What Do People Want From E-commerce During COVID-19?

  • By Maruf Panwala
  • 14-09-2020
  • E-commerce
ecommerce in corona

No one couldn’t predict that 2020 will be that much remorseless and hit on the people’s mind and tore them physically and financially. However, putting retail stores aside because they are facing drawbacks in their business. In the sense of the digital world, every business which has a digital appearance hasn't met with the financial crisis.

For instance, during the time of the lockdown period, we’ve seen a bizarre change to how people are oncoming from their changing shopping behavior during the quarantine period. Everything has changed, people have become more caveat about which thing they should buy, when and how to buy.

As the whole world went under lockdown, eCommerce Themes Businesses had to come up with new marketing ideas, such as hiring Influencer as a part of Influencer marketing to spread awareness about this disease and promote the store’s essentials. Additionally, medium eCommerce businesses are helping small businesses to stay intact during a pandemic.

However, in the following article, we will enlighten you on how to connect with your customers and align your relationship with their changed mindset (if you own a small or medium-sized eCommerce store).

Before you begin you must make sure to calm yourself, in contrast to people’s behavior this isolation makes people solitary and they start to get anxious on every little mistake.

Is It To Order Online?

order online

As we all know about how infectious this virus is. You make sure to gather all the information regarding this and the WHO - World Health Organisation also said that it is ok to order online and receive packages. But it takes more days to deliver your package during this pandemic, unlike it's not normal days when your package gets delivered to you within 2-3 days.

Share this concern with your customers through videos or articles. If you own Shopify Themes Store then it will help you to share your concern directly on social media. This particular step will help you to gain your customer’s trust in you and your brand.

The U.S retailers online data show that YoY revenue growth is up to +68% in mid-April, exceeding and an early summit +49% in January. 

Noticing The Change In Men’s & Women’s Shopping Behaviour

noticing the change

This pandemic changed the behavior of every person, conversely, in this topic, we witness the changes in the base of gender.

In the context of women, they are more likely to be concerned over this pandemic as compared with men. It doesn’t mean that men are not affected by this event but their shopping behavior and selecting the appropriate product for them is likely changed though. One-third of men think before they purchase any product, that how much they are going to spend on one product. For instance, men prefer to do shopping online rather than going to the stores compared with women.

If any eCommerce PrestaShop Store which contains Digital products or Automotive products, Men are most likely to be on those stores rather than spending time on Fashion stores.

Sighs Them With Offers & Discounts


During this lockdown period, we’ll have come across multifarious offers like multi-buys, free shipping and a 10-40% discount on selected products.

In this time, e-commerce owners are more likely to give discounts up to 40% along with free shipping. This is one of the most fruitful strategies to get a buyer and make them put their hands in their pockets to buy your product.

It doesn’t matter what you are selling in your store, like fashion, health products, food, technological/digital products. You can give your customers at least a free shipping option if they purchase a good amount of product from your store.

According to research, 39% of all retailers surveyed that free shipping would be their first marketing choice. Moreover, it is one of the most effective promotions they can offer to their customers.       

E-commerce Digital Marketing


We all know that this is the cutting-edge time and everything has to go with the budget accordingly. It’s also obvious that you could spend less on digital marketing too. Regardless, it’s time to make sure that your SEO and Digital Strategies are solid and you have well-optimized content which is conjointly ready to take-off.

As long as you also make sure that your store is also performing well on technical stages and providing the best user-experience to the upcoming traffic on your web-store.

Show the visibility of your product. If your customer finds any unavailable item in your store then chances would rise for you to lose that customer. This one thing leads you to lose customers, ranking on google and less ROI.

Currently, this situation is nothing but a glitch. No one has any idea what’s happening and what will happen to the world economy in the next few years. Nevertheless, one thing is for sure that e-commerce is something that may face minor drawbacks but never face any major one.

Though from the customer's P.O.V it’s very arduous to understand what kind of behavior they are suffering from? In general, as an e-commerce store owner, you are also witnessing some incalculability, so long as you are trying to help your customers and provide them with what they want.

In particular, you know your customers better than anyone. Therefore, you will understand the facts we described above. You do nothing more than providing the service as best you can.

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