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Every mobile game starts with an idea or game concept. The mobile game development process is a very lengthy process and requires the collaborative efforts of game developers and designers. The role of game developers is highly crucial as they integrate all the elements from props, and characters to objects and environments together to bring the game to life. Game developers use a varied range of mobile game app development programming languages crucial for making a game app from scratch.

There are over 300 programming languages in the world that developers use to make websites, applications, and software. Mobile game development also needs a programming language, however, selecting the right programming language plays an important role. Therefore, the choice of programming language depends on various factors, including the extent of interactivity, and the type of game- mobile game, console or computer game.

What is Game Programming?

Every programming language has its own specifications and set of advantages and disadvantages. Every programming language is different and is not ideal for everything. For instance, some programming languages are designed for web development, while others are designed for data science. To give you a clear picture of game programming, here is the list of elements that a programming language should have:

Smooth integration

Game developers need to work closely with designers and artists. Hence, the programming language should be able to support smooth integration when it comes to importing art assets into the game.

Fast and responsive

Game programming language should be fast and respond to actions in real time. The programming language should be quick to compile.

Robust support

In order to support complex video games, the programming language should have robust characteristics to support highly-complex graphics and a large amount of data.

The Best Programming Language for Game Development

Besides choosing the best software for mobile game development, it is equally important to incorporate the right programming language while building a mobile game app. Now that we have discussed the important elements of a game programming language, here is the list of the best programming languages that are used in almost all types of games.


C++ is a general-purpose, object-oriented language widely used by game developers worldwide for cutting-edge mobile game development. It offers an increased abstraction level for both generic programming and fine object-oriented programming, providing high control of graphics processes and hardware. C++ is majorly optimized to develop most windows games, mobile games and big consoles. Moreover, it is supported by the most common development kits and frameworks. The most popular games that are built using C++ include football pro, master of Orion III, counter-strike and starcraft.

Simple and easy-to-understand language
A portable, object-oriented programming language
Consist of built-in libraries to offer flexible features to coders
Speedy program execution

Fast, stable, and efficient
Easy to learn language
Widely accepted by GDKs and frameworks
Has a loyal community of programmers and open-source code

Difficult for beginners
Difficult syntax and small standard library

Java is the most reliable, versatile and portable cross-platform programming language used to create a varied range of games that can be played across plentiful platforms. It is an easy-to-understand language that supports a large community of developers. Unlike C++, Java offers easy writing, learning, debugging and compiling.


A lightweight, and prototype-based language
It has built-in date and time functions
Object-oriented programming
Validate user input and client-side calculations

Flexible and versatile language
Easy to control and operate
Faster on the client side browsing

Vulnerable and can be exploited for malicious purposes in some cases
Browser support issues in some cases


Python is the most popular, widely-used, easy-to-understand language that has relatively higher readability as compared to the other programming languages. Python is widely known for its simple learning curve, making it an extremely convenient and easy-to-go option for developers worldwide. The most popular games made with python include Disney’s Toontown Online, Battlefield 2, Frets on Fire, and Eve Online.


Readily available, easy-to-learn language
Easy installers for macOS and Windows
Enables developers to write prototype
Compatible with most game engines

Easy to use and learn
The language can be used for different applications

Slower than some other language


HTML 5 is one of the most popular and widely used programming languages used by game developers to build cross-browser and cross-platform games and applications. It is compatible with most gaming engines and frameworks. Game frameworks such as ImpactJS, Phaser, Booty5, Construct 2, and Turbulenz have taken full responsibility for the HTML game development process. Some of the most popular games that are built using HTML5 are Gods will be watching, Cookie Clicker, and World Cup Penalty 2018.


Fast and efficient

Frequently used by developers for mobile game development

Easy to understand
Compatible with most gaming engines
Offers high performance

Doesn't support old browsers
Client-side rendering


Lua is a flexible, easy-to-learn and general-purpose programming language used by many developers for game development. It is a lightweight, multi-platform and high-performance programming language that is highly efficient and convenient for video game development.

Game engines include Corona SDK, Gideros Mobile and Cry Engine use Lua as the primary language for game development. Some of the most popular games developed by game developers using Lua are Angry Birds, Age of Conan, Aquaria, and American Girl.


Frequently used programming language for game development
Multi-platform and multi-browser language

Easy to learn and use
Famous for mobile game development

A small community of users

Final Words

The decision of choosing an ideal programming language for game development depends on various factors such as platform, game engine and the type of game. One must choose the top mobile game app development company to make their game application or site cut above the rest. Choose from the above-mentioned programming languages that are highly efficient and easy to use for the game development process.

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