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  • By Jack Dsouja
  • 11-09-2018
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instagram marketing
As a professional graphic designer or owner of a graphic design house, you are perpetually looking out for new clients and a major portion of your day is dedicated to marketing endeavors and building a robust client base. It is quite natural to be overwhelmed at the thought of promoting your business and establishing a niche for your graphic design company. Finding creative techniques of promoting your graphic design business could prove to be slightly frustrating and time-consuming especially if you are inherently introvert and do not quite enjoy products or business or using your design skills and natural talent as purely a sales opportunity.
Fortunately, there are a number of proactive steps that could be taken for promoting your graphic design company without taking the trouble of attending numerous marketing events or calling up several local businesses looking for apt graphic design projects. Powerful visual representation and utmost simplicity have taken Instagram to the forefront of successful social media platforms and effective online marketing tools.
The competition for creating a killer Instagram page could be really fierce. However, with the correct setup and the perfect delivery, you seem to be very close to coming up with your own Insta-amazing page. You may incorporate some creative and innovative thinking into the following expert tips discussed below and be sure to create an unforgettable Instagram experience! 
instagram marketing
Begin with a Killer Username
A defining and catchy Instagram handle would be all for a perfect beginning. You must identify a username that best describes who you actually are and expresses what you do, and is able to effectively communicate and connect with your target audience and followers thanks to its authenticity and originality. Do not use generic usernames that are not able to define a personal business or brand as they may further confuse your visitors about exactly who you are. Decide if you wish to represent your graphic design brand or your personality as a graphic designer. The choice is yours to make. 
Use these hints:
- Use Geography: Try adding your specific location to precisely your name such as LauraJones graphicdesigns Texas.
- Add a Niche: Consider relating directly to your precise market with a precise focus like LauraJones_illustrator.
- Include a domain: In case, you are having a personal website, you could try integrating it seamlessly into your handle like LauraJones.dreamdesigns.
You could even consider trying a brand prefix. You could be starting your handle precisely with your brand like dreamdesignstruewithLaura.
You may use brilliant tools such as KnowEm and Namechk for finding out if a particular username has been already chosen and in use. If you wish to boost your Instagram graphic design business, you could seek expert assistance from Gramblast for perfect digital marketing solutions.
Become a Shrewd Hashtag Hustler
You must essentially know your target audience. For instance, if you are doing graphic designing for the residential real estate, try not to go about creating graphic designs relevant to the commercial real estate. It is best not to mix up niches as that would help in cutting down unnecessary confusion. When you are clear about your precise niche, you could successfully narrow the actual focus of all your Instagram posts so as to appeal exclusively to a particular audience. 
Hashtagging your Instagram posts is surely a wonderful way of highlighting your niche and driving followers to your precise Instagram page. Hashtagging is actually an effective technique to create a button which would be taking Instagram users to only the relevant posts. If Instagram users tap on a specific hashtag, they would be directed to a page which showcases videos and pictures that users have uploaded and showcased with precisely the same tag.
Incorporating hashtags into your Instagram posts is an excellent way of boosting your exposure throughout Instagram as it would be effectively making your posts visible to all Instagram users apart from your current followers. You could certainly generate your own unique hashtags reflecting your brand or personality, but you could alternatively use some of the apt popular and trending Instagram hashtags for driving potential followers directly to your page. You could be exploring the Internet to get a plethora of trending Instagram hashtags. Here are some very popularly used Instagram hashtags found online.
- Instacool
- Instalike
- Instagood
- Instadaily
- Photooftheday
Focus on Creating Notable Pictures
graphic designer
You must devote some time in getting a sound knowledge of photography. If you are an aspiring graphic designer looking for Insta fame, you must understand the basics involved in the art of photography. You need to understand the characteristics that help a picture to be identified as an excellent picture. You must explore other Instagram accounts that showcase masterpieces. You have to rely on stellar imagery. The lighting, composition, and the innovation that go into a picture would speak volumes about the brand you are trying to represent. Learn to create amazing Insta feed by focusing on consistency of pictures in a feed. You must create and provide a cohesive photo experience. It is best to abstain from drastic changes in both color and composition. Make sure that all your pictures are related to your graphic design business exclusively. If your niche seems to be landscape photography, stick to pictures of landscapes and stay away from selfies.
Here are a few useful photography tips.
- Be Inventive and concentrate on creative ways of showcasing your pictures and flaunting your photography skills. Use creative picture ideas and focus on lighting.
- Focus on shooting square pictures for Instagram. Most smartphones and new cameras are built with the capacity to take photos in square settings. When you shoot in perfect squares, you do not need to waste your time and energy into cropping pictures. If you are not careful while cropping pictures you may end up losing some of the vital elements of the picture.
- Consider using smart applications for awesome clicks. Use apps such as Snapseed and PicStitch to help your pictures come alive on Instagram. 
Conclusion: Stand Tall Among the Rest
Instagram is a powerful platform for creativity, innovation, authenticity, and inspiration. If you are focused enough and if you follow the above suggestions, you would be able to harness this robust marketing platform.

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