How Analytics and IoT Help Drive Business Growth?

  • By Ritesh Patil
  • 27-02-2020
  • Internet of Things
analytics and iot

Technology is playing a vital role in business growth, providing a catalyst for business, and disrupting industry verticals for modernization of business that can be achieved by optimizing operations, empowering employees, engaging customers, and updating products. Analytics and Internet of Things (IoT) platforms are transforming products with better capabilities to gain insights with the help of connected data. IoT development services are providing solutions to simplify data gathering and analysis, for instance, the Microsoft Azure platform is providing solutions through analytics and Azure IoT services.

Below are some of the points that can show how analytics and IoT are empowering businesses

Handling Critical Business Operations Through Mobile Platform
Businesses are using enterprise mobility solutions to provide real-time access to the information and data from anywhere and from any device. Companies are also using cross-platform mobile applications that are integrated with analytics and IoT solutions along with cloud solutions to deliver real-time data on smartphone devices.  IoT is gaining traction in various industries such as IoT in the automotive industry has become popular as it helps in providing vehicle data in real-time.

Managing Critical Systems in Real-Time
With the IoT connected solutions, enterprises can get access to a vast amount of data and information in real-time that can help in tracking products and vehicles and manage day-to-day operations smoothly. These insights obtained through IoT solutions can assist in the real-time supply chain, asset monitoring, detecting security and fraud, this, in turn, can lead to better operations for companies. The majority of real-time solutions are built using machine learning techniques and are supporting enterprises to lead to predictive analysis and successful business operations.

Work Management System Automation
Automation has become the backbone of many industries and is being improved vastly by optimizing with IoT and analytics. This can result in major improvements in the work in the company and lead to better connectivity. For instance, with the help of IoT devices, and IoT development services better connectivity can be set by various industries and can also lead to reduced energy waste. IoT solution can help businesses predict the problem or failure of the system in advance, this also eliminates the need for workers at every stage of product development or shut the system manually for maintenance.

Disaster Recovery and Planning
Implementing the IoT system for disaster management can be one of the biggest trends, as IoT warning systems and sensors along with access to real-time data can help in the effective analysis and monitoring of disaster. This can help disaster management companies to make important decisions before the disaster. For instance, IoT solutions and sensors can help disaster management companies to monitor the rise in the level of harmful gases across various industries and automatically shut down the system during an emergency. Similarly, IoT in the automotive industry is also gaining traction as it helps in accessing vehicle data and also alerts during an emergency.

Use of Business Resources
Analytics and IoT can help businesses by providing a report on planning and using resources easily. Planning can help an organization to manage resources and allocate these resources properly. Moreover, reallocating resources and jobs can be based on predictive analytics and real-time statistics solutions.

Although IoT development services are gaining traction in various industries, IoT solutions in the automotive industry have become very popular and are being implemented across different systems in vehicles. In recent years, IoT has transformed the automotive industry as it has changed the way people drive vehicles, helps in improving road safety, solves traffic congestion, result in better roads, and also helps in reducing energy expenditure and pollution.

IoT in Automotive Industry
Vehicles are getting smarter with the IoT in the automotive industry. Moreover, automotive manufacturers are increasingly using electronic systems to improve vehicle safety, comfort, and performance. Manufacturers are integrating sensors in the vehicles to get access to vehicle information and data.

With the increasing production of vehicles, innovation is also gaining traction. Moreover, buyers are also looking for more new technologies in vehicles. Hence, the Internet of Things (IoT) is one such technology that is helping the automotive industry to build the next generation of vehicles. The introduction of IoT in the automotive sector has opened new avenues for automobile manufacturers worldwide.

With IoT development services, connected vehicles help in transmitting data and also increases the response time of the driver by enhancing vehicle communication. Based on the data received from vehicles using objects, it can be divided into four categories such as Vehicle to Infrastructure (V2I), Vehicle to Vehicle (V2V), Vehicle to Network (V2N), and Vehicle to Pedestrians (V2P).

IoT in the Healthcare Sector
The IoT uses electronic devices that can help in capturing data that is linked to both private and public networks. With the IoT in the healthcare sector, the healthcare industry has undergone a major shift, making the care accessible to every patient. IoT has made it possible for doctors and healthcare providers to connect with patients and also remotely monitor patients.

IoT development services have gained traction in the healthcare industry as it has made communication between patients and doctors efficient and convenient. Moreover, remote monitoring is also resulting in less cost by reducing the stay of patients in hospital. With the use of IoT-based healthcare systems, the efficiency and quality of treatment have improved. There are various IoT-based applications in the healthcare industry that are helping patients, doctors, and hospitals.

IoT in the automotive industry and healthcare sector has played a major role in offering accurate data and information and also establishing the connection between parties in both sectors. IoT is changing the way of doing business in various sectors, by connecting the sensors and devices connectivity, data analytics, and automation is leading to innovation in various sectors.

IoT technology has made it useful in various applications across industries by improving data analytics and processing and by increasing automation. IoT in the automotive industry and in other sectors is helping to connect devices resulting in the smart home, smart companies, smart cities, and smart manufacturing by simplifying the process to access information and data.

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