Top 10 Retention Strategies Used By Online Shopping Sites

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  • 27-09-2018
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For any business to grow and expand in the market, the need to get a perfect and consistent flow of traffic is a must. This is to ensure that your business receives a certain stability as well as identity in the market. No matter you are a startup or have an established name in the market, you always need a back up of good customers flow to your business.
Talking about the existence of online shopping sites, the urge to maintain a good flow of traffic with better sales conversions is on a high demand. One of the possible reasons for the same is because of the slit- throat competition that is increasing day by day when it comes to the online shopping sites.
To maintain the same integrity of your business on an online platform, one needs to imply measurable and effective marketing strategies that altogether can pull up a great flow of audiences to your site.
In this write-up, we have concluded and described few of the audience’s retention strategies that are commonly used by many of the top online shopping websites, to keep their business on rocks. With an effective cohesive marketing strategy, you can keep your business on your toes that too without investing much of money to get the desired results.
You can anytime use one or group of these effective strategies to get optimized results for your shopping website by allowing a maximum number of customer retention. According to your requirements and expectations in the market, you can opt for them.
Here is the list of best retention strategies commonly used by the online shopping sites.
1. Delight your customers with peaks
This is one of the most promising ways to let your customers come back to enjoy your services with happiness. It involves a very low-cost investment, where you need to make your customers feel more special. This could be done by surprising them with a small gesture such as a gift or a card that tells them how lucky you are to find a loyal and good customer like them.
This will help in boosting the customers to avail the services and make a purchase from your site, more often. Keeping your customers happy and satisfied will help you to retain them for a longer time with positive experiences.
2. Sending emails with appreciations
Many of the shopping websitesuse to compile the entire customer base and keep it handy all the time. This will help in creating a good contact list of your potential as well as existing customers. You can anytime connect with them and keep them informed about any upcoming offer, discount or privilege while visiting your shopping site.
This will tend to retain most of the customers of yours as well as it also helps in generating more relevant leads for your business. Keeping the emails short, interesting as well as appealing is one of the most preferred retention strategies that does not count for any investment from your side. These emails will help you to make sure you keep your loyal customers notified about your services and any other ongoing offers or privileges to them.
3. Give them special offers
As a loyal customer of yours, make them feel outshine from the others in the crowd. This can be done by offering them special offers on their very next purchase from your online shopping sites. Let these offers be available exclusively for them only. 
It will again help in restoring your previous customers to a great extent. These special offers will help to attract maximum attention of your audiences. It also helps in letting your customers avail the shopping benefits from your shopping site.
4. Good customer experiences
This matters the most. Have you ever wondered, what makes a website one of the top shopping websitesas compared to others in the market, selling the same category of goods and products to the customers? The answer is a good customer experience. If your customer is happy with you and your services, you will definitely be getting long-term relations with your customers in a prosperous and healthy way.
It is most important to ensure that each and every customer of yours have a positive and happy experience with your services. Your every customer is important for you. Make sure, you treat them with great care and offer them all the required help and assistance on time. This will help to get more positive feedbacks and retention to your business. In case of any issue, it is advised to solve them at first place. You should always opt for a customer-centric approach to make sure your every action will bring satisfactory and justified results to your valuable customers.
5. Keep your customers engaged
Connecting with your customers is one thing and keeping them engaged is another. Many of us often get confused in between the two. However, it is always advised to keep your customers engaged on your shopping site by allowing them to see the relevant and required products with easy and clear navigations.
This will help them to stay engage and explore more of your products. Secondly, you must have a provision to take feedbacks from your customers and should be in talks with them, in case of any trouble. This will help in increasing the engagement and retention of your customers to a wider extent. An interactive customer engagement is a golden key to keep your business ongoing and bring more of sales to your online store.
6. Create time- bounded promotions
With time-sensitive promotions and boosting of your services, you can easily keep in touch with the customers at a greater pace. It will help you to get back your customers on a frequent basis as even a customer wants to avail the offers, given to him within the mentioned time- frame. It has been noticed that many of the top online shopping websitesare in a practice of giving gift cards or rewards redemption for the next purchase of their previous customers. 
However, to make sure that the purchase is done in recent times, they use to add a definitive time period that will allow the customer to make the purchase only before that time period. This will help in escalating the sales and revenue graph for your online shopping store.
7. Stay honest with your customers
It is very important to earn the confidence and trust of your customers. Apart from any of the marketing tactic, you use to retain your customers and a great traffic on your shopping site, your transparency in actions and honesty in business process will help you to lead the competition. 
Always keep in mind that broken confidence and trust takes years to get repaired. Surely, you will never want to compromise with the satisfaction of your clients. It is advised to always keep a transparent and honest approach while dealing with your customers to ensure that your customers will stay with you for a longer time.
8. Don’t get indulge in fake promises
This is also one of the most important ethical practice that should be practiced by every business. To be one of the top online shopping websites,you might need a heavy flow of traffic with a greater conversion of sales. But to achieve the same, it has been noticed that many of the business owners make fake and unbelievable promises. These practices could bring business to you for one time only. 
In a longer run, you will end up losing your potential customers and can lose your stability in the market. It is important to stay true to your commitments and completely avoid any fake promises to your customers. Staying with your commitments will surely help you to retain your customers for a longer time.  For you to stay in the eyes of your customers, make sure that you always keep your words and win their trust vote. 
9. Stay responsive with your delivery
Getting on time delivery of the products, one has ordered through an e-commerce site also plays a substantial role in deciding whether you will be able to make your customers return to your site or not. In many of the cases, it has been noticed that despite all the efforts done from your side, a late or improper delivery of the product can make all your efforts in a vain. It is recommended to always partner with an efficient and prompt delivery partner who can offer you the assurance of on- time as well as safe delivery. 
In cases of urgency, you can also introduce express delivery of your products to the buyers. This assistance will surely help in making your customers count on you, even at the times of emergencies. Having an SMS alert that keeps on letting the customers know about the tracking of their delivery order will also help in making sure that you have earned the trust of your customers. Hence, you will end up creating a healthy and long-lasting relation with your potential buyers. Offering your buyers, a free two day or one-day delivery depending upon their location, will help in making them more regular to do purchase from your site. 
10. Use social media
use social media
Social media is one of the most preferred platforms where you can easily find every second customer for your business. It is important to ensure that you have properly optimized all your social media handles in an efficient manner. You can connect with your customers through your social media pages and can even engage them. This will play a dual role. One, it helps in engaging and informing your customers about any new offer, your services and many more announcements in an easier way. 
Secondly, it will help you to know about your loyal customers as well as the potential leads. This can help you to target the right audiences and retain them for a longer time. You can also create online polls, surveys to know about your customer’s expectations and how they like your services. Creating innovative campaigns will also help to drive most of the traffic to your shopping site. You can also introduce the exclusive offers, on the spot discounts, referral code or many other schemes to your valuable customers.
These result- driven efficient marketing strategies offer the beginning of the customer retention process on your website. Focusing on the above discussed marketing strategies, you can easily bring back the existing customers to your shopping portal.
Understanding the customer’s demand, their expectations and their nature of shopping will offer you to retain your relevant customers. With the exclusive strategies, you can easily bind your customers and can become one of the top shopping online websitesin the market.

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