Key Features to Keep in Mind during E-commerce Mobile App Development

  • By Manish Bhalla
  • 14-03-2019
  • E-commerce
ecommerce mobile app development
With the advent of digitalization, e-commerce companies witnessed an unprecedented boom and this indicates the consumer’s penchant for digital transformation. Giant e-commerce companies are focusing on ameliorating the end-user experience to meet the requirements. The comprehensive features of e-commerce have taken the business to a whole new level. In the last decade, people prefer phones over computers and have shifted to mobile shopping due to easy and quick access.
Mobile e-commerce apps have never been so popular. Now shoppers use more e-commerce mobile apps than mobile websites. According to the emarketer retail study, 67.2% of Smartphone users made an online purchase with their phones in the past 6 months. The increasing number of mobile-savvy users have resulted in the shifting of businesses from brick and mortar to customer-oriented e-commerce mobile applications.
Although e-commerce apps have influenced many consumers globally, it is hard to retain them for long in the competitive market. Your e-commerce mobile application needs innovative features to engage and retain consumers. Customers look for end-to-end mobile solutions to fulfill their shopping requirements. Here are a few features that will boost your online presence and help you get more customers.
- Easy Registration:
A complicated registration process can discourage users from signing up for your services. According to reports by Forrester Research, 11% of US consumers have discarded the website because the site required long information. Simple login or signup process with email ID or social media account will let consumer easily to access the application.
- Multiple payment options:
When a customer decides to buy a product from your e-commerce store but doesn’t find the payment option he prefers, you lose a precious customer. To be safer and smarter, open doors to multiple payment options which are preferred by most shoppers at the time of check out. Try to integrate secure, common and hassle-free payment options during e-commerce app development. Besides it, the app must support multiple payment gateways and multi-currency.
- Push Notification:
Incorporating push notification means you can reach customers immediately. Push notification is an important aspect of marketing as it lets customers notify about order confirmation, dispatching and delivering status. It also enhances the customer engagements as it keeps them informed about fresh arrivals, special offers or discounts. This will boost your selling opportunities and improve revenue/sales. Experts have observed that push notifications are likely to receive more response than text message or emails.
- Wishlist:
Wishlist is another important feature that cannot be ignored. Most of the times, customers are looking for products on e-commerce apps without the intention of immediate purchasing. Wishlist is the solution to an abandoned cart as customers can add products and purchase according to their convenience. E-commerce apps that are not using wishlist are leaving revenue on the virtual table.
- Review and Ratings:
You may think that negative reviews can kill your business but in reality, no reviews will. Ratings help you to get feedback about your services and products. A wise entrepreneur always embraces criticism and make enhancements to deliver the best service. After improvements respond to these negative reviews as this will engage your customer and boost your sales.
Final Verdict
Users are demanding something new and innovative with every passing day. Companies need to put a lot of efforts and strategies to build a customer-oriented mobile application. Above mentioned features will enhance your sale/revenue and offer an amazing experience. Your app should showcase these elements to make customer journey hassle-free and engaging. At last, consult a team of professional e-commerce app developers who have impeccable experience and great knowledge in developing apps.

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Manish Bhalla

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