6 Magento Enterprise Features That Help Retailers Sell Better

  • By Nancy Patterson
  • 18-09-2018
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The idea behind discovery and invention is improving human life. Fire, wheel, paper, cooking are one of the earliest discoveries that mankind stumbled upon. As the intellectual capacity expanded with evolution and experience, we discovered more complex theories of gravity, planets, machines and artillery. 
The one discovery that has become inseparable from the human life is technology. From super computers to Alexa, technology has truly transformed the way we think and the way we live. Despite the gradual advent, the digital world today is rife with innovations and advancements more than ever before. Each day, newer versions of applications or better software are being launched through cms developments; all with the same idea of improving the human life.
Everyone finds the digital world so exciting that is has become the hub for meeting new people, imbibing education, shopping and e-commerce. To quote an estimate, there are 12 to 24 million e-commerce companies selling their products off the internet. That is a huge market in itself! It must be every retailer’s dream to become a part of this ‘million market’. The only fix is, in this immensely competitive dais, you must be ready to put your best foot forward. 
Wondering how you can do that?
Answer: With Magento Enterprise.
What is Magento Enterprise?
Your ticket to this ‘million market’ is an attractive, user friendly website. This is where Magento Enterprise comes to the rescue. Coming from the Magento website development company, it is an open source e-commerce platform written in PHP (a server side scripting language which is also generally used like a programming language). The features offered by Magento Enterprise are extremely out of the box and very flexible so as to enable you to conduct more business online. Without burning a hole in your pocket, you can have amazing options on your website and get world class guidance while setting it up. It is that one thing you direly need to have for leverage in the ‘million market’.
Benefits of Magento Enterprise
If you skim through the various reviews, almost all cite Magento Enterprise as the most popular and feature-rich solution used by retailers. Massive retailers like Samsung and Nespresso who have used Magento Enterprise give abundant praise to the software. It is also used by several smaller retailers who have, over time, been able to increase their business through this. So, what is it that makes it so special? Down below is a list of reasons.
1. Full page caching: If you have to wait for an eternity for a website to load, you might as well just check out the other websites. Customers don’t like to wait around so much therefore fast speed becomes an absolute essential. Delays in loading will cause customers to decline. Magento Enterprise is developed in such a manner which facilitates quick loading of the page and gives greater consumer satisfaction. Magento Enterprise allows for full page caching which can help in increasing conversion rates and profits.
2. Solr search: Your customer doesn’t want to rummage through to find that one thing he or she is looking for. The Solr search in Magento Enterprise is an open source search engine and helps the customer to discover products very quickly. It provides spell check, auto suggestions and faceted search. It avoids customer harassment and ensures that they have a pleasant experience while surfing for products.
3. Backup and Rollback: Despite the common usage of the phrase ‘change is the way forward’, it might not always hold true. Suppose you introduced some modifications and changes in your account, but it is not proving to be very fruitful, you can go back to the older features without causing any unintended damage to the database of other relevant information.
4. Buyer’s perks: In order to make your customer to keep coming back to your online business, you need to lure them with perks. Magento Enterprise makes this task especially easy for you. Due to its user centric framework, it provides for customs coupons and awards to the buyers and keeps them engaged by making them look forward to their next purchase on the website.
5. Tax rules for import/export: Even if you are planning on expanding your clientele beyond boundaries, Magento Enterprise has your back. It has the built in import/export functionality to support your global audience. The manager can also keep a track of the inventory, delivery and return and manage the backup.
6. Reliable partner: Magento Enterprise offers many customization options along with hand holding guidance in order to help you curate an online business of your choice. It provides unmatched features and tools that will help you build a classic eStore. 
With so many benefits in one deal; Magento Enterprise has got to be THE e-commerce platform you have been looking for. Its scalability and user friendly features have made it into the loudest buzzword within the e-commerce industry as it stands today. 

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