Enhance Your Newsletter With Top Email Marketing Plugins

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  • 24-05-2023
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enhance your newsletter with top email marketing plugins.
Today, businesses are striving to boost user engagement with their brand in order to gain additional benefits and help businesses grow and succeed. This signifies the importance of user engagement with the brand. Remember, the better you can communicate with your audience, the better you can perform. There are various modes of communicating with the audience, and one such valuable strategy is email marketing. It's a traditional but effective way to transmit a business message to a targeted audience and engage them with the brand. 
Many people overlook the strategy, but it is still effective and growing in popularity nowadays. You can send compelling newsletters to your customers, engage them with your brand, and foster strong relationships.  
While creating an engaging newsletter is important, incorporating the right email marketing tools can help you enhance your newsletter and take your efforts to the next level. 
In this guide, you'll discover various effective email marketing tools that can assist you in improving your newsletter, enabling you to promote your business more effectively. 
So, without much ado, let's begin! 

What Is A Newsletter?

A newsletter is an email type that you send to your audience in order to convey your brand's message, updates, and valuable content via electronic mail. A newsletter is an effective and free service that is used by businesses and individuals throughout the world to communicate with one another or their audience. 
Note that, for email marketing, business emails are used. Many hosting providers nowadays provide professional-looking business emails along with their shared, VPS, or dedicated hosting plans. If you don't have a business email, you can consult your hosting provider to take advantage of their free business emails.

What Is The Need For Email Marketing Plugins? 

In order to make use of email marketing, it's crucial that your newsletters are effective, engaging, and informative at the same time. Email marketing is a valuable strategy for businesses, but only if it is done right. Otherwise, it can hamper your business's reputation. Creating and sending regular newsletters to your subscribers can be time-consuming. 
Email marketing plugins can help you optimize your newsletters and enable them to reach a wider audience effectively. The right email marketing plugins can help you design attractive emails, manage your subscriber lists, track your email campaigns, and simply automate the various aspects of your email strategy. This means these tools can help you streamline your email marketing process, improve the user experience, and boost conversion rates. 

Top 8 Newsletter Plugins For Businesses 

Due to the presence of plenty of plugin choices, beginners might find it challenging to discover the most effective and profitable tool and might end up choosing a non-profitable one. If you are also here to discover the best newsletter tool for yourself, you have landed right. In this guide, we've eased the concerns of numerous beginners by listing the top tools in one place. This section will discuss the top email marketing plugins that are dedicated to creating and managing your newsletters and sending them to your audience. These tools can help you build connections and drive improved outcomes.  

1. Newsletter 

'Newsletter' is one of the finest and most popular newsletter plugins on our list as well as in the market, and it is used by over 300,000 people. 
It's a free and feature-rich plugin that allows you to automate your newsletters, track your email campaigns, and grow your subscription lists. Its drag-and-drop functionality allows you to customize your newsletters. You can select from various block options, which include images, videos, gifs, and social icon widgets. 
To grow your email lists, you can add single or double opt-in forms that allow you to gather customer details. The plugin is free and offers various additional services that can improve the effectiveness of your email marketing campaign. The plugin provides you with data reports on the total number of sent emails, opened emails, and clicked emails, which lets you assess the performance of your email campaigns and make decisions accordingly. 
This newsletter plugin is SMTP-ready, and it integrates well with other mail delivery services like Amazon SES, SendGrid, Mailgun, and more. Integration with these tools allows you to send your newsletter quickly and track your campaigns easily. 

2. MailPoet 

MailPoet is the next feature-rich newsletter plugin that is straightforward, easy to use, and free for up to 1000 subscribers. Over 100,000 users use MailPoet to promote their businesses. 
The plugin includes plenty of pre-made newsletter templates. Also, you can customize its templates as per your will using its drag-and-drop feature. Additionally, it allows you to add media directly from your WordPress media library to make your newsletter captivating. 
The plugin provides you with an analytical tool that lets you get insight into your email marketing. 
A notable feature that this plugin comes with is its integration with WooCommerce. It lets you add a signup form at the checkout page to gather customer details and enable you to grow your email list, which you can later employ to advertise your products and encourage users to visit and make a purchase again. 

3. Sender

The following valuable newsletter plugin on our list is Sender. It's a simple, no-code plugin that comes with an intuitive user interface. You can use Sender to communicate easily with your users and clients and engage them with your brand without using a single line of code. 
The plugins come with various beautiful pre-made email templates that allow you to create an eye-catching email easily. You can also use its drag-and-drop functionality to create your own template. Additionally, it allows you to search for free stock images that you can include in your emails to make them more engaging. 
It further includes popups and form functionality that allows you to easily grow your email lists. 
Sender not only automates your workflow but also allows you to track your email campaigns. It provides you with easy-to-understand reports that show various data you can use to assess and adjust your campaigns. 
The plugin includes free and paid plans. The free plan allows 2500 subscribers, and the paid plan charges $8 monthly. If you are looking for an overall newsletter plugin, Sender is the tool you must try. 

