Low-Code APIs by Contus MirrorFly: The Fastest Way to Build In-app Communication

  • By Gomathi
  • 04-10-2022
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Low-code app development has been the ‘recent phenomenon’ across all industries over the recent years.

Thanks to the pressing development demands, now project managers, CTOs, and developers of growing organizations are now readily embracing the fact that it is the new way forward.

Especially, in a fast-expanding and an equally competitive app market, enabling enterprise-ready app development has become extremely convenient with this approach - and for a good reason.

As exciting as this sounds, let’s now dive deep in to understand the intersection between this new-age app development and developer experiences going forward.

Low-code makes the world go round today:

This recent hype in the app development realm fosters rapid development via bare minimum coding efforts.

Propelled by tailor-made coding snippets and components, these modern platforms combat the hassles of a one-size-fit-all development approach with agile off-the-shelf solutions for accelerated deployment and instant results across platforms.

In fact, a recent (Forrester’s) study seconds this argument through its findings: “Low-code platforms make app development 10X faster than traditional methods”.

Now, for those development teams keen on spelling this magic across your app,  here’s the outline of some of the ample benefits that developers and project managers can rely on.

The ideal shortcut for app developers:

Besides the obvious advantage of making developers' lives easy, these platforms aid automation of existing processes while leaving for innovation at scale.

As an app developer if you’re wondering how does this approach might help you, well, we’re are here to give you a broader outlook of how this approach pans out:
Intuitive and rapid app development:

With the help of intuitive visual builders, ready-to-scale code snippets and report templates, these platforms eliminate the complexities of deployment(like coding, integration, setup) for developers.

Which means, lesser the complexity and iteration translates to rapid deployment; and by using simple drag-and-drop, copy-paste formulas, developers can turn their app’s vision board into mission-critical apps; launched much faster and better across platforms(Android, web, iOS) and tech stacks(Java, Swift, Kotlin, React JS)

Definitely the best resolve for developers confronted with tight deadlines and other challenges!

Lower barrier to entry and cost

What is app development less the most monotonous and time-consuming efforts?

A super-efficient one, ofcourse!

With lesser development silos and entry barriers, developers have more hands on deck to relish the perks of accelerated time-to-market and value advantage.

Additionally, these implementations lower the need for a bunch of developer resources, scaling and other cost factors contributing for a cost-effective development experience that one can bank on.

Collaboration and innovation in clicks:

A custom app engineered in a leaner fashion is always extensible, no matter what. Given the flexible and native nature of these code snippets, it always makes room for innovation which normally a team of developers and project heads would plan for maybe weeks, months ahead.

It is quite known that app development is incomplete without real-time collaboration across teams.

While, speaking of collaboration, these platforms bestows the peer developers the ability to reuse, update and team up on these custom codes without impacting other developers and components.

Looks like there wouldn't be needless trials and in-house conflicts between business teams and developers going forward!

Augments higher productivity and customer experience

These modern coding aids enable developers  and development heads to jumpstart app development with minimalist coding effort, paving room for better productivity in shorter time frames.

Another highlight to adopting this approach by developers is the improved customer experiences that it caters via code-proficient and no-fluff deployment.

Risk management and governance at its best:

Oftentimes, it becomes quite challenging for developers to meet the regulatory requirements of their apps on time via their coding efforts.

Through the onset of these contemporary entrants, organizations can now well utilize built-in security frameworks, and governance norms to rapidly scale to the growing compliance demands well ahead of time.

A solid WIN-WIN!

Going low-code is the modern app developer’s choice:

Considering the umpteen benefits of the approach and its impact across development teams, it only makes sense to go down this route to develop high-quality apps on the move.

Ergo, in this ever-changing realm, CONTUS MirrorFly’s APIs & SDKs aid deployment of agile in-app communication experiences across innumerous niches besides fostering increased developer efficiency and high-growth business impact all along.

In essence, spearheading code-proficient development with these modern entities is definitely the ideal choice for all chat app developers!

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