Top 5 Adsense Alternatives To Monetize YouTube Videos

  • By Mark Hales
  • 10-07-2019
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Do you know what connects PewDiePie, Smosh, Dude Perfect and RomanAtwoodVlogs? YouTube. All of them are top-notch YouTubers earning approximately a whopping $22 million dollars annually. Though it may seem a little clichéd to you, but yes, you too can earn the same on YouTube.
Uploading videos, creating an Adsense account and watching your money piling is not exactly that easy. Reports suggest that Adsense is quite a pain in the head, especially if you are a beginner. Monetizing YouTube videos is not limited to Adsense, and you shouldn't believe anyone who says otherwise. Take a look at other alternatives to earn money on YouTube without the use of Adsense.
Every month, 6 billion hours of video are viewed on YouTube. By the time you read this sentence, hundreds of new videos will have been uploaded to YouTube. Therefore, it would be a great idea to execute affiliate marketing on YouTube. You can create videos and place affiliate marketing links in the original videos or in the descriptions.
About 52% of customers are more likely to buy products featured in a YouTube video. The best thing about affiliate links is that you are not limited to the products you are promoting. Say you have used a certain link in your YouTube video description. You will still get a commission if your target audience buys other product after clicking on the link.
Take the StartUp Survival Channel, for instance. They usually share survival tips. However, certain videos also redirect people to reviewed products. Make sure you implement the right steps to add affiliate links to your YouTube videos or description links. Have you already been using affiliate links? Let us know about your experience in the comment section below.
Instead of using Adsense ad revenue, you can try getting sponsorships from one or more brands of your preference. The top YouTube channels bring almost 90% of the traffic. Retailers want to make the most of this opportunity to expand their client base. More and more brands are looking forward to sponsoring YouTube creators for catering to more customers and improving their brand recognition.
You can get sponsorships for a single video or a series of videos or for your YouTube channel. The sponsorships can be for free products in exchange for a product review. It can also be for a significant amount of money in exchange for brand and product promotions. It's your call completely.
Everyone feels intimidated at the idea of sponsorships in the beginning. It is not actually that difficult. Got a specific brand in mind? Visit their website and see if they have any sort of sponsorship programs. If yes, then follow the guidelines mentioned on their website and put together a sponsorship proposal successfully. Make sure you ask for sponsorships from services that are relevant to the nature of your YouTube channel.
Merch and Products
merch and products
You can sell merchandise to earn money from your YouTube channel. Now you can do this in two ways. First, you can source products, purchase in bulk and sell them at a comparatively higher price. This is also known as the Shopify Strategy. Second, you can sell the items that you produce on your own and take advantage of your YouTube channel. If you manage your products, this is the perfect strategy for you to monetize YouTube videos.
The new monetization options allow creators with at least 10,000 subscribers sell merchandise on YouTube. You can have a look at the Christmas merchandise hype video by Jake Paul to understand how the merchandise works with YouTube. Though it may seem easy to sell merchandise on YouTube, the process is quite time-consuming.  From handling the products to managing the deliveries, everything will consume time.
If you manage your own products, you need to take care of the materials and the packaging supplies. You may not have any problem if you love the job. After all, you will get paid for doing the things that you love to do.
Are you a YouTuber with a flair for writing? Then you can try selling e-books on your channel. “Self-publishing is the future for people who love literature. Say you are an academic blogger with expertise in your niche. You have got many tips and tricks up your sleeves for students who ask for research paper writing service. Pen them down in an e-book and share it on your channel. You will hit the Jackpot if your target audience loves the e-book,” says Amanda Wilkins, who is associated with MyAssignment Help.
The best thing is you don’t have to write a long novel or a textbook. Your e-book can be short and sweet with quality content. Keep it within 50 pages. You can include cool insights, beauty tips, popular make-up or hairstyle tips. Unique information, along with your creative spin can make the e-books a huge success.
You can also use Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing program to create the e-book. All you have to do is upload the file, and the program will convert it into an e-book. Do you know anyone who has pulled this off smartly? Share the experience with us on the comment section.
Digital Products
Besides e-books, you can also try selling digital products to earn money from your YouTube channel. You can even build an app (if you know what products could benefit your target clients). Are you a graphic designer or do you know a YouTuber who is a graphic designer? In that case, you can create templates and prints relevant to the products.
Do not over promote the products. Just mention them from time to time to attract viewers to your website. This alternative suits best if you are a tech enthusiast, programmer and a hard working YouTuber. You don’t have to deal with physical work to sell digital products. It is quite easy to manage the orders. You can sell your products from any part of the world.
Selling digital products on YouTube is not rocket science if you are aware of the right steps. But, you must invest a notable amount of time in the task if you create the products on your own. You don't actually manufacture products. Everything is online. You may build an app or software to help your clients. Just make sure your digital products are updated with time.
Wrapping it up,
These are the top 5 alternatives to using Adsense on YouTube. Implement any of these strategies to monetize your YouTube videos without Adsense. I hope you have a better idea about monetizing your YouTube videos after reading this blog. There is no universal best way of making money on YouTube. You just have to try experimenting until you get hold of the right strategy for your business.

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