How To Customize Your Ecommerce Store With Woocommerce Development?

  • By Harshal Shah
  • 29-11-2021
  • E-commerce

WooCommerce is a WordPress e-commerce plugin that is open-source. It's aimed at small to medium-sized online merchants who use WordPress. If you want to customize WooCommerce, then Woocommerce services provided by the companies can be very helpful to you.

Online shopping has increased a lot in the past few years. Now, it is taking over the physical stores. Most of the people prefer shopping online rather than offline. It is very easy to shop online, and the price is also very competitive. But, the competition has also increased and that is the reason why you need to do something different to stand out in the competition. For that you need to customize your online store

Why to customize the eCommerce store?

The default WooCommerce Shop Page on the frontend of your site is dynamically generated; however, you have no control over its appearance because it is determined by your WordPress theme and WooCommerce. With so many WooCommerce sites out there, every online business might wind up looking and feeling the same.

If we talk about brick and mortar stores, then all the stores differ from each other, they are not built with the same colors, same design, same area, etc. So, why is an eCommerce store the same?

By customizing your store, you can change the design, select which goods and categories to display, as well as any additional material. So you can create your own brand image by customizing your eCommerce store.

How to customize a woocommerce store?

1.  Make a whole new page
The first step is to create a full new page. This page will be your WooCommerce store page. After creating the page, you have to give your page a title and add a design to it.

2. Customize the page using block editor
You have to customize your store page using the WooCommerce tools. Add all the relevant sections and categories to the page. You can also use third-party tools or blocks. You can take help from a Woocommerce Development company for proper customization.

3.  Make new WooCommerce Shop Page the default Shop Page for your store
Set your new page as your WooCommerce Shop Page with the Storefront Blocks plugin by visiting your website's dashboard, then WooCommerce / Settings / Products. Then you will see the option to set the new page as – Default WooCommerce shop.

A new option, 'Custom Shop page redirect,' will appear. Then, under the drop-down for ‘custom shop page redirect,' choose your new WooCommerce Shop page.

4. Add the new WooCommerce shop page to the menu
Now navigate to Dashboard/Appearance/ Menus and then remove the old WooCommerce page and add the new one. Set your newly beautiful shop page as your site's homepage if you want your store to be front and centre on your site!

How to boost sales with the help of WooCommerce shop page?
Use the following tips or steps to boost the sales by customizing the WooCommerce shop page:

1) Add the countdown
Use the sales countdown to increase the visitors to your website. It can boost your sales. Sales countdown means adding the timer to the product/service and mentioning that the product or offer is available only for a few hours. This will compel the users to decide fast and make them buy the product.

2) Add high-quality product images
It is often said that a picture speaks a thousand words, and it is absolutely true. And, it becomes more when online shopping or online stores are considered. When you add the high-quality product pictures to your website, then the user will be attracted very much.

3) Add the Zoom-in option
There are many products in which we need to see the fine details before buying the product. So, you should add an option where the users can zoom the product and see its details. This will also give more clarity to the customers and thus their chances of buying that particular product increases.

4) Add the product table to the page
Product tables are useful as they allow your consumers to buy many items from a single screen. It's simple to add a Product Table to the WooCommerce Shop page. Product Tables can be created using a variety of WordPress Plugins.

Major benefits of a customized woocommerce page
There are 2 major benefits of a customized WooCommerce page.

1) Increased Traffic
When you customize your eCommerce page, then you can include more keywords. This will give a boost to the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and thus more people will visit your website or store. And this will improve your brand visibility.

2) Increased Sales
The design of your website plays an important role in building a brand. A better design will give you an edge over your competitors. You'll enhance the user experience, better convey your brand, and create a place that customers will want to return to. Therefore, building an impressive design is very important.

In conclusion, we would say that building a customized page is very important today. A person with little technical knowledge can create a WooCommerce shop page, one doesn’t need to know coding for that.

But, when it comes to building a customized WooCommerce page and a page that can give an edge over your competitors, you need Woocommerce services by experts. So, do hire their services and create an attractive customize WooCommerce shop page.

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