The Ultimate Guide To Manage Your E-Commerce Shipping Fulfilment And How To Do It Right

  • By Gaurav Jain
  • 21-10-2019
  • E-commerce
the ultimate guide to manage your ecommerce shipping fulfilment and how to do it right
One of the most important aspects of any Ecommerce is the stores shipping services. Ecommerce shipping is simply the shipping services provided by the Ecommerce store to their customers when they buy a product. Having a proper shipping platform for your Ecommerce is very crucial for Store's Growth. But Ecommerce shipping and it's fulfilling is quite a complicated endeavor. Nearly 3 out of 5 reasons for customers abandoning their carts are related to shipping issues.  Inadequate shipping poses Delays in order, Ineffective supply chain management, and customer dissatisfaction.
How to ensure that all of your store customers will receive your product with optimal shipping experience? So, Today, in this blog, let us see some of the Strategies through with which you can manage your Ecommerce Shipping fulfilment and provide your customers with satisfactory shipping experience.
Guide to Manage Ecommerce shipping fulfilment:
Set your shipping rates and methods
First things first, Decide the shipping rates and the shipping methods of your Online Store. Decide on whether you are going to charge the entire cost of shipping to your customers, will you be offering free or flat-rate shipping to ingest some or full shipping cost?
Product Weight
One of the most important factors to consider during shipping is the weight of the product you are selling. To ease the shipping process, measure the weight of each product. Having that information on you will help you get a better sense and understanding of your total costs, and thus provide accurate price which can be favorable for you as well as feasible for your customers.
Offer Free Shipping
You would think why such an absurd point to consider? Well, the answer is quite simple. I'm not telling you to provide free shipping to all your products, but only to a selected product from which you can still make a profit. The main reason for adopting this strategy is because it is one of the best marketing strategies and with the best way to reduce the shopping cart abandonment.
There are many ways to cope-up with the free shipping option.
• You can cover the shipping price by including it in the product price.
• You can also pay full shipping price out of your margins (you pay).
• Offer some discount codes for free shipping to specific customers.
Among all the most effective strategies the best one which is also adopted by many big-names is: Offering free shipping on a minimum order payment.
Custom shipping for shipping globally
This strategy is most useful for an Ecommerce store selling globally. If your Store is selling globally, and you charge the same shipping cost to the customer living in your country and the one living in a different country far away from you is not a feasible thing to do. Thus, to deal with such dilemmas, you can always include trusted third-party extensions through which you can charge custom shipping based on the region.
There are many Extension for this purpose but finding a trusted one is significant. I own an Ecommerce store on Magento Platform, and for an extension, I prefer MageComp because they are the best and trusted Company for any Magento related works.  If you have a Magento store you can try Magento 2 Custom shipping Extension by MageComp through which you can set custom shipping cost based on the customer's location.
Charging a Flat Rate
Another strategy that you can implement is offering flat rate shipping. It is a very effective marketing strategy, but there are things for consideration in this strategy. Flat rate shipping best works when you have relatively standard products having near to similar sizes and weights. Flat rate shipping becomes quite complicated if you are selling a diversity in products having different sizes and weights. Another thing to keep in consideration is not to undercharge or overcharge your customers.
Shipping & Payment restrictions
One aspect which many stores do not consider is placing restrictions on shipments. There can be quite a few reasons to restrict shipping methods like unavailability to that area, higher cost, etc.  But many stores neglect this, Thus, to gain customer loyalty, you can add this functionality to your Store.The Extension will automatically hide shipping and payment methods from both frontend checkout and backend order if the customer is not on the specified location.
Labelling your Packages
After you have decided on your cost courier partner and other factors, it is time to determine the labels on your packages. The traditional approach is to write shipping along with the return address on the packaging. The method is excellent but can be time-consuming, especially for business which is on growth stage. Most of the large Ecommerce stores allow you to print out the shipping addresses from your order page, which you can then stick them onto the package with tape. If your Store can afford it, then it is the best way to go.
Final Words
Even by following some of these strategies it can be very beneficial for your Store. To be successful at Ecommerce, you always need to give attention to the profit margins. Because shipping is a factor which represents a significant expense for Ecommerce merchants, without proper research, you could end up losing money in shipping. Understanding all the aspects of shipping and implementing the best out of them is very crucial for expanding the scope of your online business as well as its long-term health & success.

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