10 Do’s and Don’ts For Handling Customer Complaints Successfully

  • By Jill Ross
  • 19-03-2020
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handling customer complaints successfully
“Customer is the king.” Yes, it’s true and the most repeated saying in the market. All the brands’ owners, marketing directors, and management teams are constantly reminded to focus on top-notch customer service experience. 
After all, who decides the reputation of services in the market? Of course, it is “The CUSTOMERS.” With today’s Internet-driven era, they have a lot of sources to give positive or negative reviews about the services or products received. The feedback of customers should always be welcome by the service providers. There are various software available that help in tracking customer’s complaints. So many complaints tracking systems are present online which can easily be installed. But poor customer service is still present and unfortunately, it is really too common.

Importance of Customer Feedback For Business

Following are the reasons why customers’ feedback is important for your business:
- It helps in the improvement of products and services.
- Paying attention to feedback helps you know customer’s expectations.
- The feedback helps to improve customer retention.
- Customer feedback will help you meet customers satisfaction.
- Positive reviews are a reliable source to get more customers. 
- Feedback can help you to make better business decisions.

Do’s and Don’ts For Handling Customer Complaints
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Here you will know about a few customer care essentials. Most of them are quite obvious but are absolutely critical to ensure you perform your job better and serve your customers correctly.
DON’T: Think Losing A Customer is Not A Big Deal
NO! Never think that. In fact, losing a customer is a very big deal. When you lose one customer, it’s not just one. You are losing plenty of other customers too. Ignoring one customer’s complaints can lead to negative feedback for your business. It hardly takes any time to post a review on the Internet. Never forget it’s an era of fast technology and people really get influenced by online reviews.
DO: Listen Carefully
No matter how obvious it sounds, listening to a customer carefully should always be a number one priority.  Many times, as soon as a customer starts talking, the associate begins to reply and try solving the issue without hearing completely. First of all, listen to what the other person is saying and then offer a solution accordingly. The best way to help a customer is to let them vent, which can also be really soothing for them. 
DON’T: Be Afraid Of Complaints
Every business has to face customer’s complaints once in a while. No matter how perfect your brand is, you won’t be able to satisfy all the customers all the time. Complaints are inevitable, so don’t try to avoid or be afraid of them. Use the complaints to make improvements and work better for your products. 
DO: Install A Complaint Management Software
The best way to ensure efficient handling of customer’s complaints is to install a complaint management software. It is a system that will help your organization to manage the complaints in a proper way. Also, it will help to deliver an optimum customer experience. There are many complaints tracking software and customer complaint management system available online that offer the best results. These systems help you to record, track, and respond to customers timely. Moreover, they will protect your business’s reputation and ensure customer satisfaction.
DON’T: Try To Argue
When you’re dealing with customer complaints, you’ll come across various types of customers. There will be many people who prefer complaining even about petty issues and use a hyper tone. Every customer should be heard and provided with a solution, no matter how big or small the problem is. You should always stay calm and focus on hearing them properly and never try to argue. After all, customers are valuable for your business and handling them politely is the best way to deal with them. 
DO: Ask Questions
Asking your customers different questions will make them feel valued. When you ask questions, it will take you to the core of the problem and the customer will also feel appreciated for the concern that you show. In this way, they will feel like they’re being heard and it will also give you clarity about customer’s expectation and help in providing the best solution. But make sure, not to ask the things your customer has already mentioned or answered. 
DON’T: Be Impatient
When a customer files a complaint, put everything aside and focus on the issue. The best way to tackle your customer is to be really patient with them. Take the time to hear them, understand the problem, and think of the best solution to fix it correctly. Never rush or be in a hurry to end the call with your customer. If you lose your patience, it might lead to losing the customer as well. 
DO: Put Yourself In Customer’s Shoes
There’s no better way to understand a customer’s issue than to put yourself in their situation. Try recalling a personal experience where you had to complain regarding a product. Did you get neglected or were addressed with frustration? How did it feel? It’s never a good decision to treat your customers badly or neglect their complaints.  Always try to understand their problems and offer the best solutions possible. After all, its the customers’ feedbacks that give your brand a good reputation.
DON’T: Over Complicate Things
Nowadays, customers are more aware of things than you can wonder. They are much more experienced, sophisticated, and technically savvy, but still expect contacting you would be helpful and straightforward. You should always be ready for addressing support to customers. For an easy customer care process, you can install customer complaint tracking software. 
DO: Go An Extra Mile To Solve Customer’s Issue
When a customer contacts you for a complaint, they come with an expectation for a solution as they trusted your brand. Moreover, provide such a solution, that it proactively prevents the next complaint. Or even better, resolve the current problem that results in an awesome moment for the customer. Ask the customer if they have any idea for a good solution and go as per them for maximum satisfaction. 
Keep the above tips in mind while dealing with customer’s complaints. Install a complaint tracking software and stay updated with your customers, respond them on time and always leave them with the best solutions. 

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