Essential Characteristics of Ecommerce Mobile Apps

  • By Juned Ahmed
  • 18-07-2018
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ecommerce apps
Mobile ecommerce companies are trying to provide the best experience to their customers, and this has led to an increased demand for ecommerce mobile apps. With the busy lifestyle, people are having today, they find it convenient and easy to buy products online and pay for them. This has greatly increased the scope of ecommerce mobile apps in increasing the sales of ecommerce stores as compared to online stores. Thus, ecommerce apps should have certain specific characteristics that will enhance the online presence of the ecommerce store and attract more customers.
#1: Easy on-boarding and registration
A simple and easy registration process should be incorporated for bringing the customers online. Filling long, tedious forms and demanding too much information from users at the beginning itself is likely to turn them off. Social login should also not be forced, rather it should be an option for easy login and registration for the customers. The registration and login process should be intuitive, minimalistic, streamlined, and personalized to make on-boarding clean and feasible. 
#2: Customization holds the key
When a user gets personalized information from a brand, they are delighted and they want to go by the customized information such as product listing, the addition of products to carts, unique checkout, and a lot more. Providing a great user experience to the customers through seamless navigation and personalization will make the app interactive and attractive and help the users enjoy the app in a problem-free manner. Key customizable capabilities help the user align with the wishes and choices of the user.
#3: Relevant and authoritative app content
app content
The content of the app should be concise and minimal. Cluttered and pushy advertising content is least likely to win a purchaser. Crisp, relevant, convincing, and authoritative information that maintains the USP of your brand needs to be provided in your app.
#4: Seamless navigation
The user interface of the app should provide easy and uncluttered navigation. Keep in mind the hardware specifications of the mobile phone you are designing for such as the display screen length and resolution. The screen should not be stuffed with content, and the layout should be responsive and allow unrestricted navigation and extraordinary display of your emblem or products to provide the users with an immersive experience. 
#5: Availability of multiple payment options
multiple payment options
Providing multiple options to the customers for making the payment widens the scope for the customers making online payments, and they can choose the mode of payment that they use often and that suits them best. This increases the chances of finalizing the purchases significantly, and the chances of the customer abandoning the cart are decreased. Thus, an app having many different payment options increases the sales greatly.
#6: Push notifications
push notification
Customers can be engaged effectively using push notifications. The users come to know about the time-sensitive marketing content such as the latest unique offers, new product launches, special discounts, and other promotions. This encourages instant motion and will determine the success of an ecommerce mobile app as it will scale up the sales and get better profits. By pairing analytics with this option, you can see a sizeable increase in your income.
#7: Google analytics
Google analytics has to be integrated into your app in order to measure the full value of your ecommerce app. Knowing the way users conduct on your app and their buying behaviour is very important. This can help your app earn maximum revenues and beat the competition as you come to know about the user preferences and demographics.
#8: Comprehensive synchronization
You need to synchronize your app and website completely as the changes you make in the app or website should be available to the users simultaneously. Without complete synchronization, this will be a tedious and time- taking process. This may also confuse users and turn them off.
#9: Wishlist button
The wish list button allows the users to bookmark the items they wish to purchase later. Enabling this feature prevents loss of revenue as users can come back and make the purchase easily later and also notifies them regarding any offers linked to the same products in the future.
#10: Immersive user experience
Providing an exclusively amazing and personalized experience for the users is very important for making your ecommerce app stand out of the so many apps on the market. This satisfies the users with your app as they find your app providing them value for their time and money in the form of solutions to any issues they sought, improved efficiency, enhanced interactivity, and many more.
#11:  Easy checkout
The checkout process should be convenient and easy for the users. Minimum information should be asked for during the check-out process. This may include selecting the shipping address from their check out a profile and checking if the shipping charges are applicable. This enhances sales as the users do not have to wait long for this.
#12: Review and rating
Your app should provide your customers with the ability to review and rate it and its features easily. Accept both positive and negative feedbacks with grace and work on improving the negative aspects of the feedback to improvise and show the customers that you are addressing their concerns. This will have a positive effect on the perspective as well as existing users, and they are likely to be loyal based on your response to the feedback. Not displaying negative feedbacks and reviews may make the customers believe that you are trying to mislead them.
Summing up
With so many ecommerce mobile apps in the market, you need to include features that make your app stand out and be attractive to the users. The above features can increase sales and build your app successful. The flexibility and scalability of the app design combined with all the above features can enhance business growth and provide an amazing shopping experience to the users.

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