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  • By Kenneth Evans
  • 25-06-2018
  • Digital Marketing
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You will agree with me that there are already, countless apps on the app stores which have resulted in a much fiercer and tougher competition that has never been seen in recent times. Hence, an effective marketing technique is already being implemented by many top app development companies. The aim of this new approach is to actualize the success, gain exposure and attain their set objectives.
However, the trend of digital advertisement for mobile apps is not yet adopted by many other app development companies. Vividly, the traditional marketing methods used in promoting apps in recent times, prior to completion of a mobile app are no more efficient these days. Developers are looking for new methods to distinguish their app on the landscape; now that mobile apps evolution is becoming consistent. 
How to promote your app
There are numerous techniques that can be used to promote mobile app. Digital marketing, however, has proven to be one of the most effective methods of getting an app to the targeted audience. A lot of app developers are yet to explore and acknowledge the use of digital channels to market their apps. Even while professional marketers are competing with other players, they find it difficult to abide by the rules. 
At the moment, marketers are faced with many challenges which are stopping them from moving into the mobile sphere and making tangible improvements. These challenges include the inability to design user-specific content, unfamiliar channels, targeting problems, comprehending user versus downloads, app store ranking etc. These challenges must be faced and succumbed by app development companies who wish to improve their sphere of mobile application marketing. 
One important aspect of app marketing is getting an app to the hands of the users thus making it useful. But in present times not having a solid digital marketing technique will make it almost impossible to make an app readily available to users. There are certain strategies that must be adapted to efficiently attain optimal breakthrough. 
This piece will discuss some efficient ways by which mobile app development companies and top software companies can ensure that users find and use their apps for marketing their app digitally. 
It’s all about the experience
It is vital for mobile app development companies to focus less on marketing the app and more on the experience when it comes to propelling their mobile applications. This is not the era of marketing just apps, those days are gone! Now that establishments are creating applications for meeting both individual and business needs, focusing on the user experience is the way forward. You must be ready to allow your customers know the experiences provided by your apps if you must succeed in marketing your apps. Since you can no longer sell customers on the application itself, detailing your app’s experience is what matters now. 
A majority of users are not willing to download or purchase an app that appears confusing, spreading overwhelming information must be avoided. Presently, most customers are looking for applications with less complicated experiences. Hence, when drafting descriptions on the app store, ensure the use of straightforward, short and simple content. Explaining everything that your app does is not necessary. The main aim is to inform your users how the app will make their life easy.
Using social media
One of the effective strategies to market your app is to place ads where your target audience visits frequently which are the digital channels. App development companies who wish to attain their goal using digital advertising should be willing to effectively put in resources and time to couple the advantages of mobile advertising networks with real-time bidding exchanges. 
It is certain that marketers can easily achieve low-costing, efficient targeting towards their targeted customers by using digital advertising without the need of bogging down in the details. In the bid to promote their applications, it is ideal for mobile app development companies to involve in social media and also incorporate calls to action.
Utilize a targeted, engaged and creative PR strategy
As you engage intimately in designing your application, this prompts you to endorse it on social media platforms, blogs, influencers, and intended media outlets. To assist in creating excitement and buzz, it is essential to develop an end to end PR technique. For instance, gamers will be interested in learning about upcoming games which have innovative gameplay graphics and new improved features. 
Other trending news broadcasts may include providing recommendation and insights to your community, writing development blogs, inviting journalists or influencers to your development studio, leveraging any notable IPs and interviews with lead developers. In addition, maintaining an engaged and inspired community is a good channel for ideas and feedback. It is therefore vital to be responsive to the media and fans. 
Keyword optimization in App stores
To improve the organic visibility of your applications, making research and trying out new selections of relevant keywords or key phrases is necessary. A proven technique to increasing rankings on the app store is using tested keywords in your app name or title. It is important to note that the use of keywords multiple times does not improve your ranking in the app stores. To determine which arrangement produces the best organic search results, it is vital to try different combinations of synonyms, descriptors, and keywords. Appearing in the top 100 list of a more generic keyword search is not is not as productive as being in top five search result of a targeted specific keyword search. Furthermore, there are a number of professional premium App Store Optimization (ASO) tools which can be explored to get keyword information.
Consider your app store distribution strategy
Google Play or iOS App stores should not be your limit. The smart technique for increasing your opportunity for more downloads is to lunch the app in other app stores. Of course, the two leading app markets are the Google Play and the Apple’s App Store but there are other available app stores you can further promote your app.
Build a microsite or website
This important step is often being taken for granted. Build a microsite or a website as the main destination for all your vital stakeholders, irrespective of whether it is a business researching your publicity or latest blog or they are customers who wish to be informed about your latest app. A great site facilitates you to engage with primary marketing practices like link exchanges, banners, and SEO. Better still, owning a simple site that has an option for app store download is enough.

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