How To Improved Customer Interaction With WhatsApp API?

  • By David Neeble
  • 06-09-2019
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customer interaction with whatsapp api
There are many companies in the industry that provide the API integration services to enterprises along with video tutorials, codes for templates, and technical support. WhatsApp Gateway allows enterprises to connect with more than 1.5 billion users around the world. The enterprises can send and receive messages from any of the users irrespective of their locations.
WhatsApp Business is an ideal app for enterprises to effectively communicate and interact with users, expand their market base, get higher a Return on Investment and increase brand loyalty and customer retention. They can send messages in bulk to users and also, categorize them into groups using labels.
A single REST API is used by companies to enable the API integration with the systems of the enterprise. The platform can be used to send messages to users across various other communication channels such as Messenger, SMS, Slack, and around 30 other channels. Enterprises can alternate between the multiple channels to ensure that users get the message sent to them.
The companies offer the following features to enterprises to use WhatsApp Business app as their main communication channel.
* Interactive Dashboard
- Keep track of every single message sent and received via WhatsApp.
- The browser messages, delivered messages, delivery reports, live conversations, active issues or complaints, review logos, new packages, etc. can be tracked real-time and recorded.
- Monitor webhooks using the web dashboard at any point in time.
* Schedule the Messages
- Schedule messages in advance so that they can be sent at the specified time on a set date.
- Schedule recurring promotional campaigns to market the products and services of the enterprise.
* Reliable Delivery
- The platform provides uninterrupted support in sending messages to users.
- The load is balanced by distributing the messages across the servers based on the geographical locations.
- Companies send thousands of messages per hour with absolute ease.
- They ensure that there are no glitches in the servers or the routing processes.
* Track the Messages
- Get information about each of the messages sent to users.
- Messages that have been Delivered, Read, Rejected, Canceled, etc. are recorded and available for enterprises.
* Webhooks
- Configure webhooks endpoints and get incoming messages in text, images, videos, documents, and group.
* Group and Broadcast Messages
- Send messages in bulk to users with similar tastes and product preferences.
- Send service and payment reminders to users who are due for it in that week or month.
- Include text and images in bulk messages and share a clickable link for users to buy the product or make the payment.
* Automated Messages
- Create chatbots to send automated messages to users.
- Use chatbots to reply to FAQs, and answer generic questions.
- The bots will be active 24*7 and will instantly respond to a message from users.
* Send Notifications and OTP Messages
- The end to end encryption allows enterprises to send data securely to users.
- Passwords, OTPs, pin numbers can be sent to users to facilitate the completion of transactions.
- Send notifications about order bookings, shipping, and deliveries.
* Customize the Assistant
- Customize the account by adding a profile picture, business details, and other related information.
- Get the phone number of the enterprise validated by WhatsApp and have a verified account.
- Request early access to WhatsApp Business by using the assistance provided by the companies.
- Send messages using a web application or API. The message can be text, image, video or a document.
WhatsApp Gateway allows enterprises to provide improved customer support by immediately responding to user queries and complaints. Chatbots and support staff can be used alternately in responding to messages. The chatbots keep the conversations live for support staff to take over and complete the transaction or close the issue by resolving it.
Gupshup is a global market leader in providing the API integration services to various famous brands in the industry.

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