4. Mailster  

If you are ready to invest in email marketing, you can try the Mailster plugin. It's a popular and premium newsletter plugin that you can utilize to design and send newsletters directly from your admin dashboard. It charges $69 per license to provide users with its notable benefits, allowing them to enhance their newsletter marketing. The plugin is integrated with Unsplash, which gives you access to numerous stock images that you can use to design beautiful and engaging newsletters. 
In addition, the plugin comes with several types of autoresponders that make sure the delivery of the newsletter is on time, allowing you to automate your email marketing campaign. 
Another notable feature of Mailster is that it comes with a real-time monitoring feature, giving you access to plenty of valuable data. With this, you have additional control over your assets and data, which is not provided by other plugins. 
The plugin further offers SMTP support, built-in subscription widgets, and more to provide you with additional benefits. 
So, if you desire to make the most out of your email marketing, investing in Mailster can be a profitable decision. 

5. Jackmail 

The Following plugin on our newsletter plugins list is Jackmail. It's also a premium plugin, starting at $69 per month. The plugin offers a 30-day trial to its users who are willing to test its compatibility. The plugin is simple, easy, and user-friendly and comes with drag-and-drop functionality that allows users to customize and create beautiful newsletters quickly using its pre-made templates. You can easily create newsletters, manage email lists, and send emails directly from your admin dashboard. The plugin provides you with in-depth analysis, allowing you to examine data and make an informed decision to create an actionable strategy. 
Additionally, the plugin Jackmail is compatible with a variety of plugins, such as Contact Form 7, Ninja Forms, Bloom, and more. Besides all these, Jackmail offers a notable feature. It uses an SMTP server and implements anti-spam practices that prevent your newsletters from going into the spam folder. If you're ready to invest in a feature-rich and premium plugin, give Jackmail a try. 

6. Newsletter Glue. 

Newsletter Glue is a new but effective plugin that enables you to send newsletters directly from your WordPress site. It eliminates the copy-pasting concern, and you can even email your blog posts to your subscribers easily. 
It doesn't come with a separate user interface and allows you to work on your regular WordPress post editor screen. 
The plugin is a premium plugin that allows you to choose between monthly and yearly plans. You can add specific blocks to your screen and decide which part of the page you want to include in your email. Once done, you can add more details underneath the post editor screen. The plugin does not support SMTP services and is not compatible with WP Mail SMTP. However, it can integrate well with various services, including Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, Sendy, Campaign Monitor, and more. Thus, you are required to connect it to a separate email provider using a plugin.  

7. IceGram Express: Email Subscribers, Newsletters, & Marketing Automation Plugin 

The next newsletter plugin on our list is IceGram Express. Over 40,000 users use the plugin, and it includes free as well as paid versions. The plugin offers similar features to the 'Newsletter' plugin and lets you send blog post notifications and email newsletters. The plugin is compliant with GDPR and allows you to send unlimited newsletters to your unlimited subscribers. The plugins offer a user-friendly interface and allow you to create and send engaging emails to your audience.  
The plugin is well-integrated with WP Mail SMTP and also provides you with additional benefits of WP Mail SMTP, including the analytical tools for WordPress.  

8. Mailchimp For WordPress 

Last but not least plugin on our list is Mailchimp. It's a popular email marketing plugin that allows you to create and send beautiful newsletters easily and effortlessly. Over 2 million users use the plugin. It includes free as well as paid versions and provides you with various features such as popup and signup forms, embedded signup form widgets, automatic newsletter sending & scheduling, an RSS feed to notify subscribers about new posts, pages & news, and integration with contact form. 
It can help you build your email lists and allow you to track your campaign's performance easily. It comes with a user-friendly form builder that allows you to create your subscription forms and place your form anywhere on your site. Additionally, the plugins integrate well with WooCommerce as well as other third-party sites, enabling you to take advantage of additional features. 
Overall, Mailchimp is a must-try plugin if you are looking to enhance the effectiveness of your newsletters.  

Final Thoughts  

Most people use email marketing to boost business but to avail of its benefits, it's important to do it accurately. In order to enhance the impact of newsletters, you can take advantage of newsletter plugins.  
Incorporating a newsletter plugin into your WordPress site can significantly impact your email marketing and enable your business to grow and thrive. The newsletter plugins allow you to create captivating and engaging emails, automate email management, and send emails promptly to their intended audience. Alternatively, it allows you to track your marketing campaign effectively. There are plenty of newsletter plugins available on the market; thus, you have to pick the most valuable among them. 
Here we've covered the top eight newsletter plugins for WordPress that are effective to use and come with unique features, enabling you to accomplish your email marketing goals.
Therefore, ensure to choose a tool based on your needs and affordability and give your email marketing a boost.

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