Top 7 Digital Marketers to Follow In 2019

  • By Ashley Alex
  • 02-02-2019
  • Digital Marketing
digital marketers to follow in 2019
It’s quite true that digital marketing is one of the fastest growing fields that have rapidly evolved during the last decade. According to Forbes, this particular field has seen great growth in recent years and its future is also undoubtedly brighter in the world of global marketing.
2018 is going to end quite soon and this year was also a digital year in which marketers used some effective techniques to grasp the attention of their respective target audiences. According to a survey, content marketing, machine learning, social media marketing, and mobile marketing are some of the top digital marketing techniques that have been used in the year 2018.
For 2019, here is the list of the world's leading digital marketers you should follow in 2019 to come to know every latest and trendy technique they are going to use:
1. Neil Patel:
While there is SEO, you will always find the name of Neil Patel on top. He has been a truly amazing inspiration for SEOs across the world. With his consisted posts that include the latest and trendy SEO strategies, he educates people who take digital marketing for granted.
According to Forbes, Neil has been one of the top 10 digital marketing influencers for recent years and his followers are in millions across the world. He co-founded a number of companies like Hello Bar, Crazy Egg, KISSmetrics, and others. Moreover, he has also helped plenty of world’s leading brands including Amazon, NBC, GM, and many others in their business growth.
No matter if you are an assignment writing service provider or social media blogger, web developer or graphic designer, you can read his blogs to get firsthand knowledge about the latest trends in digital marketing. If you look at his biography, you will come to know that the United Nations and the ex-president of USA, Mr. Obama have also recognized him as one of the world’s leading entrepreneurs and digital marketing influencers.
2. Rand Fishkin:
The founder of Moz and one of the famous speakers when it comes to SEO and digital marketing, Rand Fishkin is one of the top digital marketers you must follow in 2019. You can follow him through his website and social media as well. His Moz is one of the most famous sites among SEOs; especially the Whiteboard Friday series there he helped plenty of other digital marketers to understand the digital world.
3. Justyn Howard – Sprout Social Inc.:
The people who belong to digital marketing and social media marketing must have heard about Sprout Social. If you have heard about it, let’s know his founder, Justyn Howard as well. You will be amazed to know that through his social media management and analytics company, he has served more than 24,000 different agencies. Now, you can imagine why he is one of the top digital marketing experts you need to watch in 2019 because his social media insights can help you promote your business socially.
4. Danny Sullivan:
Danny Sullivan also deserved to be listed in the list of top digital marketing influencers for the coming year. His two most notable works are Search Engine Land and Marketing Land that are the leading web marketing blogs receive millions of readers every year.
He is currently working for Google where he guides the public about the latest SEO updates. You can also read his social posts at his personal website where he regularly shares everything about digital marketing and SEO.
5. Neal Schaffer:
Have you ever read the fantastic book ‘Maximize Your Social’? Meet its author, Neal Schaffer. He has been a great influence on people around the world. Moreover, millions of people across the world read his posts that he regularly writes about digital marketing, social media, and SEO.
You must go through his 130th episode in which he invited Eric Dahan who is the CEO of OpenInfluence. In that episode, they thoroughly discussed the effects of influencer marketing campaigns in 2019.
6. Pam Moore:
Being the CEO of a credible social media agency and having more than 1 million followers, she also deserved to be listed in the top digital influencers for 2019. She has appeared hundreds of programs related to business strategies, corporate training, branding, and social media. Her views are valued by many digital marketing experts she is also quite famous for her theories of business growth.
7. Jay Baer:
In last, but not least is Jay Baer who is truly an amazing marketing consulting. Considered as one of the smartest and influencing business consultant, he owns great respect in the field of digital marketing. He runs a company named Convince and Convert where he has served plenty of big brands and have made their strong social media presence.
There are a number of other digital marketing experts you can follow. You will find one thing common in all of them that they all are expecting a great year ahead in term of digital marketing and its influence on businesses. Keep following them and be aware of all the latest and trendy digital marketing gossips.

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