The Psychology of Product Labels - How to Influence Customer Behavior with PrestaShop

  • By Joseph Chain
  • 03-01-2024
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Hey there ambitious peeps! Today your guru is given a tough knuckle to crack. How to make your PrestaShop Products whisper "Buy Me?” Ain’t no-thing like a chicken wing Mamacita! 
Imagine this; you are scrolling through endless rows of online products, feeling like you are drowning in a sea of sameness. Suddenly, a label pops out, shimmering like a siren song: "Limited Edition! Only 3 left!" You click, heart pounding, and before you know it, that "just browsing" session turns into a triumphant checkout click.
Welcome to the fascinating world of product label psychology, where words and visuals dance a delicate ballet, tugging at our emotions and whispering sweet nothings about "add to cart." As an e-commerce warrior wielding the mighty PrestaShop, unlocking the power of labels can transform your shop from a digital graveyard to a bustling marketplace. So, put down that generic "New Arrival" sticker and join me on a journey into the minds of your customers!

The Challenge - From Visitor to Buyer, a Bridge Too Far?

Let us face it, converting website visitors into paying customers feels like scaling Mount Everest in flip-flops. You pour your heart into your products and craft beautiful descriptions, but still, that checkout button remains stubbornly unclicked. This is because in the digital jungle, attention is currency and competing with a million roaring competitors. That’s the point where the magic of labels comes in.
Think of a label as a conversation starter, a seductive wink in the direction of your product. Now think of Prestashop labels, it is your chance to cut through the noise, grab attention, and plant the seed of desire. But how do we do that? 
Let us delve into the psychological toolbox and pull out some shiny tools:

Attention Grabbers; Scarcity, Exclusivity, Urgency, Social Proof


"Only 2 Cozy Sweaters Left" Suddenly, that comfy knitwear is not just a garment, it is a treasure hunt prize. The fear of missing out (FOMO) kicks in, propelling us towards the checkout faster than a cheetah on espresso.


"Limited Edition Artisan Chocolates" We humans are suckers for feeling special. That "limited edition" label transforms your product from ordinary to "oh-so-me," making us feel like connoisseurs with discerning palates.


"Flash Sale Ends Tonight! 50% Off” Time becomes our enemy, ticking away like a bomb. Suddenly, your product is not just an item, it is a fleeting opportunity, chance to snatch a bargain before it disappears like smoke.

Social Proof: 

"Top Rated! Customer Favorite" We tend to trust the crowd. Seeing a label emblazoned with "Top Rated" or "Customer Favorite" is like getting a virtual thumbs-up from our peers. It reassures us, builds trust, and whispers, "Hey if they love it, you will too!"

Emotional Triggers

Sensory, Personalization, Storytelling, Humor

Sensory Words: 

"Melt-in-your-mouth Cookies, Freshly Baked Aroma." Delicious descriptions tap into our senses, making us practically taste and smell the product. Suddenly, it is not just a cookie; it's a warm, gooey hug for your taste buds.


"Just for You! Hand-picked Recommendations." Feeling seen and understood is powerful. A personalized label makes us feel like the product is calling out to us, a perfect match for our unique desires.


"Handcrafted with Love by Grandma Betty." A captivating story adds soul to your product. It transforms it from an object to a piece of heritage, a connection to something bigger than itself.


"Guaranteed to Make You Laugh (or Your Money Back!)." A little chuckle can go a long way. A humorous label breaks the ice, makes us feel connected, and leaves a positive impression that lingers long after we scroll away.

Decision-Making Biases: 

Framing, Anchoring, Loss Aversion, Reciprocity


"High-Quality at an Unbelievable Price!" We're wired to seek value. Framing your product as a high-quality steal makes it irresistible, like finding a diamond in a thrift store.


"Regularly $50, Now $25!" Our minds cling to the first price we see. That crossed-out "regular" price makes the discounted deal seem even sweeter, a victory over the dreaded comparison trap.

Loss Aversion:

"Don't Miss Out! Limited Stocks!" The fear of losing something is often stronger than the joy of gaining it. Highlighting limited stocks triggers that fear, urging us to grab the product before it vanishes like a desert mirage.


"Free Gift with Purchase!" We feel obligated to return favors. A freebie

PrestaShop | Your Label Powerhouse

PrestaShop is not your average online store platform; it's your enchanted wand in the world of labels. Think of it as your own label playground, where you wield the power to transform product displays into captivating showcases. Here's how you can master its features akin to a Jedi Knight brandishing a lightsaber: 
Product Names & Descriptions:

1. SEO Magic: 

Sprinkle relevant keywords into your product names and descriptions to rise in search engine rankings. Remember, labels are bite-sized ads, so make them count!

2. Benefit Bonanza: 

Don't just list features, shout out the benefits! "Ultra-soft PJs for Dreamy Sleeps" is way more enticing than "Flannel Pajamas, Size M."

Product Attributes & Variations

Colorific Explosion - Splash Some Vibrancy!

Imagine this: a vivid display of product labels that pop like fireworks in the night sky! Vibrant color labels aren't just eye candy; they're attention magnets. Think beyond the ordinary and infuse your products with hues that sing songs to your customers' souls.
For instance, why settle for a mere "Orange T-Shirt, Size L," when you can turn heads with a "Sunset Orange T-Shirt"? It's not just a color; it's an experience – an invitation to a sunset stroll through style and fashion.

