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As the number of mobile phone users of the world increase, the demand for better mobile applications also increases. People want new, innovative app, want to update the existing ones and are always looking for something that is interesting and useful in the app store. The IT industry has grown at a remarkable pace in Madagascar. The main reason being – that businesses have realized the immense benefits and the potential to engage with customers in real time brings.

There are various mobile app development companies in Madagascar. Every company promises to give best services. If you are looking for any mobile app developers in Madagascar then you are in the right place. To see best from the rest, we have made a list of top app development companies in Madagascar and West Africa. The above-listed companies provide latest tools and technologies to design and develop futuristic apps.

The List of Top 10+ Mobile App Development Companies in Madagascar | Top App Developers Madagascar 2024

hyperlink infosystem

Hyperlink InfoSystem is the top-notch Mobile application development company providing integrated, vibrant and efficient solutions to businesses all across the world. Their customized applications facilitate organizations to make a great relationship with target users to elevate business growth and whole recognition. They approach particular client requirements and develop tools and strategies to stimulate the successful deployment of solutions while reducing risks. With the help of their passionate developing team, they are able to give services to their clients in making best app for their business. They help their clients reach global audiences by providing a full experience to the users with localization. It boosts app ranking in foreign markets and increases downloads.

Services Line:

AI Development AR App Development Internet of Things Mobile App Development UI-UX Design Unity 3D Game Development Wearable App Development Web Design Web Development


Trustylabs is a website design and web marketing company based in Antananarivo, Madagascar. Since January 2017, they have already helped a dozen of businesses be successful by helping them to develop goal-driven online marketing strategies which allow them to engage and develop relationships with new and existing customers, promote brand awareness, and meet their business objectives.

Services Line:

E-commerce Development Mobile App Development UI-UX Design Web Design Web Development

esokia webagency ltd

Esokia Web Agency is an international digital group specialized in internet websites, mobile app development, and web marketing. They are uniquely placed to partner with product and platform leads in global organizations to develop, manage, scale and evolve their product ecosystems. They believe in developing strategic partnerships with their clients by beating expectations and a high level of clarity.

Services Line:

E-commerce Development Mobile App Development SEO UI-UX Design Web Design Web Development


A team of BOCASAY invests a lot in human values and we strive to develop trust and transparency with all their partners. Their aim is to always have their end products reflect their deep engineering skills and elegant progressive design aesthetic. Their main aim is to build the best mobile apps for all their clients. They are changing the way companies join with their clients and users by using user-centric product design practices that help resolve everyday problems.

Services Line:

Content Management System E-commerce Development Mobile App Development UI-UX Design Web Design Web Development


Their main aim is to provide the best software development solutions and tuition fee payment engine of education in Africa. They strive to develop the best internet apps with the high technology. The proven successful experiences in marketing & publishing clearly help improve ROI of customer investments. They put an attempt at connecting individuals and organizations, producing positive values & innovative ideas to their city and its people.

Services Line:

Mobile App Development UI-UX Design Web Design Web Development

imobdev technologies pvt ltd

iMOBDEV Technologies spreads their roots around the world to form the best mobile app development company like in the USA. They always wonder clients by reaching the target with a precise timeline and deliver an enormous program. It also said that clients have tremendous satisfaction with our services in concern to mobile and web applications as assumed by them.

Services Line:

Android App Development AR App Development iOS App Development UI-UX Design VR App Development Web Design Web Development

iwat solutions

Established in 2013, it is a leading mobile app development company by providing the ability to integrate clear, functional, and creative interfaces with technical, business solutions, Iwat Solutions was launched to strategically help build your brand, improve your global presence, and develop more meaningful relationships with your customers. They really think of long-term significant connections with their clients by changing expectations and a great level of skill.

Services Line:

Content Management System Mobile App Development SEO UI-UX Design Web Design Web Development

one fancy

They create the high-quality mobile app, useful and easy to use, they are also engaged to submit your app to an app store and also promoting your app and provide you with new updates. Their priority is to continue value to their services & develop trusted relationships. They worry about what your users need and they design according to that. They combine the latest analytics tools in your apps, and they can also control your app's performance for you.

Services Line:

Mobile App Development UI-UX Design Web Design Web Development

conquest capital

Conquest Capital is a top mobile app and web design company in Kenya that provides an amazing solution. Their objective is to transform their business into a profitable venture for our shareholders. They produce together established practices & technical expertise with your particular challenges and aims to develop how workflows by every area of your company.

Services Line:

E-commerce Development Logo Designing Mobile App Development SEO Social Media Marketing UI-UX Design Web Design Web Development


They are passionately driven by technology, they constantly invest in research and development to improve their existing capabilities. They utilize their experience and partnership with world's leading companies to deliver robust IT and security solutions. Their in-house user experience developers will capture your demands and your targeted audience. Their team of expert mobile applications developers leveraging their skills in knowing what your demands are.

Services Line:

Mobile App Development SEO UI-UX Design Web Design Web Development


Their expertise covers the creation of web and Hybrid mobile Applications. They work to client specification and satisfaction. Their core values are a set of principles that guide their every action as a business or individuals within the business and they are. A definite end, lofty goals and determination to reach it no matter the circumstances or challenges on the way.

Services Line:

Internet Marketing Mobile App Development SEO UI-UX Design Web Design Web Development

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