Top 7 Android Apps for Digital Marketing and SEO

  • By Anthony Blair
  • 06-05-2019
  • Digital Marketing
android apps for digital marketing and seo
Digital marketers wear many hats. They do content, manage teams, keep up to date with the latest online trends, monitor campaigns, liaise between the team and the clients, and so much more. So if you think the life of a digital marketer is smooth sailing – think again.
The beauty of digital marketing such as SEO or PPC is that it’s measurable and customizable. These benefits are not available in traditional marketing such as TV ads, radio ads, newspaper ads, billboards, or flyers. Not only is the former more affordable than the latter but it's also more effective when it comes to reaching the right target market.
But of course, you know what they say; “Something worth having does not come easy.” And true enough, finding success in every digital marketing or SEO campaign will not come easy, an entire digital marketing team should work hard to meet metrics and follow guidelines. Thanks to Android apps, digital marketing is twice or thrice more scalable! If you’re a business owner or an online marketer, here’s a list of the top 7 Android apps you should try.
1. Slack
Cloud-based tools are gaining accolades in the online industry and Slack is one of them. It's a tool which allows you and an unlimited number of teams to communicate with one another. It will enable you to communicate through private messaging or team messaging which will make collaborations easier and more reliable. Aside from that, you can also search conversations, share files, and integrate with other services such as DrumUp or Growthbot.
2. Trello
Trello is one of my favorite collaboration tools with over 25 million users worldwide. Instead of texts and messages, it gives you more of a visual to-do list of things to work on, what’s being worked on, completed work, and due dates. It is based on a Japanese system called “Kanban” which pertains to cards, signs, or billboards. Hence, Trello uses lists, boards, and cards to streamline workflow.
3. Google Drive
For file backups and sharing, digital marketers usually have a hard time sending large or multiple files through emails. Google Drive allows an entire team to store, share, and edit data for up to 15GB. Of course, you’ll have the option to upgrade to 200GB for a meager cost of $3 per month.
4. Evernote
When hiring agencies like seo delray beach, running marketing campaigns can be quite hectic and digital marketers sometimes have a hard time remembering anything that comes up. Evernote can help them jot these tasks down virtually and even add images by capturing one from your mobile phone. The best part is the app scans the image for texts and makes it searchable in case you want to look for that same image in the long run.
5. Hootsuite
Social media marketing is not just a buzzword, but it’s the real deal when it comes to boosting online presence. Marketers don’t put their eggs in one basket, so they create various social media platforms, and it can be hard juggling from one platform to another. Hootsuite makes all that easier, quick, and convenient.
6. Dropbox
Similar to G Drive, Dropbox is another widely used online file storing and sharing service. You can share multiple files with team members, get easy access to large images or videos, and you get 2GB of free storage. You do have the option to upgrade to a Pro account which is only $9.99 for 1TB storage.
7. Google Analytics
Digital marketing or SEO will not be the same without Google Analytics. After all, Google holds the highest number of search volumes across all browsers. And with a Google Analytics mobile app, it’s going to be easier for online marketers to check metrics, monitor data real-time, compare date ranges, customize reports, measure in-app revenue and payments, and more.

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