Top 9 Reasons to Go With Custom Ecommerce Software for Your Online Store

  • By Ashish Parmar
  • 09-09-2022
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ecommerce custom software

The internet has truly changed the face of shopping. Customers can now order from the comfort of their homes from their smartphones and desktop PCs. Global eCommerce sales reached a phenomenal figure of $13 trillion in 2021. By 2027, the number is expected to rise to $55.6 trillion. To leverage the full potential of eCommerce for your business, you will need to build custom eCommerce software. Let's have a look at the reasons why you as an eCommerce business owner should opt for custom eCommerce software development rather than going for readymade off-the-shelf software.

Why E-Commerce Businesses May Need Custom Software?

Custom shipping
An online store often relies on different vendors and shipping options. Unfortunately, most off-the-shelf e-commerce platforms can't handle highly specific shipping operations. This is why custom software is needed in such cases.

Enhanced control
Building custom software development means you get to have total control over the platform. You can make necessary adjustments to the functionality of the custom software so that it is relevant to your current needs.

Satisfy unique analytics needs
A lot of work goes into generating reports each time an ecommerce store has to make one. This can be problematic if you do not have the time or resources for this task. Customizing out-of-the-box platforms with the appropriate parameters takes a lot of knowledge and skill. This is not the case with custom eCommerce solutions. You can easily customize your analytics reports according to your requirements.

Customized according to your Business Processes
When developing a custom eCommerce software for your online store, you can make it more valuable by focusing on the problems that are unique to your firm and the needs of your customers. Creating a custom software solution can go a long way in addressing these difficulties and will be worth it in the end. However, with off-the-shelf eCommerce software solution providers might need to tweak the platform in order to achieve their objectives. This tweaking might not prove to be the best fit for your eCommerce business.

Offering custom discounts
Standard e-commerce solutions are useful for generating coupon codes but may be limited in their capabilities. Customized solutions are more flexible as they can target certain aspects such as limiting the number of items that may receive a promo code. While some off-the-shelf e-commerce platforms may have this option already, not many do. It is easier to customize the coupon and discount rules for your specific requirements in custom eCommerce software specifically developed for your business needs.

Implement unique features
Most off-the-shelf ecommerce platforms offer standardized features that won’t help retailers provide a unique shopping experience for their consumers. That's why it may be beneficial to consider custom software development in order to create the features that your customers expect.

Over time, businesses often outgrow their off-the-shelf solutions. When using ready-made software, they will soon realize that it's no longer able to give them all the features that they need. For example, an ecommerce business may need to create a specific design for something rather than have the ready-made eCommerce software provide one. A business that grows in size needs to work on scaling the platform, not on using readymade off-the-shelf software.

Speed and Scalability
Expensive servers aren't the only solution to high traffic. You can manage it effectively by setting up a custom web server. This allows you to quickly reply to user queries. In order to handle high-volume cases, you may need an additional server for the campaign catalogs. It will allow for timely and non-delayed processing of requests and boost customer experience. An improved customer experience will lead to better customer loyalty.

One major disadvantage of off-the-shelf software for eCommerce business platforms is security. In reality, many organizations find it close to impossible to protect their eCommerce solution with a comprehensive online security system with off-the-shelf solutions. Customizing your ecommerce platform might seem like a hassle but it will actually make the platform safer and more manageable.

Improve Customer Service through effective integrations
Your online eCommerce platform should be capable of handling the sale of your goods and services effectively. It must also allow you to provide a robust post-sales service to your customers. No one should find it hard to contact you or track your orders! As a retailer, you need a platform tailored to your customers and their needs.

In order for your digital ecommerce platform to function and operate effectively, it’s important to have integrations installed between the e-commerce platform and other systems. A best Custom software development company offers a way for you to integrate your ecommerce system with other platforms and tailor it to your needs.

When businesses look for new solutions, they might find it useful to integrate them with other business systems like ERP, CRMs, or marketing platforms. When using a custom eCommerce solution, you can configure the system with your current technological stack. Of course, this requires modification of your process and workflow, but it is worth the time and effort spent.

For instance, integrating CRM software with your eCommerce platform can allow you to collect and manage information about each customer like their preferences and other details. Relevant products or services will be suggested to each client. This will greatly improve your sales conversion rate.

A lot of companies nowadays begin with an out-of-the-box solution for their eCommerce software. However, as the business starts to grow and more customers sign up, they'll need a solution that has more personalization and customizability.

One of the most important things to consider when selecting an ecommerce software is how well it will grow with your business organization over time. Will it be able to handle tasks in a scalable manner or will you have to resort to third-party services? With a rapidly growing business, it can be difficult to find the right solution that scales in conjunction with your business. Hence it is better to opt for custom eCommerce software that grows with your eCommerce business. Thus, hire a top Custom software development company to build an efficient solution that fulfills the unique needs of your business.

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