AI Transforms The Future Of Digital Marketing. Five Benefits For Marketers

  • By Lisa Resnick
  • 14-05-2020
  • Digital Marketing
future of digital marketing
AI is transforming the digital marketing landscape due to its ability to carry out the tasks that are performed by humans with higher accuracy. AI is benefitting digital marketers largely as it single-handedly does the job of a digital marketing team. Its higher-level accuracy and swift behavior are transforming the field of digital marketing. Let us have a look at the way marketers are taking advantage of Artificial Intelligence.
Eases Customer Analysation:
One of the characteristics that AI is most sought for is its ability to deliver valuable insights about a lead which helps you in framing a more appropriate strategy with the elements that could easily drive him towards you. The data AI drives you will help you to easily understand the customer behavior. AI will let you know every single move of a lead on the internet right from most viewed websites, his packaging pattern, his social media activities and the channels or platforms in which he is most active. Through these insights, you can easily predict the behavior of a customer, his interests, etc. Thus, even before reaching out to a person, AI helps you to know about him completely. These valuable insights from AI will help you to identify your valuable leads and derive a more appropriate strategy with the elements that could easily grab their attention. AI has facilitated the process of spotting qualified leads which are always considered as a tedious task among marketers and takes much of their time.
Making Personalisation Much Easier:
Personalization marketing is the emerging trend in the field of digital marketing as it helps brands in achieving a higher conversion rate and increases customer satisfaction. There is an enormous number of brands in the market competing with each other to gain the attention of people. Personalization Marketing is considered as an effective tool by marketers to grab the attention of people and drive to purchase the product. Well, to make this happen one has to know a customer 'personally'. This means that you should be aware of the preferences of the individual, his expectations which you could know through the data driven by the AI-powered software. AI will offer valuable insights about a lead including his brand interaction, purchasing patterns and his commonly used platforms. Hence, marketers can frame an effective personalized message or personalized advertisement with the aspects that could grab the attention of the lead and drive him to check out your product.
Moreover, AI also tells you the best channel to approach a prospect. For instance, there are also people who check their emails once in a blue moon. Therefore, sending him emails will not avail you of any immediate benefit. AI will deliver you the data about the commonly used platform by a prospect so that you can approach him through it. A recent study has revealed that 45% of customers are likely to stay with a brand for a longer time if it personalizes the customer experience. AI plays a substantial role in providing a personalized experience to customers.
Create Engaging Content With AI:
Every one of us is aware that content is the king. In the world of digital marketing, the content you put forth in front of a viewer plays a major role in driving him to purchase your product. For years, copywriters are always in huge demand who come up with alluring words building a bond between a brand and a customer. Global brands are using their very own AI-powered software which generates content on their own. For instance, Heliograf is an AI-powered software of The Washington Post which creates social media posts and news on its own. Concured is an AI-powered content strategy tool that suggests the best working content to the marketers. The tool will deliver valuable insights to frame engaging content, based on the marketer's expectations. AI software is widely employed by several brands and news firms as it is equipped enough to generate engaging headlines, most commonly known as 'clickbait' on its own. However, we cannot completely rely on AI-powered content writing tools to create entire content. But, the day is not so far when AI will frame every word on its own neglecting the necessity of a human presence.
Automate Marketing Processes:
AI-powered automation software can be availed to carry out repetitive tasks that consume much of the time of a human. For instance, if you have to deliver a common message to hundreds of customers, the AI software will deliver the message to every customer with his name in it. Many brands are employing AI-powered chatbots to deliver an instant reply to their customer queries. According to a recent survey, 58% of customers are more likely to shift to another brand or company if they receive a late response to their queries. Brands are employing chatbots to satiate the cravings among the customers for an instantaneous reply. You can automate replies of the frequently asked questions to the chatbot. If a person lands at your website with any query, the chatbot will respond to him instantly. A recent study has revealed that chatbots are solving 75% of queries of the customers. Chatbots carry out smoother customer interaction as they immediately direct the customer to a customer assistant person if they find the query from the customer is complex.
Manages Large Data Effectively:
Today many brands and enterprises collect a large chunk of data of an enormous number of people and are unaware of the ways to make use of them effectively. They don't even aware of the ways to process the collected data and use it effectively to increase their conversion rates. Though many firms hire data analysts, they are unable to handle the enormous quantity of data and come up with better insights. Since data plays a vital role in framing an efficient strategy and maximizing the conversion rate, many brands and firms lack in this part. AI could process a vast quantity of data efficiently devoid of human errors and delivers deep insights including the purchasing pattern of customers, the changes in customer behavior. This will help you to frame a more engaging pattern aligning with the contemporary behavior of the customers. Thus, AI avails you to sharpen your marketing strategy by retrieving and delivering the required data.
Final Thoughts:
It is no surprise that AI is going to take a huge control of the field of digital marketing in the coming years. As more research is underway into AI, it will transform the digital marketing landscape in the coming years. Brands will look to utilize AI in the best possible way due to its ability to offer a multitude of benefits and to perform the tasks at a fast pace.

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