Father’s Day Marketing Campaign Ideas To Make The Most Out Of It

  • By Kathleen Swafford
  • 18-06-2020
  • Digital Marketing
fathers day marketing campaign ideas

We are aware of the fact that Father’s Day is held on the third Sunday in the month of June and the purpose of this day is to express our love and gratitude to our fathers who has been such a vital and wonderful part of our lives. The day is dedicated to thank them and express our gratefulness to them for all their compromises and efforts that they have done to give us a better and more lavish lifestyle.

The day, for businesses, is an important day, as they show their humble and gentle side this day and becomes a part of the household of the customers. Brands use this day by putting out Fathers’ Day sales and other relative promotions on this day. Brands gain the attention of their customers by putting out such sales and offers on Fathers’ Day which means to express their love and gratitude to their guardians.

This day is a day for businesses to use their marketing tools and ensure brand awareness and the brands compassion towards its customers and their feelings on this day. Here are some of the marketing campaign tips for brands.

Understand the Celebration Plans
When it comes to a normal household, brands and companies need to understand that they plan and buy for such occasions rather than impulsive buying. The actual consumer of their product needs to be identified and targeted. The below chart shows the actual end consumer and how you can target the right audience at this point.

The Customer’s Expenditure
Before you put out a marketing campaign for certain occasions, brands needs to understand if the customer would actually spend on such occasions. This can be solved by having a look at the previous shopping trends of the customers. Buying gifts on such occasions can be relative to people. Brands can look at such past trends to understand how much the customers are willing to spend on days like Fathers’ Day. With a well-planned budget, an organization can reach to the right people and sell the right amount of gifts for their budgets.

A prior trend would be something like this. The trend shows that the customers spent USD 15.96 billion on such occasions in 2019. Brands are supposed to forecast the amount spent by customers this year with the help of the past trend.

Where to Buy From?
Brand also need to understand the perspective of the customers. Past trends would help them figure out where customers usually buy from. Is this the time of the year when people prefer online shopping or is this the time when people prefer to experience traditional shopping?

Understanding this prospect, the brands can understand, which department (online or traditional or any other) they should focus more on. For instance, if on Fathers’ Day, customers buy more father’s day gifts online, then brands should focus more on their web pages and designs that would attract the customers to buy from them online.

Preferred products
On occasions, there are particular products that are in the hype. For instance, on a Fathers’ Day the most preferred products include, a leather wallet for men, shoes for men, Fathers’ Day hoodies, Fathers’ Day mugs and such products. Greeting cards can be a lot in preference for people on such days. The trend of gifting clothes is very common on Fathers’ Day. A lovely book of the interest of your father can also be a preferable choice for children. Brands needs to identify these preferred products on such occasions and give those products more focus and better marketing for good outcomes.

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