Why Android First Development Makes Sense

  • By Ben Lee
  • 15-11-2018
  • Infographic
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Have you ever wondered whether Apple or Android was better? Do your friends, coworkers, family, etc. constantly tell you to make the shift to Apple? Then this incredible infographic is perfect for you, as it will explain precisely why Android First Development Makes Sense. With 7 unique graphs and figures as well as countless bits of valuable information, this infographic is sure to convince you that developing on Android first is the way to go when developing an app.
Android has more apps overall than Apple, and also has more apps consistently being created year after year than Apple, showing that it is truly the better option when looking to create an application. By no means are we saying that you shouldn't cross-develop the app for Apple as well, we just believe that developing on Android first makes the most sense because it has the larger market and you will be able to test the waters before also developing on Apple. 
Even if you aren't looking to develop an app, product, or service on a mobile phone, this infographic can still be useful for you to learn about Android and iOS development and how they work together, as well as ways they don't. There's no reason not to check out this incredible infographic, so don't waste another second reading about Why Android First Development Makes Sense and go see for yourself!
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