Seven Objects That You Would Never Think Would Reach The Internet Of Things

  • By Kenneth Evans
  • 28-06-2018
  • Internet of Things
internet of things
"Stop stupidities" would have been the answer 50 years ago to the question "What if we could connect the boiler to the smartphone through the Internet of Things and program it remotely?" A remote boiler? What a nonsense; not that it was a flying car.
Nowadays there is still a little bit for flying vehicles and, nevertheless, the internet already allows people to control their home from a distance. The good people of 1967 could not predict the technology, and apparently, we did not either.
Smart jackets, bracelets, and even refrigerators are now part of Internet of Things. Here are seven objects that you would never think would reach the Internet of Things.
The Latch And The Key Connected
Opening and closing doors via Bluetooth has been possible for a few years thanks to an intelligent latch called BOLT. After the installation, you can forget about moving around with your keys. You can contact app development companies and top software companies to save you from the stress of moving with your keys around.
BOLT works via Bluetooth, but you can install a piece called Bridge that will connect the latch to the WiFi network of the house. In case you need to open the door to someone from the other side of the world.
With the versatility (in front of the keys) that this type of device has, the weird thing is that we do not see it anymore in Airbnb type apartments. It allows the owner of the lock to give access for hours, days or weeks to the opening of the door without worrying whether the key has been copied or not.
Another step is the key connected to the internet via Bluetooth that was introduced by McAfee a few years ago. If it has not spread much, it's because of the investment it requires, but the idea is certainly great and very safe. What happens when you lose the house key? Nothing. You go to a store, buy a connected key and configure it.
The Smart Glass
Can you imagine having a glass that tells you what you put inside? It is always important to be sure, in case you do not remember what you threw out the last time and you are too lazy to check it.
This technology is called Vessyl. This connected vessel sends information to your phone about your nutrition (sugars, calories, proteins, etc.). At least the one that consumes as liquids. It does what you previously noted in a notebook or Excel, and it does it simply with a wireless charging station so as not to be a trauma.
After the success of the first smart glass in 2015, the company launched Pryme Vessyl, which is another glass which is the same but informs you throughout the day that it is time to drink water. It helps you solve hydration problem.
Connected Conversations
Group calling has been telephony pending task for decades. It results in an unclear aggregation interface, and the problem of not being fully heard, have meant that the multi-call is barely used.
Bonx Grip is a device in the form of headphones that uses a virtual network made up of several nearby phones to talk to each other. Although oriented to athletes, the truth is that their uses can be extrapolated to other areas.
It has the advantages that it does not cancel out the outside sound, so doing outdoor sports while listening to music and talking with colleagues is not a safety problem as it happens with headphones and the bike. You can meet with India app developers to take advantage of these technologies fully.
The Connected Helmet
Driving a motorcycle is not as simple as doing it in a closed vehicle. The cabin of a truck or a car one is safe from the rain and can pick up, change songs or control the GPS easily, and above all, security. This is precisely what Skully proposed with his helmet Skully AR-1 Security.
Unfortunately, Skully went bankrupt in 2016, and since then there have been few steps towards this much-needed helmet for road safety. Who would not want a HUD to show him the route or the visual rear without taking his eyes off the road?
The Smart Car
It is true that you hear a lot about the connected vehicle, although little from the perspective of the car as an object more than the IoT. In a few decades, it is likely that the car will lose that social status value that it has today and become simply an object; one that takes you from point A to point B without complications. A change of mentality that people already see in the vehicle market. 
The Automatic Combine
It is well-known that heavy-duty tractor degrades soils, and that they are also applied in unhealthy monocultures that do more or less the same. However, we cannot help but be amazed at how agriculture can change with these new farmer robots.
The fact that they are large or carry a lot of cargo does not mean that they cannot be an object of the IoT. The level of needs as a connected object is similar to any other object, especially if you put cars in the bag. You can contact India app developers today to make use of IoT and automate various aspects of your life.
A Meteorologist Umbrella
Imagine that you are going to leave the house any day, but when you arrive at the door of the house, and you are going to open it, an annoying blue beam starts to blink from the umbrella stand. "Oh, yes!" You think. You take the umbrella, and you leave the house. Soon, before reaching your destination walking, it starts to rain.
No, it's not science fiction. The umbrella that predicts if it's going to rain or not is a reality. In 2005 came the idea of the smart umbrella (which nobody took seriously). But in mid-2015 the Umbrella HAZ came out on Indiegogo, a model limited to an APP with Bluetooth connection.
In two years the umbrellas have settled comfortably on the Internet, and now there are dozens of models.
Little by little, people will take off tasks such as remembering to see if it rains or not, or to control what they eat and drink. Relegating more and more tasks and decisions to a network of sensors and connected objects that is called Internet of Things. 

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