Impact Of 5G On Mobile App Development: Post-COVID Predict

  • By Shubham
  • 05-08-2020
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5g on mobile app development

There is no need to throw light on the current situation of the world. The world has taken a hit of a deadly coronavirus, and now it is seen impacting the world and all the lives within. COVID 19 is going to have a last effect on our economy and our daily lives. Things are not likely to return pre-pandemic norms. No wonder, this pandemic is forcing various businesses to suspend or reduce operations. But, in many cases, it is helping to accelerate the development of several emerging technology. The motive for such emergence is to reduce human-to-human contact, automate processes, and increase productivity while maintaining social distancing.

Every day, more data emerges & new trends become apparent. There is plenty of room for all businesses to acknowledge the challenges creating in the pandemic and come out better than ever on the other end.

The upgradations in mobile technology are helping us to overcome the obstacles created by the pandemic. Either by creating a bridge between the self-isolated people and the world or by supporting the necessary health & lifestyle services.  2020 is turning out to be worse for people, businesses, and everyone. The only one thing because of which we are connected is the networks.  But, what is the current situation of 5G vendors, operators, and users?

Globally, governments are announcing decisions to support the economy of their nations. The mobile app industry will be experiencing a negative impact. Consumers are not going to stop using mobile phones, but most users will not be able to spend any amount on any new service that hits the market.

Recently, GSMA conducted a consumer survey,  the results of which states 'Most of the respondents in most of the markets had limited interest in upgrading to 5G. Still, phone designers and telecom providers are edging towards 5G deployment. What does 5G mean for mobile developers?

One thing everyone can be sure about is the faster mobile internet, as it will be a game-changing benefit. Though it is all about speed, it is not the only benefit of 5G. It packs two massive advantages that are not much marketing-friendly but can allow developers to build new classes of platforms and apps, which will change our lives.

Latency cut to near-zero
5G should feature near-zero latency. 4G's average of milliseconds is sliced to just one millisecond by 5G. Mobile app loading time will be quick. Moreover, the apps will incorporate a more responsive VR experience. Connected cars and remote surgery can also turn out to be real champions here.

Increased connection-density
If you have cross-checked any internet service during the public even, then you will understand why connection density matters. 5G will play a vital role in the capability to support 1 million connected devices in the same space, which is very great news for the Internet of Things (IoT) developers.

5G technology works as a proper guide in a world of interconnected, 24*7 devices. Businesses that exchange data in real-time can enjoy a new level of speed and connection reliability.
The visual experiences like 4K streaming can turn out to be fast. But, high-risk technologies like fully-transport and remote-control surgery will take an ample amount of time to develop.
A collaborated group of telecommunications standards association have identified three significant advantages that 5G needs to deliver now.

eMBB (Enhanced mobile broadband)
5G will initially target higher bandwidth for faster upload/download speeds and moderately-improved latency.  Streaming of 4K and 360-degree videos will be more exotic for the users.

URLLC (Ultra-Reliable Low-latency communications)
5G is termed as the introduction to a plethora of changes in terms of system design. Technology that enables URLLC is still being standardized and will be published and deployed after enabling highly latency-sensitive tasks.

Virtual reality gaming, connected autonomous cars, factory-line automation are only a few benefits to name with the 5G delivery.

mMTC (massive machine type communication)
Though the Internet of Things (IoT) doesn't require the high-speed internet, to dwell in the 5G infrastructure development is necessary.  mMTC is a narrowband access type for many devices that sense, meter, and monitor. With the usage of low amounts of power, IoT developers enjoy rich connectivity possibilities as 5G matures.

With the release of 5G connectivity, mobile apps will not be able to present an output efficiently. Still, now the integration of technology like augmented and virtual reality will exhibit their full capabilities.
5G will enable developers to create apps that deliver user-rich experiences. Now, video and gaming apps will require less buffering time. Also, the experience will be more immersive and responsive to users.
Increased network speeds and the ability to handle more data will enable mobile app gamers to download gaming apps over a cellular network instead of searching for Wi-Fi to download it.
The 5G technology is coming up for better as now developers will be able to integrate other technology such as AR/VR & cloud more effectively.

The app market is likely to see a rise in cloud-based mobile apps. The tasks we perform are getting involved each day, with the easy and right ability to create apps that can effectively use the cloud as a means for data storage.

Many parts of the infrastructure of 5G will originate from Chinese companies. While the world is experiencing the worst of the pandemic, mobile phone sales drop by 40% every month.
With the sales of smartphones dropping at a higher rate, the mobile app industry is waiting to find the right moment to step up. However, with the increase in the speed delivered with 5G, the development of apps will be faster, and a better rich user-experience providing app will be seen.

Social distancing is driving more usage to the existing communication networks. There are high chances that the operators might have to spend all their resources on keeping the existing system than deploying new ones.

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