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  • By Venkatesh C.R
  • 05-03-2019
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SEO remains arguably the single most effective way to ensure a successful digital marketing campaign which is the prerequisite for survival at a time when optimized content can make or break a business. While a number of excellent SEO tools come at a price, there remains an abundance of free alternatives that can still help small businesses hold their own against wallet-happy entities. You don't have to break the bank to hack it in this cut-throat digital age. Consequently, on the cards today is a compilation of free SEO tools that'll set you up for success. In particular, we'll be delving into Dot Com Infoway's basket of goodies to understand just exactly what they have to offer.
1) Plagiarism Checker:
A plagiarism checker is the basic minimum must-have of any SEO strategy particularly if you tend to outsource your content to freelance writers. Content resembling published or copyrighted works will make you rub shoulders with search engine watchdogs and such a tool will ensure you are never in the wrong. As a general rule of thumb, the plagiarized content should preferably be below the 8% mark.
Overall the checker is effective and easy to use, however, it's one thousand word limit and considerable processing time is considerable drawbacks.
2) Meta tag generator:
Once you have a website up and running and the content to go with it, an important attribute remains which is the meta tag. You can go through the pain-stacking trouble of creating one yourself or leave the task up to software like this one The latter is endearing for its simplicity, efficacy and its ability to curate your descriptions into a concise title and summary that's music to the ears' of search engine algorithms.
The generator earns marks for availing additional functionality including a no-follow feature that enables you to conceal links that would otherwise have a negative impact on your SEO rankings. It gets the job done sufficiently well and it's hard to find fault with it. A good meta tag- which is exactly what you'll get with this one- is often the reason behind high click-through rates which mean more views and more prospective clients.
3) Keyword position checker:
Nailing the keyword game isn't a one-off thing as many would lead you to believe, it requires constant work to keep in touch with the leading pack and careful thinking to select the right word in the first place. By choosing appropriate keywords synonymous with the SERPs at the head of the line, you can drag an underperforming website- and by extension a budding enterprise- a couple of slots up the priority line.
The keyword position checker on offer ensures you select a phrase or word that is popular and within the first 500 positions. The fact that it only crosschecks against Yahoo and Google proves its only failing but then again most people rarely stray beyond either with Google specifically getting the lion's share of traffic. So that's not a deal breaker although the overly long waiting time could be.
4) Pages Insight Checker:
 There is little more frustrating in life than a slow web page and according to a Kissmetrics survey, you lose about 25% of views if your page loads for more than three seconds. Aside from that, page speed also has a large say in terms of Google search indexing. And the same goes for other important metrics such as the dominant code for example which is why a page insight checker is paramount as it provides feedback on such attributes so that you can see what to improve.
Aside from displaying speed as an easy-to-understand percentage, this page insight checker goes a step further suggesting what you're doing wrong and what to tweak but it falls short on its number of parameters which is honestly quite limited.
5) Backlinks maker:
Backlinks are the doorways between you and other websites related to your niche. Here, you are judged according to the kind of company your business keeps and spammy-looking websites with a bad reputation are likely to drag yours through the mud and down the SERP ladder.
Conversely, a well-built website with a good SEO standing will have the opposite effect and that's where a good backlink checker steps in: to help separate the wheat from the chaff. The backlink marker in question is a bit lacking in insights as it only analyses if backlinks are actually work availing the total number and the condition alongside every link. Again, it's not bad considering the non-existent price tag though there is room for improvement.
6) Alexa rank checker:
A rank checker is a tool that simply shows you your progress in the SEO race and the Alexa ranker does it quite splendidly. The figures are broken down into regional focus highlighting the exact position within the said area whilst also revealing how your website is faring on a global scale. To accompany the figures is a pair of graphs depicting the traffic and ranking as pictorial trends enabling you to pinpoint a period of success and repeat your efforts during that time and vice versa.
7) Google malware checker:
The interwebs are a minefield of malware with all sorts of threats lurking at every corner. Website malware, in particular, has become a grave concern in recent years as cybercriminals are infiltrating their way into reputable platforms and driving traffic away.
Having anti-malware protection is therefore not a matter of convenience rather it is an issue of necessity. One that Google takes very seriously and will safeguard at all costs which could mean burying an infected website at the bottom of the SEO pile. The Google malware checker provided herein consequently proves a valuable asset ensuring a safe and secure digital environment that breeds traffic for your company and not cautions.
8) Article Rewriter:
Written content makes up the bulk of present age digital marketing campaigns by digital marketing agency and if you are not too keen on seeking the services of third party writers M a bid to save a couple of bucks, an article rewriter sounds appealing. Besides being cost-effective, it proves a time-conscious solution as well as you'll have new content ready for posting in an instance.
Nonetheless, article rewriters can never trump human generated varieties and that is again the case with this version that comes off as rather robotic and just a compilation of synonyms from the source article. The rewritten articles are incomprehensible more often than not so adept human writers remain a safe choice in comparison.
9) Keyword density checker:
Keyword stuffing- i.e. flooding content with keywords at every turn- is considered a black hat SEO technique that could land your website, and thereby your business, in hot water with search engine regulators. The result of such malpractice is an over optimization penalty which could see you throw back down the SEO Mountain and have to start again from scratch.
A keyword density checker, therefore, becomes crucial as it enables you to balance keyword usage so that you don't lose your credibility in the eyes of SERP enforcers. The checker does a great job at showing you how all the words are distributed depicting where there was overuse or little use so that you can tweak articles appropriately. While there is no exact yardstick of what density percentage is ideal, many sources have cited that it shouldn't exceed 3% to be on the safe side.
10) Web page screen resolution simulator:
Thanks to two decades of evolution in technology, mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones are now the primary source of traffic for all businesses whether large or small. So if your website is not customized for the handheld experience, you are potentially cutting off your largest stream of revenue hence why you need this simulator.
By portraying how web pages appear across a variety of screen resolutions mimicking different devices from mobile to PCs, you can see for yourself how your website fares on each measurement and seek revisions, where need be This simulator, does what its supposed to do sufficiently well and earns a round of applause for its prowess and minimalist approach.
All in all, Dot Com Infoway's free SEO tools toes the line and can help a small company fight for its share of dominance in the digital realm. Moreover, with a couple of notable awards in the field under its belt, it's safe to say that the company is doing something right which is evident in its simple-to-use yet commendably effective SEO tools.

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