Size Savvy - Mastering the Art of Clarity

Sizes can be a labyrinth for shoppers, a maze of numbers that often leads to confusion. But fear not, savvy merchants! Clear and concise size labels are your saviors in this fashion chaos.
Offer your customers the comfort of certainty with labels like "True-to-Size Skinny Jeans." Let them breathe a sigh of relief, assured that their purchase won't result in a tug-of-war with wardrobe malfunctions. These labels aren't just about sizes; they're trust badges, ensuring a seamless fit and a happy customer dance.
In the realm of e-commerce, product attributes, and variations aren't just details; they're the strokes of art that paint a vivid picture in your customers' minds. Let your labels burst with color and clarity, guiding shoppers to their perfect match in style, fit, and satisfaction!

Custom Fields & Advanced Options:

Countdown Frenzy: 

Implement countdown timers for flash sales or limited-edition drops. The ticking clock adds a thrilling urgency that makes wallets fly open.

Badge Brigade: 

Use badges like "New," "Bestseller," or "Eco-Friendly" to highlight special features and attract attention.

Discounts & Promotions:

Targeted Treats: 

Segment your audience and create targeted promotions. Offer "New Customer Welcome Discounts" or "Birthday Surprise Sales" to make customers feel special.

Label Loud & Proud: 

Display discount percentages or sale banners prominently on your product pages. Let those labels scream about the deals your customers can't resist!

A/B Testing & Analytics:

Label Lab Rats: 

Don't be afraid to experiment! Try different label variations and track their performance using PrestaShop's analytics tools. See what resonates with your audience and refine your approach like a seasoned scientist.

PrestaShop's  Labels & Stickers Module

Picture this – your online store as a bustling marketplace, filled with diverse products vying for attention. How do you make your offerings stand out? Enter PrestaShop's "Labels & Stickers Module," your ultimate tool for transforming mundane product displays into eye-catching showcases that reel in customers like bees to honey!

What's In the Module? Let's Unpack the Magic Features

Imagine having the ability to jazz up your products with labels and stickers that grab attention. This module allows you to upload both text and image labels effortlessly. You can attach these labels to any product, and personalize them based on rules like sales, newness, pricing, and more! It's your backstage pass to a label-fueled marketing extravaganza.

Ease of Use and Navigation

Navigating through this module is as simple as a stroll through your favorite store. With a dedicated section for labels and stickers, bid adieu to the maze of options. One-click takes you to a centralized hub where you manage, create, and tweak labels with seamless ease. No more wandering around – it's all in one place!

Customization Galore

Fancy a label that screams your brand's unique voice? This module has you covered! Dive into a treasure trove of pre-designed templates or unleash your creativity to craft bespoke labels. Not just that, you can place these labels strategically on your product images, ensuring maximum visibility.

Benefits That Spell Success

Why bother with labels, you ask? Well, they're the magic dust that sprinkles charm on your products! They draw attention, skyrocket sales, highlight featured items, and build trust among your customers. Moreover, they sprinkle a touch of elegance, making your online store a visual delight.

Your Command Over Label Display

Ever wanted labels to show up only during a sale or a promotional period? PrestaShop's module allows you to set start and end dates for label displays. Bid farewell to the hassle of manual adjustments; let the labels shine when you want them to!

Concerns Answered

Installation and Configuration: 

After installation, a new tab called "Product Labels" appears in your PrestaShop Catalog section. From here, dive into a world of customization – set titles, descriptions, icons, and label positions to your heart's content.

Customization Options: 

Dive into pre-designed templates or unleash your inner artist. Flexibility is the key – tailor labels to align perfectly with your brand.


These labels are your silent salespeople! They draw attention, boost sales, build trust, and amp up the visual appeal of your store.

Display Duration Control: 

Set start and end dates for label displays, ensuring they shine when they need to, and vanish when they're no longer needed.
In a nutshell, PrestaShop's "Labels & Stickers Module" isn't just a tool; it's your ticket to transforming your online store into a vibrant marketplace that catches every eye passing by. Elevate your products, captivate your audience, and enhance your sales with this magical module!

Conclusion: Unleash the Whispering Power of Labels

Picture this: your online store is a canvas, and labels are your artistic strokes that captivate customers. But remember, labels aren’t megaphones; they're subtle nudges that guide shoppers towards your products. Keep them concise, impactful, and in tune with your brand's personality – they're your voice in the bustling e-commerce crowd.

Actionable Tips for Label Mastery

Test, Tweak, and Track: Just like a mad scientist in a lab, experiment with various label styles, sizes, and placements. What works like a charm for one audience might not be a hit with another. Keep an eye on those metrics; they're your compass in the label labyrinth.
- Personalization Magic: 
Ever had someone call you by name and felt an instant connection? Labels can do the same! Craft labels tailored to your customer's interests, needs, and preferences. It’s like a warm, personalized greeting that makes them feel right at home.
- Embrace Emotions: 
Let your labels evoke feelings! Engage senses, spin stories, sprinkle humor – take your customers on an emotional rollercoaster ride. When they feel connected, they're more likely to tap that "Buy Now" button.

Call to Action - Join the Label Revolution!

Ready to paint your PrestaShop store with the colors of label wizardry? Don't miss out on the enchanting world of labels and stickers that transform mere product pages into sales superheroes! Subscribe to our blog, where we unravel more e-commerce secrets, sprinkle marketing magic, and unveil the mystical powers of labels. Join us in mastering the art of label sorcery!
In the realm of e-commerce, labels aren’t just tags; they're the whispers that guide customers toward their dreams and desires. Become a label maestro, and watch as your products steal the limelight and your sales soar to new heights!
Remember, in the digital jungle, labels are your war paint. Use them wisely, wield them strategically, and watch your PrestaShop shop blossom into a thriving oasis where customers click "buy" with a smile. Now go forth, label warriors, and make those products whisper "irresistible!"

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