Essentials of E-Commerce Business Success in 2019 and Beyond

  • By Marina Thomas
  • 12-03-2019
  • E-commerce
ecommerce business success
The world as we know it is changing rapidly and the main reason for that is technology. Not surprisingly, reports that 89% of the population of North America is online. With such deep penetration of the internet, businesses are also scrambling to get online to market their wares. Brands also need to keep up with the rapidly changing scenario in digital marketing simply to survive. Businesses that make the transition to e-commerce are likely to experience the maximum growth and entrepreneurs will be increasingly called upon to react to the evolving demands of the e-commerce environment. However, as with all businesses, focusing on the correct steps is vital for the success of any venture, and it is equally applicable to e-commerce businesses. A quick look at the fundamentals of e-commerce success:
A Strategy That Is Clear and Unambiguous
A strategy is something that is used by all businesses to lay down a road map for its progress and allows them to make the right choices at the right times. It is only by creating a strategy and sticking to it that a business can get on the right track and achieve its goals, both long term and short term. If you are unsure what constitutes a strategy, answering the most basic questions about your business, its products and services, the market to be addressed, the capabilities and competencies possessed to serve the selected market will assist you to develop a coherent and far-sighted mission and vision for your organization.
A Convincing Value Proposition
As an online entrepreneur, once you have an adequate understanding of the behavior of the markets, competitors, as well as the preferences of customers, you can define the additional value that your innovation seeks to deliver to the market. The fundamental step in doing this is to describe your target audience, explain the problem being solved by you, and the reason why your product should be preferred by customers over that of the competition. If you are able to answer all these questions in a convincing way, you have taken the first step in assessing the market opportunity effectively. It needs to be appreciated that the main reason why a customer buys anything from you is the value proposition that he finds absolutely compelling. It is relatively rare to find a business that is absolutely unique; generally, there will be similar products available from the competition, and the main task is to establish the superiority of your product in terms of quality, functionality, delivery, availability, variety, cost, packaging, etc. Generally speaking, if you are not the first mover, you will have to work extra hard so that you are able to assume the position of a market leader. Typically, the areas of focus will not only be the quality and diversity of the product range but also customer relations and service.
Ensure That the Quality of Execution Is High
After you have been able to figure out what your business should be doing and have constructed the strategy to achieve it, the time is now to make things happen on the ground. For the business to successfully start rolling out the products and services, it is important for all team members to have clarity on the goals of the organization. It is also important to have a system of measurement of the progress being made toward the defined goals as well as clear and unambiguous accountability for all critical functions. It is only when everyone in the organization is clear what the business is supposed to be doing and what their own roles, the timelines of their allotted duties and the steps that follow that you can be sure that all the individual members now comprise a team that will achieve the overall vision of the business.  For the business to stay on track for any activity, even debt consolidation programs, it is also imperative that it is monitored well because it is essential for the health of the business.
Good Leadership
The most critical function of the business leadership is to ensure that the company is able to live up to the promise it has made to its target audience. It is essentially achieved by ensuring that the employees are kept motivated so that they work for the best interest of the company. Strategic leadership does not happen by accident; the top managers of the business have to ensure that there is constant communication with those who are dealing with the customers and those who are in charge of the manufacturing, quality control, and logistics. Good leadership tries to create a supportive work environment that is marked by openness and transparency and geared to meritocracy without even a hint of any political bias. Leaders have to ensure that they are always in a position listen to the rest of the staff in a careful and empathetic manner and further that they are grounded and humble.
Great management styles empower employees by giving them the necessary freedom to do things in their own way while establishing complete transparency of company policies and operations, acknowledging the importance of peer-to-peer relations and eliminating any chance of bias or politics. Apart from motivation, fair and transparent leadership ensures that the workforce has a sense of belonging and bonding with the business as well as a feeling of respect for the leadership team. This is the sentiment that will carry the business forward to great levels and help it to endure the inevitable economic downturns that bring stress to relationships with customers as well as suppliers.
For an e-commerce business to be consistently successful in the face of rapidly changing technology, marketing environment, and evolving customer preferences, it needs to be extremely alert and nimble. To stay ahead of the competition, you need to be able to adapt very quickly to changing circumstances. Businesses need to focus on learning new skills through the process of continuing education. It is important to foster a learning environment in the company so that employees are motivated to upgrade themselves to meet the challenges of the future and keep the business forging ahead.

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