5 Ways to Make Your Business Building Unique

  • By Samantha Higgins
  • 16-09-2020
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Your competition will always claim to be the “best.” They might be offering substandard goods and services, but that won’t stop them from claiming they are leading in what they do. In such a business world, you need to work towards creating a business that stands out from all the others. Instead of claiming to be the best, find unique ways to show your customers why you are the best. Below are simple ways to do that:

1. Create Unique Products or Services
The retail giant Amazon is best known for its great customer service and fast delivery. There is nothing out-of-this-world about the services, they are just more keen when handling customers, and that puts the company on top of the competition. The Amazon business model is not unique as there are so many other online retail stores, but their services and a few of their products are among the best in the industry.
What’s unique about your business? Is it the products, the services, the packaging, mode of delivery, or any other? If you offer cakes, are they different in taste, shape, cost, or packaging? It is that simple unique element that makes your business stand out. Again, you have to keep reinventing by taking advantage of new technologies, adopting new processes, solutions, and so much more. This way, your business will always stay ahead of the curve.

2. Treat Customers Like Royalty
It doesn’t matter whether you are in the service industry or not, your customers are the reason your business thrives. Without customers, you have no business. Granted, you need to start treating your customers like they are the business.

Happy customers will always associate with a brand, and this is how you create a brand name for your business. Your business doesn’t have a Fortune 500; you only need a way to keep your customers happy and keep them coming back. Hyundai is one of the companies that offer stellar customer service, and that makes the company stand out in a way that other automakers don’t.

3. Fix Problems and Mistakes Fast
Your customers can market you through the word of mouth. The same way, they can tarnish your brand name through the word of mouth. One unhappy customer can spread negative reviews through social media and other platforms faster than you can say “we meant to correct the error.”

Granted, you need to correct errors, mistakes, and problems with the products or services as soon as they come to your attention. If you offer custom sheet fabrication, for instance, and one of the customers gets their products delivered late, you need to get ahead of that before they leave a negative review. Explain to the customer why the delays and promise that it won’t happen the next time (and live to your words).

4. Be Honest
Honesty is a weapon your business can use to beat the competition. If you cannot meet a deadline, let the customers know to avoid frustrations. It is common for a mistake or two to occur during production, packaging, or any other step of the process. Your customers need to know the truth all the time. The moment you lie once, your customers lose faith in you and they will not trust you again.
Like bad reviews, customers who lose faith in your brand will spread their feedback to other buying or potential customers. If you share bad news immediately they occur, your customers will respect you and this is how to grow your brand.

5. Give Back to the Society
It is not necessary that you give back to society, but doing so will set your business apart. Of course, your first priority is to the customers, employees, and shareholders. But, you also need to take the time to appreciate the community.

Microsoft has developed so many corporate social responsibility programs. These programs help society but they also keep the technology company in the news. These programs ensure that your business is always in the minds of your customers and it is a way to improve goodwill.

Whatever route you follow, the only way to build a unique business is to make your customers and the community happy. Creating a new product can make you unique, but if the customers are not happy with it, then you just wasted your resources.

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