Top Five Digital Marketing Trends You Need To Follow in 2020 For Increasing Brand Awareness

  • By Alexa Bliss
  • 12-03-2020
  • Digital Marketing
digital marketing trends

Increasing brand awareness is understood as the key strategy of every business or organisation. Hence there has been multiple strategies, which are being developed by the marketers and content creators, to develop innovative and creative tools for increasing their brand awareness in order to stay ahead in competition from their competitors. It was before the last two decades that only print media, television advertisements and billboards were understood as the only medium for increasing brand awareness for new or existing products of companies. However, as we have been heading toward the 4th Industrial revolution, the online channels and digital media has become the latest trend for smaller as well as bigger brands.

There are a number of famous and successful brands that have started their online channels or partnered with some e-commerce stores to increase their brands' awareness on an online platform. Examples of such brands can be Burberry, Starbucks, Cadbury, Nestle, etc. which are investing significantly in increasing their digital presence as well as setting innovative trends of digital marketing for the upcoming businesses.

There are a number of effective trends and strategies which are expected to increase in the year 2020, the top five of them are as follows:

Use of chatbots and Artificial Intelligence
With the 4th Industrial Revolution, the use of Artificial intelligence and the use of Chatbots will significantly increase. Various marketing and content marketing agencies are utilising chatbots and AI for their websites and messengers to communicate with their viewers and provide efficient customer service 24/7. The biggest benefit of utilising chatbots is its cost efficiency, as the business owners can reduce the cost of manual handling of their websites and messengers. Moreover, the use of chatbots presents an up-to-date and innovative feature of the company, which embarks a distinct image on the customers.   

Use of Social Media stories
There are various existing as well as new brands, which are utilising the power of social media influencers and their stories. Through their stories, they efficiently promote their new as well as existing services through collaboration with the influencers. The influencers utilise their brands or services and give reviews which are watched by thousands of their followers, which is the latest form of digital marketing. Instagram stories are the most popular marketing strategy nowadays; therefore, it has become an innovative as well as an effective trend during the year 2019 and is expected to rise further in 2020.

Influencers and YouTube collaboration
A variety of businesses and companies are approaching bloggers, influencers and YouTube celebrities for marketing their products and services. The greatest benefit which is achieved from the marketing through bloggers and influencers is that this enables more trust and reliability of the public. The viewers and followers of these Social media celebrities are more inclined to use the product which is marketed through them because they can relate more with the influencers instead of top celebrities which endorse the product on television and other advertisements. Influencer marketing and collaboration is the most popular and essential kind of marketing trend in 2020 as according to a survey, almost 69% of customers tend to buy the products which are recommended by their favourite influencers.

The power of DMs and Personalisation
The new era of marketing is all about personalised and individualised marketing. The promotional campaigns which are done with customised or tailor-made products for their consumers are more likely to attract customers than the ordinary products which are available for all. It is also observed that the consumers are more likely to buy a product which provides them with opportunities to personalise the product according to their needs.  Hence it can be visualised that through personalisation or direct messaging when the people are approached, they are more likely to revert back as they consider this kind of marketing as much effective. There are various famous brands which are providing over the edge opportunities to personalise their products, which has increased 75% of their revenues.

Storytelling through video marketing
Marketing through videos is considered as an efficient way of marketing as the audience of today are more inclined towards sentiments and feelings portrayed through story-telling and video making. Various big brands are adopting these services in order to stay ahead in the competition with their competitor brands. There are various ads which are marketed through YouTube, which utilise sensitive topics of the society and portray their brands' message, which is effective for increasing their viewers as well as customers. Moreover adding content with the video is also extremely essential; therefore transcribing of videos is also an innovative feature for video marketing. Therefore various famous brands use video marketing along with subtitles to attract more of their customers.

Thus it can be summarised that as we have entered the year 2020, there are enormous ways and strategies through which we can increase brand awareness, and digital marketing is booming with opportunities for new as well as existing brands. Compared to the traditional form of marketing, digital marketing is 75% more inexpensive and efficient way of reaching your audience and increase your lead conversion rate. Therefore a number of brands and businesses are utilising the power of Digital Media to attract their customers as well as to increase their revenues.

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