Reasons Why Power Tools Have Become More Popular over Hand Tools

  • By Akshita Pacholi
  • 03-10-2019
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With automation playing a major role in almost every sector, the importance of power tools has increased like never before. Gone are those days when hand tools were the only option people could rely on. Nowadays, with power tools intervening the scenario, gears and devices that would always mandate manual labor to be used can now sum up tasks powered by mere electricity. Power tools happen to come up with an integrated power source that let them function automatically and without human interference. The power source can either be an air compressor or a battery. Also, power tools have other internal engines as well as machineries that permit them to work more competently than that of their manual counterparts. On the other hand, mutual tools have fewer moving hunks and their designs are even simpler.
Right from welding and to hardline and deep-dyed industrial tasks, the use of power tools has now become pretty extensive. And, there is no doubt that power tools do come with a number of benefits over manual tools. Even in petty household jobs such as damaging repair and plumbing, power tools tend to amaze us with an array of remarkable applications. And, certainly, the tasks take less efforts with minimum time.
Now, when it comes to the main benefits of using power tools, high speed is probably the foremost one to consider. Many of the laborious chores can be easily done with the help of these exclusive tools. As for an instance, propelling screws into solid material with manual tools is actually tough and, it’s pretty time-consuming too. However, with a power tool on board, the same task can easily be done just in a jiffy. So, this is actually helpful for all those time-taking jobs that may take one hours to sum up.
As they are much potent and effectual, a mere drill driver will let you shove even more sizeable tools into tougher materials. Power tools can be wielded to perform an array of tasks that are hard to be performed with simple manual tools.
This way, when a reliable power tool can perk up the productivity of workers by streamlining their work, it would also help them in accomplishing different tasks in minimum time. Saving precious time of the human resources, power tools make sure that their efficiency is doubled up in more than one way. The workers can now also put more focus on quality instead of dissipating time on several arid tasks. So, typically, power tools are probably the wisest choice whenever it demands a repair task to be cleanly and precisely done. Power tools that are of high quality confirm that the repair work is done in an easy-peasy way.
Using these advanced tools may also get your work done faster than ever. And, this is probably the main reason why workers happen to prefer electric tools than that of manual tools. Last but not the least; electric tools are much effective for construction tasks as well. It ensures that one can get the work done without instigating much interference and retardation at the work site. Also, the more compact nature of power gears compared to manual tools makes them lighter and easier to handle.
In the last few years, the craze for online shopping of power tools has also increased to a significant extent. A plethora of online retailers have come up that specialize in electric tools. Right from cordless power tools to grinders & blowers, a diverse range of tool (both for official and domestic purposes) are now available at reasonable prices. However, it’s suggested that one should always check for the user feedback before buying a particular tool.
According to Allied Market Research, the global power tools market is expected to grow at a significant CAGR from 2014–2022. Advent of smart technologies and high-end development of economical as well as dynamic tools fuel the growth of the market. On the other hand, unhinged economic stance in the Middle Eastern province, downturn in automotive and construction in China and rising concerns for human safety are expected to check the growth to some extent. However, increasing demand for automation has almost downplayed the factors and created a number of lucrative opportunities for the key players in the industry.
Coming with the potential of various applications in residential as well as commercial sectors, power tools have now turned out to be a mandate option in many frameworks. In a nutshell, the incorporation of power tools is empowered by work efficacy attained through top-end sensors, which is utilized to evaluate and accomplish tasks with minimum errors. To conclude, it can be stated that the power tools market is thriving quite rapidly and in the next few years to come, it’s going to flourish yet more.

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