4 Tips For IoT Application Development success

  • By Rahim makhani
  • 17-10-2020
  • Internet of Things
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IOT is changing the way we are using apps and living smart lives. Weather be a professional place or a home setup, we are seeing IoT penetrating in a lot of useful things like TV, workout, driving, cleaning, cooking, and lots more.

Statistics reveal IOT market would rise from $130 billion in 2018 to $320 billion by 2023. Hence, let us not neglect the importance of IOT and discuss few things that will help you make a place in IOT application development.

Be clear of what you want with your IOT application
There are few questions to be asked when analysing this point such as:

Where to expect data be stored after the sensor captures the same?
How does the whole sensor thing work in the backend?
How the whole process of data transformation takes place?
What protocols be followed -standardised or proprietary ones?

Be crystal clear of what do you want from your IOT application, Since an IOT application can make a lot of smart devices work. Irrespective of the IOT application, safety and security should always be on the back of your mind.    

Be informed of how your project would proceed
An IoT app can go haywire when a project scope is not properly defined well in advance since later it can make things too complicated to deal with. Don’t be surprised if the end product turns out a lot different without a well sketched project scope. it is absolutely crucial to have a roadmap in place so that you can plan out your module is accordingly.

With timelines and deliverables known prior to the beginning of project, one can plan the activities and tasks accordingly. An IoT app is meant to enable either a single device to be smart or make multiple devices smart. With all deliverables on time, be free of iterative testing of your IoT application.

Be choosy of picking an ideal IoT platform
There are a set of questions to be asked when considering this point such as:

What are the potential development platforms for designing and developing an IoT app?
What have been the deployment status with each individual platform?
How each platform has performed down the historical lane with what level of reliability?
Is connectivity or scalability a future hurdle with the platform under scrutiny?
Can a highly secured IoT app be expected from the platform?
Is the platform demanding in terms of constant infrastructure maintenance and support in the future?

An IOT platform can be a difference maker in making or breaking an IoT application. Have an in-depth review of above criterion to have a perfect IOT platform on board, giving shape to an application truly ideal from all respects.
Ensure its user friendly with security addressed
An IoT app can be technical enough to deal with for non techie users and hence simplicity within usability is the key while not compromising on features or functionalities. Furthermore, an IoT app does carry data sensitive information vulnerable to intruders especially with so many layers of stacked information with privacy concerns, and hence it is crucial to fill in all the safety related loopholes for an authorised access.

Is IoT application on back of your mind?
Planning an IoT app creation is no small thing and requires special domain expertise from someone who has been in the industry for a while now. Only a highly experienced and reputed IoT app development company can help you sail through smoothly.

However, whether recruiting in-house or outsourcing the same, the above points can be of great help when building an IoT application. Focus diligently, and get an ideal IoT app from the right expert.

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