7 Things About Facebook You Have To Experience It Yourself

  • By Ellie Bennington
  • 18-04-2020
  • Digital Marketing
7 things about facebook you have to experience it yourself
Facebook has always been a platform to serve some great content, whether it's your way to let people know about what you're doing or to promote your business. Since it's a widely used social media app, here's how you can use it to its maximum capacity. So here are a few less known secrets, which will enhance your Facebook experience even more.
1. Mute people who are seen more regularly on your timeline
We all have some friends that will always post a little bit too often than regular, and there's a way you can solve this issue by merely muting them.
Let's take, for instance, you want to mute 'X.' Click the ellipsis on the upper right corner of one X's recent post, then you can choose to either hide all posts, snooze or hide that particular post. And there you have it, no more posts that flood your timeline.
2. Get a copy of ALL your Facebook data
You read that right. Just a few clicks can download all of your Facebook data.
This data includes photos you have shared or created, comments, messages all your likes, and reacted to posts and even your list of followers. If you want a copy of few or all of these categories select:
Facebook settings> Your Facebook information> download your data. Select the category or multiple categories that you would like to download, then select your format and media quality, select create the file, and then you're done!
3. Download an entire album from Facebook
Waste no more time in individually downloading your picture when you can do the entire album at a time. To do this, use a Chrome extension called Downalbum for Chrome. In addition to this, you can download Facebook videos full HD and save them to your computer or Smart Phone.
Later go to the album you wish to download, select the Down album icon in your toolbar and select the 'normal' option. This will open a new page with the album and then use the Ctrl+S option to save the file.
4. Deactivate the 'Seen' time-stamp from Facebook messages
This trick is helpful for themes when you don't want the person to know that you have read their message. This can be done quickly by using the Chrome extension Unseen for Facebook, once it is installed click on the icon in the toolbar and turn it on. This will deactivate the seen time-stamp.
5. Customize 'Call to action' tag
If you're a business and using Facebook as a platform to grow, your call to action button is one of the most essential components. This trick allows you to choose a CTA, thus making sure that your viewers notice it. To do this, hover your mouse over the 'Send Message' option and click ok edit. This will allow your viewers to see your 'Click here to know more' or 'Follow the page' option.
6. Have a bot reply to your messages
It so often happens that someone messages you, and you don't have the time to reply then and there, in that case, you can have a bot to respond for you instantly. Facebook's response assistant will provide a greeting. To enable this feature.
Click on settings, select messaging, under response assistant, select I instant reply to anyone who messages you, click on change, and write your message and then hit save.
7. Use Facebook pixel
If you're a business that runs ads on Facebook, then the Facebook pixel is a must-have app. This app allows us to get an insight into user interaction regarding your ads as well as your website. It helps in building interactions, track advertisements, and optimize them. To do this,
Select the Hamburger icon in the Ads manager toolbar and follow the prompts.
Bonus secret - Save links to refer to them later.
Here's a little bonus secret for some of you.
Very often, it so happens that you want to click on a link to know more, but you can't afford to that because you have less time on your hand. If that is something you face, then worry not! We have you covered. This tip allows you to save links that you can refer to for later. This can be done quickly with a few simple steps:
First, click on the drop-down menu, which will give a cloudy of options, among which is 'Save link.' Select the opportunity, and you're good to go. If you are doing this on your mobile phone and you want to find the posts that you have saved head over to www.facebook.com/saved/ and select the 'More' option and then click on 'saved.'
Those were a few handy secrets that we thought you should have under your sleeve. We hope that these tiny tips and tricks allow your Facebook page to grow and also help you to better your Facebook experience.

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