything can now be recorded. Therefore, Data will also be a good ally for digital marketers next year. It will grow strongly in the years to come.
Indeed, companies are demanding this type of technology and will, therefore, invest money to leverage it. Moreover, many companies already have big data projects at the moment for the year 2019! We are too excited!
6. Voice Search
It seems that voice search will also be in the spotlight, but also the artificial intelligence, which already exists. Regarding voice search, it's an idea that will revolutionize 2019 and the years after!
7. Stories 
Do you think whether Snapchat or Instagram stories will also be used by companies? My answer is, indeed! What is better than a live video, for example, to show the conditions in which employees work or record interviews of the customer experiences?
The new digital trends that will arrive in 2019 seem to follow perfectly that of 2018. Still, if they want to last, companies must imperatively adapt to the new generations but especially to their needs.

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