The Benefits Of Integrating SEO And SMM

  • By Anthony Blair
  • 29-05-2020
  • Digital Marketing
seo and smm

Social media is not just a frivolous pastime that the younger generation spends the majority of their time in. It's becoming an increasingly effective digital marketing strategy, especially when it's integrated with search engine optimization. For those unfamiliar, here are a few benefits of joining SEO and SMM together.

Increased Brand Awareness
There is no doubt that social media helps increase brand awareness, which in turn also improves SEO. Although social media seems to offer more brand benefits compared to the advantages of SEO, SEO still benefits. By increasing a brand's reputation with the help of a social media marketing agency through constant content publishing as well as increasing engagement, the brand will get more searches on Google. The higher the number of searches a brand gets is proportional to how much rank it receives for non-branded keywords.

Social Media Helps Promote Content
Social media helps in search engine ranking through content promotionindirectly. Regardless of the quality and quantity of the content that's produced or the optimization incorporated into the content, there's no guarantee that it will get the right kind of attention and interest that the business seeks out. Social media have the ability to take any content and promote it across different channels.

A big advantage of social media is that you can broadcast your SEO-based content effectively and easily. Although social media inbound links cannot compare to authentic and organic links from high-quality sites, they still have the potential to affect the bounce rate as well as time-on-site engagement. Granted that the content is high quality and your target audience spends enough time on the site, engagement metrics will weigh heavily to search engines.

Helps In Link Building
Social media may result in links from high-value websites. The moment they realized the amazing potential of social media, influencers have started using it more and more. By creating high-quality content on the platform influencers are on, businesses have a good chance of getting their attention. And if businesses are lucky enough, those influencers will see it and link it to their blogs or their own sites. Without the help of social media, it can be near impossible for companies to get such valuable links coming from influencer marketing.

Social media also helps to increase the likelihood that a lot more external sites are linking to a company's content. The number of external links generated is in direct proportion to the authority you gain in the eyes of search engines like Google. But keep in mind that companies must have authoritative and high-quality content or the links will have a very slim chance of attracting the attention of those influencers.

Increases Engagement
The SEO of a site can be improved by increasing social media engagement. For example, if someone finds a content made by a brand or company and shares it in their social media profile and with other users, it may not have any effect on the company's search engine rank, but the engagement does count. The good news is when it comes to SEO, engagement is as important as search engine rankings.


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