7 Ideas For Attracting More Customers To Your Website

  • By Alma Causey
  • 01-03-2019
  • Digital Marketing
attract more customers to your website
Thriving into the digital marketplace today is not a piece of cake. Customers visiting your social accounts or website have little or no idea of the endeavors involved backstage. There is lots of brainstorming, formation, and rejection of ideas plus a constant comparison with competitors. A business can simply not make compromises on their virtual existence. And website is the center of a company’s digital presence. All other mediums are used in collaboration to advertise the business and reach more customers.
The principles and fundamentals of sales do not change. Those who recognize the mechanisms of marketing understand that there are some core elements that the companies can use for greater customer acquisition. Understanding these will provide them a passage to attract new customers, increase leads and score more profits. Whether you are a newbie in the digital landscape or someone with quite an experience, there are some basic web-designing principles that you must adhere to. This will fulfill your wish to scale your business:
1. Advertise
It all starts with getting the potential customers to know of your existence. You need to come right in front of people to build your brand and compel them to visit. Display advertising, social media ads and paid search are all ways to attract customers. You can choose a strategy based on your preferences. Do you only want to increase traffic? Or, are you looking for real-time conversions? Remember that a paid search strategy requires the integration of commercial intent keywords. Finding accurate terms will allow you to stay at the top of the search grid. This search can be a gruesome task but worth every penny if you end up doing it right.
2. Go social
Following viable social fads is a great way to promote traffic. It is not enough to set up a great website. You need to be proactive. Facebook is ideal for showcasing your product videos, and Twitter can help to produce short, enticing messages for potential clients. If you are a B2C company, you may find great traction on image-oriented platforms like Pinterest and Instagram.
3. Compel them right away
When a person pays a visit to your website, they are probably looking for some answers. They need something to force them for staying on your page. It can be the content, a tagline, an offer or a discount. Something they can’t find on a dozen other websites of similar nature. Your unique selling proposition should be right there on your landing page. A rock, solid UPS will help you to attain a significant advantage over other players in the industry.
4. Start a blog
Blogging is one of the primary drivers of traffic on the Internet. The founder of a successful company Moz.com, Rand Fishkin tells Forbes about their key success factor. It is their blogs that took them from a remote family business in Seattle to rise and become a global phenomenon. Initially, Fishkin was clueless about his agency and went stumbling from one project to another. Blogs like tech blog, marketing blog etc helped him refine his message and bring in a line of new clients.
5. Work on a functional design
If the content on your website is incredible, but the design isn’t, you will end up losing traffic faster than you think. You must work on developing an impressive user interface. Start by adding a well-labeled navigation menu for visitors to explore easily. The font and pictures must combine in a sophisticated way. Also, ask your developers to add empty spaces to let readers’ eyes take rest during reading. An exceptional layout will appeal the users and make them engage more with your page.
6. Video marketing
Another powerful way to attract more customers is by video marketing. Develop a series of online tutorials for your product. You can also reveal your best UX design through these videos. Platforms like Vimeo and YouTube can be used to publish your videos. Your videos may fail to get public attention in the initial days. But as you progress and get to know more about video-making, effects, and lenses, you can work out brilliant videos that will soar your viewership.
7. Make them come back
Of course, you are willing to get new customers with every passing day, but that doesn’t mean you can let go of the old ones. Right?
Get your visitors to subscribe with you to get direct updates about new product launches and discount offers. When the number of subscribers is good enough, you can start producing special content for them. This will help you retain the customers and avoid them from going elsewhere.
You should not expect instant results with whatever method you choose to use for attracting more customers. Instead, start by focusing on the quality of your material. Stay consistent when producing content on any channel and pertain to the needs of your customers. Decent engagement tactics will enable you to establish yourself as a leader in the industry and gain significant exposure for your website.

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