5 Best E-Commerce Marketing Strategies To Increase Your Sales 5x In 2019/20

  • By Jane Hart
  • 12-11-2019
  • E-commerce
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The Internet has empowered people and organizations in every corner of the world. Today we rely on the internet to get the smallest information. It serves as a great equalizer especially for business and offers lots of opportunities when it comes to online business.
Nowadays Buying products and services online has become a common practice among the people. And the number of online buyers is still on the rise. According to stats, a number of digital shoppers are expected to reach 2.14 billion by 2021. this shows the eCommerce industry is booming and there is plenty of space in the market for online businesses of all sizes.
However, it’s not that easy to establish a successful online business as it seems. Numerous things are there that you need to keep in mind when you are entering an online platform. You won't start generating revenue by simply putting your products online. There is a lot more goes into developing successful business strategies to boost sales. And an effective e-commerce marketing campaign is one among them. Whether you are a new business or well-established business with good no. of customer base, you have to regularly update your self with changing trends and modify your marketing strategy to match that.  A strong, well designed, and effective eCommerce marketing strategy is a ticket to long term success in e-commerce business.
Here in this article, we are going to discuss the top 5 best marketing strategies, which will give your sales a bomb rising.
1. Content Marketing
Content marketing is simply a process of educating your potential customers about your product through various channels like blogs, videos, GIFs, Images and will help you indirectly in selling by creating brand awareness. It plays a vital role in bringing new visitors to your website. However, there is no such thing called’ best content marketing strategy’  for someone it can  Learning from the success and failures of your competitors will help you to develop a highly effective content marketing strategy. Many e-commerce development firms in the USA strongly recommend this strategy for several reasons. By creating and promoting original, unique content that has search demand, you can assure your potential customers that the information they are receiving is new and based on their need which in turn helps you to build trust and drive conversions. By crafting content that is less promotional and more informational will help you to stand out among your competitors. Content marketing also helps in getting social traffic and backlinks from other websites. Below are some tips to improve your content marketing to get desired results.
* Building More Targeted Landing Pages adding visually attractive social sharing buttons
* Offering Exclusive Content to subscribers using Omni-channel marketing
2. Search Engine Optimization: 
SEO has become a spine of the e-commerce business. It’s very crucial to have good Ranking of your website on SERP if you want to drive organic traffic and achieve sales targets. But It’s not that easy to increase the visibility of your products and drive more traffic by optimizing your website as its mentioned in SEO theory because already thousands of other businesses are aiming for that same coveted spot on Google’s search results pages. So it has become a bit challenging.
And the other challenging fact is that 75% of users never go beyond the 1st page on google search results So it’s very crucial to secure ranking in 1st search result page itself otherwise there is a lot more possibility of missing out a huge amount of traffic.
Optimizing your product pages, from keyword research to technical SEO like writting captivating and original product description, uploading high-quality product images and alternative texts to link building, will generate more organic leads. However try to refrain yourself from the flip side of this technique like Keyword stuffing, Cloaking, and doorway pages.
3. Social Media Marketing:
Social Media has become almost a necessity now for all businesses irrespective of the size of the business. Previously, we could reach the customers through traditional media but now everyone has an online presence, and they make most of their purchasing decisions through digital media. At such times, it has become vital for your brand to utilize social media marketing services so that your brand can have a strong online presence and customers can choose you over competitors. That, in turn, will result in increasing your brand value, a loyal customer base and ultimately drive more sales. Apart from sharing user generates and valuable content to a targeted audience, Using facebook dynamic ads, encouraging users to leave a review, sharing promotional video and allowing instant purchase options can be also proved profitable SMM practices.
4. Influencer Marketing:
This is the generation of digital marketing. You can reach with your brand to a famous influencer who has good engagement and the right amount of followers in any of their social media account. In this marketing strategy, Instagram plays the most crucial role. All you need to send your products to the influencer; after that, he or she will review your products with the audience. From there, your sell will get a boost.
5. Performing Split Testing:
Split testing is generally considered as one of the overlooked marketing strategies. This listing is extremely useful for developing numerous products that reportedly have high sales. Hence, one can quickly refine marketing techniques. Such kind of testing is quite essential for a marketing campaign and exposes each variant in a different segment.
Make sure to build an excellent, engaging relationship with your audience; this will also help you to promote your business. There are several firms available in the market with which you can do a partnership. It is very much difficult for a single business person to look at every unique marketing strategy because there is a lot of other work to perform for a business person.
Wrapping Up
So now that you are aware of the well tested and actionable marketing strategies, You can use them as a weapon in your e-commerce store and in the end, the success you will achieve both online and offline would be limitless.

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