Ultimate Guide To Content Marketing: How To Create Content That Viewers Will Love

  • By Andriana Moskovska
  • 25-09-2019
  • Digital Marketing
content marketing
Content marketing is the key tool when it comes to growing a company, website, or any type of business. It is essential because it helps bring more traffic and grow the audience. However, content has to be fresh, appealing, and engaging. 
In this article, we are going to dive in deeper into this type of marketing and find out what is the key ingredient of top-quality content that the audience will love.
Why is Content Marketing Essential?
For starters, content marketing is highly important for any type of business. It generates three times the number of leads per dollar spent when compared to paid search results ads. Studies from 2018 reveal that as much as 86% of marketers believe that content marketing is a key marketing strategy, and 91% of them used this method to reach their audience.
Content marketing includes case studies, infographics, illustrations, ebooks, etc., with 92% of businesses reporting that they create their content but also encourage user-generated content.
According to expert marketers, the best way to create proper content is by seeking feedback from sales and use website analytics to better research the audience and their needs. On the other hand, more than 65% of marketers use keyword research, while only 42% rely on engagement with their customers.
Now, all this information isn’t easy to digest when creating content, which is why marketers have come up with several key rules to follow when working on something eye-catching. Below is a list of rules which are essential when it comes to creating quality content.
Have a Strategic Approach
This is the first important rule followed by marketers. The goal is to study the audience, their interests, and to make sure the content is relevant and well-researched.
Define Your Audience
The second important rule is to know what type of audience you are trying to engage with. Are you aiming to get the attention of middle-aged people, kids, students, teenagers, or parents? Once you get a clear underline of what your target group is, you can narrow down types of content you are about to produce.
Consistent Distribution
If you want to build a regular and consistent audience that will follow your content long-term, you have to always post on time, according to research. This means that the distribution of content must always have two things - quality and consistency.
More Educating, Less Promoting
Let’s be honest - people don’t enjoy content which is constantly promoting a specific product or service. Therefore, to properly gain the attention of the viewers, businesses need to provide content that is more educational than promotional.
Follow Trends
Staying up to date and following the latest trends that keep changing nearly every week is the best way to build a good audience which eagerly awaits more content, especially on social media.
Bottom Line
Following these five simple rules is the best way to start if you are new to content marketing, as they will surely give you a head-start over your competition. We hope you learned something new from all this information, and last but not least, remember one thing - quality is more valuable than quantity!

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